RTS Young Technologist 2011

RTS Young Technologist of the Year 2011

The annual RTS Young Technologist Award has been won by Peter Sellar, who is a member of Freesat UK Ltd. He was chosen to receive the award, which is presented in memory of A M Beresford-Cooke, by a panel of judges chaired by Terry Marsh, digital media consultant.


RTS Young Technologist: Peter Sellars


“The RTS Young Technologist of the Year is an important award, and we are delighted to award it to Peter Sellar this year," said Marsh. "The jury was extremely impressed by Peter’s progression through his broadcasting career and his referee praised his important contribution to Freesat. He also had an excellent plan for how to make the best use of his winning visit to IBC.”

Sellar added: “I'm honoured to have been awarded RTS Young Technologist 2011. This recognition from the RTS means a great deal to me, and I'm looking forward to attending IBC for the first time and using the opportunity to enhance my understanding of the developing technologies that are becoming available.”

The purpose of the award is to advance education in the science, practice, technology and art of television and its allied fields, giving the winner the opportunity to attend the International Broadcasting Conference (IBC) in September. Judges look for applicants to demonstrate how the award would enhance their understanding of technology’s role in television and related fields, and how the applicants propose to share their understanding.

The judging panel included John Ive, director of business development and technology, IABM; Paul Mason, head of Olympic Broadcasting Services London Ltd and Peter Weitzel, broadcasting consultant, Siemens. 

A M Beresford-Cooke, in whose memory the award is presented, was a distinguished engineer who made a substantial contribution to British broadcasting technology, helping to pioneer VHF and UHF transmission.