TV Job Roles: Production Manager

Production managers take care of the business, financial and recruitment side of film and television productions. The work includes planning schedules, organising resources, locations and equipment, and monitoring costs and budgets.

As production manger you are in charge of a production office team, which may include production assistants, production secretaries and production coordinators.

Most of the production manager’s work takes place in the planning stages of a production. Typical jobs include:

  • Going through scripts and programme ideas with the producer and other senior production staff
  • Drawing up a production schedule and budget based on the necessary logistics, timings and estimated costs
  • Negotiating costs to make sure they come within budget
  • Hiring crew and contractors
  • Arranging any necessary permissions and risk assessments


During filming typical jobs may include:

  • Making sure that the production runs to schedule and to budget
  • Reporting on progress to the producers
  • Dealing with any problems during filming
  • Making any necessary changes to the schedule or budget (for example re-scheduling filming in bad weather)
  • Making sure that health and safety rules, insurance terms, copyright laws and union agreements are followed.


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