Student Television Awards - Bristol 2009

The Bristol Centre Student Television awards were be presented on 27th January 2009 at The Picture House - Whiteladies Road Bristol.
Members of the society, students and guests joined centre officers in a reception to celebrate student television in the Bristol area.

The awards were persented by the chair of the judging panel - Hywel Wiliam


Producer / Director Patrick Shead-Simmonds
“Clockwork, offered a contemporary interpretation of the grim reaper as an icon of death, which was visually engaging and made effective use of stop frame animation techniques and sound effects, mixed with live action. The jury were very impressed by this technically accomplished and stylish film which demonstrated a strong grasp of dramatic tension and image creation”


Writer / Producer / Director & Editor - Christopher Button
Sound / Co-Editor - Guy Amos
“Baldrick, offered a first person account of the treatment undergone by his mother to remove a brain tumour, which she had named after the incompetent character featured in the television comedy, Blackadder. This semi-dramatised account of her diagnosis and treatment offered a curiously detached but also darkly humorous perspective, featuring, in many scenes, the unusual visual symbol of a space hopper to represent the tumour. The jury were impressed by this inventive documentary.”