RTS Wales Student Television Awards 2015

Awards Ceremony

Friday, 18 March, 2016


The RTS Wales Centre Jury panel consisted of the following members:

Hywel Wiliam, Jury Chairman, Administrator, RTS Wales Centre
Emma Meese, Lecturer, Centre for Journalism, Cardiff University
Elen Rhys, Content Commissioner, Entertainment and Comedy, S4C
Zoe Rushton, Producer, BBC Cymru Wales
Huw Rossiter, Manager, Regional Affairs, ITV Cymru Wales
Dylan Huws, Managing Director, Cwmni Da

The Jury were very pleased to see an increased number of entries this year, 23 in total (compared to 14 last year), from a far greater range of academic institutions across Wales:

  • Aberystwyth University
  • Bangor University
  • Bridgend College
  • Glyndwr University
  • University of South Wales
  • University of Wales, Trinity St David

The entries received covered five of the competition categories, Animation, Comedy & Entertainment, Drama, Factual, and the Open category.  Disappointingly however, there were no entries in the News category, particularly as this category had been introduced for the first time.  The breakdown of entries was as follows:

Animation:  8 entries (4 entries in 2014)
Entertainment:  2 entries (1 entry in 2014)
Factual:  7 entries (5 entries in 2014)
Drama:  5 entries (3 entries in 2014)
Open:  2 entries (1 entry transferred from the entertainment category in 2014)

The Jury Members were greatly impressed with the very high standard evident in the programmes and short animations submitted which clearly demonstrated a mastery of technical and production techniques.

The RTS Awards are for student television productions that show outstanding visual and aural creativity, a mastery of craft skill, innovation and initiative.  Productions should also take account of the requirements of broadcast television and the Jury Members based their decisions mainly on these criteria.

The winners were announced on March 18th at Bridgend College.  They have now gone forward to be judged in the national RTS Student Television Awards, to be presented on 3rd June at the BFI on London's Southbank.


Animation: Alice Parkes, Teddy Hunter, Ross Bugden, Mia Rose Goddard, Anika Rozwadowska, Andy James

Production Company: University of South Wales
Poseidon Rising

There were eight entries in total in this category, all submitted by the University of South Wales.
Evanescent presented a breathtaking vision of a world coming to life with some striking imagery and an evocative sound track.  The Jury all agreed that this animation was a very accomplished and well crafted piece of work. (A 'teaser' is available on YouTube)
Bampa depicted the harrowing impact of dementia on an old man in a very original way.  The animated sequences used complex and dramatic imagery but as a whole the production lost pace midway.  But it was nevertheless a strong and personal account of the impact of this debilitating condition.
Poseidon Rising contained some inventive and technically strong sequences, featuring effective CGI animation, giving impact and immediacy to this accomplished fictitious movie or interactive game trailer.
The CGI based animation, Essence, was also highly commended by the Jury Members who were impressed by the mastery of craft skills evident in the piece, although, as a first draft, was not sufficiently completed to be formally nominated for an award.

Entertainment and Comedy: Jonathan Eve, Destina Bartley, Naomi Sleet

Production Company: Aberystwyth University
Time For Nothing

An imaginary office setting was the backdrop for Tea Break Murder, which introduced a range of suspects in one seemingly continuous moving shot.  The production was slick and ambitious, complemented by some stylish design and strong performances from the lead actor and the supporting cast. (Available on Vimeo)
The music video Time For Nothing provided a relaxing imaginary seascape featuring a striking image of the featured musician sailing through the sky on the back of a giant jellyfish. However, the end result lacked development.

Drama: Victor Mawer

Production Company: University of Wales, Trinity St David

The very moving drama, Belle, featured a remarkable performance by a young girl in a story about childhood neglect.  However, Jury Members felt that some elements of the production were flawed and the supporting performances were not as strong as that of the central character.
The spooky coming of age parable, Needless Things, was an ambitious and highly original production that combined accomplished craft direction with some impressive performances. (Available on Vimeo)
Strong direction and craft skills were evident in the zombie horror flick, Unfound.  However, although very stylish, the Jury felt that it contained some over used plot devices.
A very high standard was evident across all the entries in this category and the Jury found that reaching their final decision in this case was very challenging.

Factual: Zak Campbell, Simon Pax McDowell, Santa Aumeistere (pictured above)

Production Company: University of South Wales
Memories of War

Memories of War provided a very personalised account of the horrors and futility of the conflict in Afghanistan, through the poetry of an infantryman who served in the region.  Jury Members were particularly impressed by the degree of access provided to the producers.  Overall it was a very accomplished production although some of the imagery may have been unnecessary and over used.
That's That: The Three Loves of Vala allowed the pictures to tell the story in an effective and moving account of life in a Latvian institution for people with a mental illness.  The Jury members were impressed with the documentary's high production values effective photography and sense of pace all of which enabled viewers to identify strongly with the main subject.

Open Award: Jordanne Richards, Katherine Sykes

Production Company: University of South Wales
Snowdonia: Open All Year

The Jury considered this award to be particularly difficult to call as both entries were of a very high standard.
Snowdonia: Open All Year was a particularly well-crafted promotion for one of Wales' premier tourist locations with effective camera work, music and editing.
But Jury Members were also very impressed by the breadth, ambition and sheer originality of An Unfortunate End: The Boy and the Fairy, a gruesome tale in which an act of sadistic exploitation had very destructive consequences. (Available on Vimeo)