Television Sports Awards 2006

The Television Sports Awards 2006 were presented on 29 May 2007 at The Savoy, Strand, London WC2. The evening was hosted by Clare Balding.

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Sports Documentary

World Cup Stories: Argentina - From Darkness into the Light BBC Bristol for BBC Two
“This winning documentary deftly wove together the historical and sporting issues of a troubled and fascinating time. It created a clear and compelling narrative which was replicated throughout the whole series of World Cup Stories.”

Panorama: Undercover - Football's Dirty Secrets BBC for BBC One
Planet Ping Pong (Time Shift) BBC Bristol for BBC Four

Live Outside Broadcast Coverage of the Year

The Boat Race 2006 ITV Sport for ITV
“The jury said that the winning coverage was well thought out and well produced and got under the skin of the competing crews. The use of virtual technology, flawless race direction, and perceptive and entertaining commentary really made you care about the event.”

Open Golf Championship BBC Sport for BBC
The Big Fight Live: Calzaghe v Lacy ITV Sport for ITV

Digital Channel Sports Programme Award

Steven Gerrard 'A Year In My Life' Input Media Production for Pitch International & Sky One
“Great access and a real enthusiasm from its subject made this programme stand out from the recent run of celebrity footballer documentaries.”

2006 FIFA World Cup Coverage North One Television for UKTV G2
World Rally Championship - Shakedown North One Television for ITV2 & ITV4

Digital Content Award

The Ashes BBC Sport for BBC
“…a project that effectively harnessed video, audio and text on TV and internet to offer a cleverly integrated coverage of a major sporting event.”

World Cup 2006 BBC Sport for BBC
Highbury - The Final Salute Input Media Production for Arsenal Broadband

Sports Feature

The Boat Race 2006 - Supersize Me ITV Sport for ITV
“The judges thought the winning programme was a brave and outstanding piece of work, cleverly executed, and delivered in exactly the right tone.”

Darren Clarke - Sports Personality of the Year BBC Sport for BBC
West Ham Cup Final Preview BBC Sport for BBC

Sports Innovation Award

Plungecam BBC Outside Broadcasts/DAGBS for Eurosport
“The winner, … had constructed an extraordinarily clever piece of equipment that brought the viewer much closer to the sport - even under water. It was so good you could almost smell the chlorine! A real innovation in camera technology.”

Trackman: Open Golf Championship BBC Sport for BBC
Stromotion: Winter Olympics BBC Sport for BBC

Sports News Reporter

Ned Boulting - World Cup 2006/The Boat Race 2006/Champions League ITV Sport for ITV
“The winning portfolio demonstrated a consistent quality in writing, shooting and editing. The reporter has imagination, and a real confidence that it will come off every time.”

Phil Jones - Commonwealth Games/Wimbledon BBC Sport for BBC
Mike Hall - ITV Granada

Nations and Regions Sports Actuality Programme

Super League Show Paul Doherty International for BBC English Regions
“The winning programme was described by the jury as fun, enjoyable and slick with charismatic pundits and presenters.”

Live UEFA Cup Special - Derry City v Paris St Germain BBC Northern Ireland
Ospreys v Australia BBC Two Wales

Nations and Regions Sports Programme

Rugby League Raw Paul Doherty International/Beaumont Productions for BBC English Regions
“Incredible access enabled the producer to get inside the story, and the jury also commented upon the slick graphics and fabulous sound quality.”

Gretna's Field of Dreams Hand Pict Productions for BBC Two Scotland
Season Ticket BBC Northern Ireland

Nations and Regions Sports Presenter or Commentator

Matt Teale - ITV Central Tonight ITV Central
“A versatile presenter, equally at ease both in a studio as well as an OB environment, and in particular a very talented interviewer.”

Colin Hazelden - East Midlands Today BBC East Midlands
Roger Johnson - BBC South Today BBC One South

Creative Sports Sequence of the Year

F1 Insight - Red Bull Sequence North One Television for ITV
“The Jury described the winning sequence as a compelling, dramatic piece of television that conveyed complex information in a clear, imaginative and entertaining way that any armchair fan could enjoy and understand – all underpinned by sensational graphics.”

World Cup Final 2006 (Closing Montage) ITV Sport for ITV
World Cup Closing Montage BBC Sport for BBC

Sports Show or Series

Big Ron Manager North One Television for Sky One
“A hugely entertaining entry into a sporting world that sometimes beggared belief. It provided insight without ever being intrusive or gratuitous and had a big personality to open the doors.”

Ski Sunday BBC Sport for BBC
The Big Fight Live ITV Sport for ITV

Sports Presenter

Hazel Irvine - Winter Olympics/Match Play Golf/World Snooker Final BBC Sport for BBC
“The consumate all-rounder. Whichever sports she is covering, she demonstrates enthusiasm and exemplary professionalism. She knows her sport, she puts in the homework and she is a formidable asset to the BBC.”

