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The promotion of public education through the study and research of the history of television in all its aspects and without regard to country of origin, including the development and encouragement of publications and associated projects such as bibliographies and monographs on particular aspects, provided that the results of such study and research shall be published and that the contribution made by the Trust shall be suitably acknowledged in any publication.


Grants will be given to assist in the completion of new or unfinished projects, work or literature specific to the objectives of the Trust. ‘Literature’ is defined as including audio-visual media such as DVDs and websites.

The Trustees must be satisfied that the work they are supporting either could not be finished or published without the grant and that, with it, the work will be completed, or, the grant will provide the initial phase of a project that will be continued and completed with other identified funding.

Applications will be considered broadly in support of research, development, writing, editing or publication. Grants for research will require that the results of the work will be made known and accessible through appropriate means. In the case of literature, projects must have a real prospect of publication.

Applicants must demonstrate that their work will have a clear expectation of making a significant contribution to the objectives of the Trust.

Applicants will be required to satisfy the Trustees of the soundness of their projects, and identify any grants from other sources. The Trustees will not make commitments to support recurring funding, nor make grants to cover fees or maintenance of students undertaking courses.


Applications are now invited and should be submitted to the Trustees by 30 March 2018 on an official application form (available to download here). Applications should set out the nature of the project in no more than 500 words. Supporting documentation may also be included. Details of your experience or qualifications should be provided. Applicants should ensure that their project conforms to all the criteria. Applications should be accompanied by a budget that clearly identifies the sum being requested for a grant and the purposes for which it will be used. Application forms are available by following the link below and should be returned by email to RTS archivist Clare Colvin.

About George Shiers

George Shiers, a distinguished US television historian, was a long-­standing member of the RTS. Before his death in 1983, he and his wife, May, ­provided for a bequest in their wills. The Shiers Trust grant, now in its 18th year, is normally worth £2,000. This year, to mark the 90th anniversary of the RTS, it has been raised to £4,000. Grants will be consid­ered and approved by the Trustees who may, at their ­discretion, consult appropriate experts to assist their decisions. In assessing priorities, the Trustees will take into account the sums of money available.



2012 RTS Shiers Trust Award (1)

One of two 2012 Shiers Trust Awards was awarded to Paul Marshall, who has been researching a biography of Alan Archibald Campbell Swinton, the early visionary of all-electronic television.

2012 RTS Shiers Trust Award (2)

The second of the 2012 Shiers Trust Awards was awarded to Simon Vaughan, who has been digitising the 300-page “Black Book”, the first manual of the Marconi-EMI electronic television system, installed in 1936.

2011 RTS Shiers Trust Award
The 2011 Shiers Trust Award was awarded to David Rose to produce an audio-visual version of My Journey Together, an account of his career in television.
2010 RTS Shiers Trust Award
The 2010 Shiers Trust Award was awarded to John Wyver and focuses on the presentation of theatre plays on British television.
2009 RTS Shiers Trust Award
The 2009 Shiers Trust Grant was awarded to Ronald Sandell for the development of his book entitled Seventy Years Before the Masts - Coverage Planning and Propagation Research in the BBC.
2008 RTS Shiers Trust Award
Steve Arnold, who received the Shiers Trust Award in 2008, based his project on the digitalisation of Radio Times Television Supplements