Student Television Awards 2006


This year’s competition reached a sparkling climax at York St John University on 15 November, with a record number of entries and, in the words of the judges, “ stunning levels of quality”. In fact, with a total of 27 entries from ten different colleges, this year’s was the most competitive -- and therefore the hardest to win – in the country. 

Productions ranged from touching drama to truly comical animation to amazing ‘vox-pops’ -- shot on a mobile phone! -- all produced and presented with such skill that they left the professionals and the academics in the audience gasping in admiration. 

As he congratulated the students, Mike Best, the chairman of the judges, said he had been amazed at the diversity and quality of the entries and the sheer invention and imagination which had gone into them. They all reflected initiative, creativity and originality. 

The judges had been looking for three factors: first, the idea; next, creative, technical and production excellence; and, thirdly, awareness of the audience – proof that the production was made for viewers and not the students themselves. 

“Measured against these criteria, this year has been outstanding in terms of both quality and quantity,” he said. 

Jon Hill, ITV’s Northern Reporter, who hosted the ceremony with wit and wisdom, urged the students to use their talents to put pressure on “us old fogeys” with their ideas, energy and enthusiasm. 

“There is obviously a bright future for you,” he said. “We look forward to seeing your credits on the screen sooner rather than later.” 

Nicky Ball of Screen Yorkshire outlined the opportunities and support offered by Screen Yorkshire and John Offord explained how the new digital channel “Propeller” could showcase student productions, at present, in the UK, but, soon, across Europe too. He quoted glowing tributes from young producers whose works have already been shown. 

Glyn Middleton of the Leeds-based indie, “True North” – itself a significant Award winner – advised potential recruits to think seriously about the way to market themselves to the workplace. 

“Work on your c.v. and work on your strengths to show what you can bring to employers”, he said. “And don’t tell them you can do everything because we won’t believe you. Just tell us what you’re really good at.” 

Graham Ironside, vice-chairman of the Yorkshire Centre, advised them to study the fragmenting marketplace for programming and to maintain the passion for television which the original members of the RTS had shown when they founded the organisation back in the 20s. 

He paid tribute to Roy Player and Vanessa Simmons of York St John University and Robin Small of Huddersfield University who organised the ceremony and thanked York St John for making “the brave and generous decision” to stage the event.


1: Animation 

Runner Up: 

The Boy That Had Nerves In His Hair 

Director - Phil Lazenby of Harrogate College. 

Judges’ Comment: 

This is a story about a boy aged 4 who visits a barber for his first haircut with surprising results.…great visuals and wonderfully bizarre set designs. 


Oui oui 

Director - James Rodgers with Music by Ian Hughes of University of Bradford 

Judges’ Comment: 

This is a film that makes a star out of its leading character within seconds...a well thought out story, beautifully animated..and spot on with comic timing.

2: Factual 

Runners Up: 

Autism and Me 

Presented and directed by Rory Hoy of St Aidans Church of England High School 

Judges’ Comment: 

A unique film, a memorable and fascinating insight into autism with genuinely something important to say… presented by a young man who clearly knew what he was talking about. 

Boxers: A round about Us: 

Director -- Phillip Hibberd of Hull School of Art and Design 

Judges’ Comment: 

This film is about well …boxers. Colour, pace, tension and emotion with excellent access providing a wonderful insight into this arena. 


Mobile Memories: 

Director - Mark O’Shea of University of Bradford 

Judges’ Comment: 

... an inventive, fresh and original piece of programme making which made good use of new technology…not just using new technology for the sake of it but supported by a strong editorial brief as well

3: Non Factual 

Runners Up: 

Finders Keepers: Hull School of Art and Design 

Judges’ Comment: 

…a strong story with some strong performances enhancing the humour and emphasising a lovely touch of nostalgia..combined and supported by genuinely excellent photography 

Ten Things To Do With A Dead Rat: Sheffield Hallam University 

Judges’ Comment: 

… an original film with a terrific mix of humour and emotion. It’s a roller coaster ride, providing genuine belly laughs but touching enough for the viewer to care about the lead characters 


That Good Night: 

Director - Keith Foster of the Cleveland College of Art and Design 

Judges’ Comment: 

….a passionate film, well written and edited with great use of visuals…a strong story well told.