RTS Student Awards 2012

Awards Ceremony

Tuesday, 21 July, 2015


The Royal Television Society (RTS), Britain’s leading forum for television and related media, has announced the winners for the RTS Student Television Awards 2012. The event took place on 17 May at the Barbican, London, and was hosted by Lucy Beaumont, winner of the BBC New Comedy Award 2012.

Chaired by Pat Younge, Chief Creative Officer, BBC Productions, the RTS Student Television Awards celebrate the best in student television from across the UK – the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Awards are judged in four categories: Fiction, Entertainment, Factual and Animation. The event was attended by key industry figures, students and tutors.

Undergraduate Animation:

I Am Tom Moody – Ainslie Henderson
Edinburgh College of Art
“A moving, visually-imaginative story using animation to great effect. The maturity of the storytelling allowed a potentially complicated story to flow naturally to a positive conclusion.”


  • Pasty Child – George Tymvios, Andy Luck, Emily Stone and Sasha Lawrence
    University College Falmouth
  • The Honey Plot – Al Cox, Benjy Parnell-King and Liam Wheatcroft
    The Arts University at Bournemouth

Tom Henderson collected the award on behalf of Ainslie Henderson

Undergraduate Entertainment:

Bedroom Live – Josh Bennett and Josh Price
Newport Film School
“…a very current 'of the moment' idea that the jury could see working on television right now. The creator understood his audience and managed to create a really distinct visual style, despite filming in such a small space.”


  • Breaking Ground – Keith Browett and Team National Film School Dun Laoghaire
    Institute of Art, Design and Technology
  • The Marrowing – Hayley Smith, Matt Wootton, Tom Perrigo and Team
    Southampton Solent University

Undergraduate Factual:

The End of Silence – Besma Ayari
Lincoln School of Journalism
“A brave, intrepid and enterprising film about the legacy of the Arab Spring. It was a moving testament to the human cost of revolution.”


  • Losing Sight of the Glory: Medical Reflections on the War – Glenn Lewis Smith, Graeme Probert and Gary Bonning
    University of Portsmouth
  • Two Fires – Oliver Hadlow-Martin and Danny Carter
    University of York

Undergraduate Fiction:

Dancing in the Ashes – Nick Rowland, Luke Mortimer and Team
The Arts University at Bournemouth
“Simply done but brilliantly executed, this film was very ambitious in its style and direction but managed to deliver substance as well as style.The jurors described being ‘swept away’ by the film, which delivered at a high level in every department – fantastic acting, fantastic costumes and design, beautifully lit and shot.”


  • Carbooty – Amy McIntyre, Gareth Finch and Lucy Lincoln
    The Manchester College
  • Things That Happened on the 9th of March – Oscar Frostad Udbye
    University of York

Postgraduate Animation:

Head Over Heels – Timothy Reckart, Fodhla Cronin O’Reilly and Team
National Film and Television School
“A genuinely moving film using a simple metaphor to explore a relationship. The lack of dialogue is one of the film’s main strengths, as it drew us closer to the characters, empathising with their story.”


  • Anomalies – Ben Cady
    Royal College of Art
  • Buy Buy Baby – Gervais Merryweather, Sarah Senior and Henry Lambourne
    National Film and Television School

Helen Nabarro collected the award on behalf of Timothy Reckart, Fodhla Cronin O'Reilly and Team

Postgraduate Entertainment:

Newton's Law – Sean O'Riordan and Team
National Film and Television School
“Great initial concept with ambition and genuine pure entertainment. With good design and advanced technical knowledge this was a really watchable gameshow that made all the jury excited about how this could be developed.”


  • Doubt on Loan – Ian Aryeh-Thompson  and Team
    National Film and Television School
  • Tell My Story – Rajesh Shinde and Arturo Arroyo
    The Northern Film School at Leeds Metropolitan University

Postgraduate Factual:

The Betrayal – Karen Winther and Team
National Film and Television School
“A remarkable and unsentimental personal journey back into a deeply troubled past that was both highly compelling and moving. It was told with an integrity of style and direction, allowing the gradual unfolding of a narrative that gripped the viewer.”


  • One More Kiss – Chris Christodoulou, James Taylor, James Morgan and Gautier Galard
    National Film and Television School
  • Where Is Sharon? – Auste Serapinaite
    Edinburgh College of Art

Postgraduate Fiction:

The Mass of Men – Gabriel Gauchet, Rungano Nyoni, Emily Morgan and Team
National Film and Television School
“The jury described this film as shocking in a good way, something they couldn’t stop watching. The minute you thought you knew where it was going it switched direction. Fantastic performances in a brilliant Kafka-esque, shocking and disturbing film.”


  • Daddy's Garden – M. Jay Gonzalez
    Newport Film School
  • Skyborn – Jamie Stone, Len Rowles and Team
    National Film and Television School