RTS West of England Awards 2009

The West of England Awards 2009 were presented at our annual awards evening. The venue was the Watershed in Bristol. Host for the evening was the chair of the judging panel Charles Wace


Daytime/Factual Entertainment

Title: Living With The Wolf Man
Production Company: Tigress Productions
Broadcaster: Animal Planet US

“Great night vision footage - with great access to an extraordinary lifestyle of the participants”


Title: The Angels of Edgware Road
Production Company: Testimony Films
Broadcaster: Channel Four

“Masterful story telling - the judges felt that it was the ultimate redemptive programme - they all felt better about humanity after watching it and it’s fair to say bearing in mind its subject matter - the terrorist atrocity on the Edgeware Road Tube - that that was an emotion they did not expect to feel at the beginning”

Specialist Factual - Natural History

Title: Life in Cold Blood – Armoured Giants
Production Company: BBC Natural History Unity
Broadcaster: BBC One

“A programme produced in the best traditions of natural history programme making with masterful simple story telling”

Specialist Factual Other than History

Title: Thames Shipwrecks - A Race Against Time
Production Company: Touch Productions
Broadcaster: BBC Two

“This was a programme - told in a traditional style that had the judges gripped from start to finish”

Graphics / Title Sequence

Title: Building Wonders
Production Company: Available Light
Broadcaster: ITV West / Teachers TV


Title: Breechings Tracks with Simon Calder
Production Company: Grace Productions
Broadcaster: BBC One West

“A traditional programme that was well made, well researched, and well presented highlighting a subject that was felt to be of strong regional interest”

Current Affairs

Title: West Eye View: Home Truths Part one
Production Company: ITV West
Broadcaster: ITV West

“A programme with excellent personalisation of as major national story illustrating its regional impact”

Craft Award for Editing: Nick Maddocks


“The Angels of Edgware Road a beautifully constructed Sensitive piece of work - a difficult subject crafted with great care”