Ask Us Anything – With Experts from across the Industry

Ask Us Anything – With Experts from across the Industry

Tuesday, 13 October, 2020


RTS ROI Zoom Webinar
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Ask me Anything 


This ‘Ask me anything’ Session will give attendees access to 7 professionals from across the industry, we have talent managers, casting producers, video editors and content producers.  The purpose of this session is to allow attendees to put their questions to our panel of industry experts in the hope of getting some useful advice, tips and hints on how to progress in the television industry.


The Panel

Tracy Walker, Talent Executive at ITV Studios North - Tracy is an experienced HR professional with a production background and a unique understanding of the entire television process. I have a vast experience of sourcing off screen talent from runners to executive producers for a range of television programmes and am passionate about retaining talent in the North.

Tracy's experience has been gained within well-known and reputable corporates including the BBC and ITV.

Isobel Percy, Talent & Resourcing Coordinator (Continuing Drama and ProVision)

Mel Adams, Talent Manager, BBC Sport

Niall Bradnick, Content Producer, BBC Three


David Toms, Video Editor, BBC Three - David works across a range of BBC Three content from iPlayer series, to YouTube pilots and trailers. After following a somewhat non-traditional route to editing, he has a background as a shooting AP in factual TV and cut his teeth as an editor making corporate promotional videos and documentary shorts.




Lina Hashweh, Casting Producer, BBC Three - Lina started her career as a broadcast journalist in Montreal, Canada covering everything from legalising cannabis and decriminalising prostitution to local politics and independent films. She moved to the UK over 15 years ago where she got her first break as a junior researcher at a Birmingham Indy and the rest as they say is history. Lina realised she had a knack for chatting to people, embedding herself in communities and being a super sleuth and so started leaning towards a career in casting. Her early production credits include Jeremy Kyle, Embarrassing Bodies, and Big Brother which all required a load of chat and a lot of tenacity. 



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