RTS Convention App and FAQs

The RTS Cambridge Convention app, provided by Accenture, is now available to download. 




In Session 11(a) and Session 14 there will be polling questions throughout the session. When instructed, you can vote by going to that particular session and clicking on 'Live Discussion'. Then click on 'Polls' and submit your answer to the poll question being asked. Please do not vote before instructed during the session.

What is 'My QR Code'?

You can easily connect with other delegates by scanning their personal QR code on their own app. Just click the camera icon on your homepage and scan over their individual QR code. You will then be connected as contacts, which you can find in your Attendees section or under My Event

What is 'My Event'?

The My Event section of the app is your own personal hub. Find your saved sessions, new connections and book meetings with your contacts.

Downloading the app

The app has all the important information you'll need for the convention, including the schedule, information about our speakers and sponsors, and interactive features such as polls for voting during the sessions.

Open this email on the smart phone that you will be taking to the convention and follow the instructions below. Please remove any previous RTS Convention apps from your phone before downloading this year's app.

Follow the instructions from the email you have received about downloading the app, or search for 'Royal Television Society' in your app store. Download and open the app. You will be redirected via Swapcard (the app provider) to the RTS Convention app, please press 'Continue'. To log in, enter the email address that you used to register for the convention. You will then be sent a verification link in an email to get access to the app.

Please contact kholman@rts.org.uk if you have any issues.