Steve Rider - Champions League/World Cup 2006/F1 2006 ITV Sport for ITV
Mark Nicholas - Cricket on Five Sunset + Vine for five

Sports Pundit

Martin Brundle - ITV F1 2006 North One Television for ITV
“Continued excellence from a man who has brought all his insight as a driver into broadcasting, to the ultimate benefit of the viewer. The winner for the fourth time, and the second in succession.”

Michael Johnson - Commonwealth Games/Gothenburg Athletics BBC Sport for BBC
Simon Hughes - Cricket on Five Sunset + Vine for five

Sports Commentator

John Rawling - The Big Fight Live ITV Sport
“An authoritative, measured wordsmith, the winning commentator was described by the jury as the defining voice of boxing in the UK.”

James Allen - ITV F1 2006 North One Television for ITV
Simon Holt - Channel 4 Racing Highflyer Digital for Channel 4

Sports Programme of the Year

Channel 4 Racing - Cheltenham Gold Cup Day Highflyer Digital for Channel 4
“The judges admired a well-practised team that, as well as providing impeccable pictures and commentary, covered all the angles of a major occasion with precision and energetic enthusiasm.”

Big Ron Manager North One Television for Sky One
The Big Fight Live: Calzaghe v Lacy ITV Sport for ITV

Judges’ Award

Grandstand 1958 - 2007
“It’s not an individual that we honour tonight but a programme – a programme that over almost 50 years became a national institution and an undoubted leader in sports television around the world.

Amongst its editors and producers are men who became channel controllers and managing directors, and a past President of the RTS – leaders of the TV industry.

It first went on air way way back in October 1958 – there had been nothing like it attempted before. Of course there had been sport on television, but now it was linked together in one seamless unscripted show, with the live action that was at its heart, woven together with interviews and the running story of the afternoon’s news, scores and results. And what action there was - all our great annual events. But the programme also gave a stage to sports that were less prominent and eager for exposure – 30 or 40 of them a year. It was a format that was copied around the world – Wide World of Sport in the States, World of Sport here at home. It outlived them both by the way.

Its production teams from the very start fought to be at the cutting edge - the “roving eye” on top of a car tracking the runners at Ascot and Aintree, the Action Replay that arrived in time for the 1966 World Cup Final, probably still the show’s most memorable edition, and every Saturday at about twenty to five there was the teleprinter – chattering out the day’s results to the unmatchable commentary of David Coleman. Four presenters stand out in the show’s history: David who set the way and set the standard throughout the Sixties and into the Seventies, the amiable Frank Bough, the even more amiable and laid back, but razor-sharp Desmond Lynam, and the ultra professional Mr Calm, Steve Rider.

These were the nation’s guides and friends as millions of us settled down for five hours of sport every Saturday afternoon, and on Sundays too. Someone somewhere in the BBC will know how many editions there were, and how many hours were transmitted – Penny Wood probably… the show’s longest-serving producer’s assistant.

Sir Paul Fox and Bryan Cowgill were the two pioneers who created the programme, and indulge me please for a minute to list the editors who followed: Ronnie Noble, Cliff Morgan, Lawrie Higgins, Alan Hart, Paul Lang, Harold Anderson, Mike Murphy, John Philips, Dave Gordon, Carl Hicks and Philip Bernie.

There have been fewer studio producers. Following Bryan Cowgill, three stand out: Richard Tilling, in the 60s, who was followed by Brian Venner, and then easily the longest serving, Martin Hopkins. And of course by no means let me forget the host of outside broadcast producers out in the field on the front line. And the legions of commentators, quite a few of them became legends in their own lifetimes. All of these people rightfully share in this.”

Lifetime Achievement Award

Peter Alliss

“It was way back in 1961 that he first picked up a BBC microphone at the Open. For as long as many of us can remember, he has presided over the BBC golf commentary team in unique and masterly fashion. His style matches perfectly the pace of the game. He is not one of those guys who arrive in the commentary box with a file brimming with facts and statistics. He just sits down in front of the monitor and reflects on what he sees on screen before him, bringing to his work all his knowledge and experience, laced always with his gentle wit, his wry humour, and his musings on the game and the way of the world. On the ducks and the birds and the people who turn up on the golf course. There’s always a line. He’s one of life’s genuine ad-libbers. Not for him the crib on the shirt-cuff. He’s like a good companion for those watching at home – but a friend who actually knows a good bit about what’s going on – an authority no less but one who doesn’t act as if he is! And perceptive – when Jean van de Velde, with the Open his for the taking, pulled his driver from his bag on the 18th Tee before his infamous watery downfall, it was our man who said: “Oh, I’m not sure this is the right move”. No, it wasn’t the right move, but it was the right commentary.

As well as commentary, he found time to present over 140 editions of BBC-Two’s very popular Pro-Celebrity Golf programme. With celebrity skating and celebrity show jumping and celebrity everything on screen now, maybe it’s due for a comeback! And then there was his golf fairway chat show - Around with A…..!”