RTS Wales Centre Student Television Awards 2018

Awards Ceremony

Wednesday, 31 January, 2018

On January 31st, RTS Wales Centre held an Industry Day event in conjunction with the Film and TV School Wales/University of South Wales.  The day included a conference to celebrate and discuss the future of TV in Wales, an industry fair, networking opportunities, and masterclasses.

The day concluded with the RTS Wales Centre Student Television Awards, presented by Daniel Glyn, which were held in the Atrium Theatre.  (Picture above tweeted by USW Create. Used with permission.)

The RTS Wales Centre Jury panel consisted of the following members:

Judith Winnan, Jury Chair & Chair, RTS Wales
Lynn Courtney, Producer/Director, ITV Cymru Wales
Sophie Francis, Lecturer, Bath University
Daniel Glyn, Managing Director, Made in Cardiff
Martyn Ingram, Managing Director, Wales & Co
Owain Morgan Jones, Leader, Brand and Image, S4C
Samantha Rosie, Executive Producer, BBC Cymru Wales

The Jury Members were pleased to see a wide range of entries this year, sent in from three universities:  Aberystwyth University, the University of South Wales, and the University of Wales, Trinity St David.  The entries received covered the competition categories, Animation, Comedy & Entertainment, Drama, Factual, and Short Features.  However, there were no entries in the News category, as there are currently very few under-graduate journalism courses offered in Wales.

The Student Television Awards are for student television work that shows outstanding visual and aural creativity, a mastery of craft skills, innovation, initiative, and story-telling.  The Jury looked in particular for freshness, originality, and audience appeal within the constraints of the law and broadcasting practice, and their decisions were based mainly on these criteria.

The Jury Members were very impressed with the high standard evident across the entries submitted, which clearly demonstrated a mastery of technical and production techniques.  The Jury nominated up to three entries in each main category, and they also had the discretion to award a number of Craft Awards.



Animation: Catarina Rodrigues, Chris Phillips

Title: Peach
Production Company: USW
Thomas White, Chris Kelly - Cretin

The two nominated animations were very different in character. Cretin was based on traditional line-drawn animation, which told an unusual parable with a unexpected twist. However, the Jury Members were particularly impressed with the maturity of Peach, which they felt was an engaging and inspiring piece of computer generated animation.

(Sponsored by Cloth Cat/Bait)

Comedy & Entertainment: Kieran Butcher, Ashley Harris, Christopher Saunders

Title: The Fall Guy
Production Company: USW
Joseph James, Benjamin Pesarillo - Boss Fight
Daniel A Williams - Four Hostiles in a Hostel

The Jury Members commended the inventiveness of Four Hostiles in a Hostel, in which the characters’ dialogue was based on several foreign languages.  Boss Fight was a humorous sketch based on an argumentative employee with a short fuse.  Strong direction and a fast moving pace were evident in The Fall Guy, in a well-constructed, energetic and highly amusing production.

(Sponsored by Boom Cymru)

Drama: Kerry Norton

Title: The Forsaken
Production Company: UWTSD
Alexander Williams - Carl
Christopher Deakin, Benjamin Linehan, Lauren Brown, Jodie Edmunds - Gone Fishing

Cari portrayed a young person ‘coming out’ in a rural community.  Shot in monochrome, it offered some strong images and made good use of sound.  Gone Fishing was also visually appealing, featuring a simple story, well told.  The Jury Members were highly impressed with the inventiveness and suspense of The Forsaken, which boldly depicted domestic tensions through a horror film setting, using the imaginative image of a monster as its central metaphor.

(Sponsored by Channel 4)

Factual: Meleri Morgan

Title: Dwy Chwaer a Brawd
Production Company: Aberystwyth University
Cai Glover, Charlie Greaves, Matthew Reeve - Behind The Sparkle
Simon Orman, Lina Alnadi, Lorenzo Mellano and Guillaume Basselin - Queen of Toads

Behind The Sparkle dealt with the self-esteem of a group of performers rehearsing for a burlesque show, in an engaging production which provided some insightful perspectives.  An alternative guest house and its remarkable manageress were the subjects of the stylish and distinctive Queen of Toads, which also featured an original music score.  Dwy Chwaer a Brawd, (Two Sisters and a Brother), contained authentic detail of a disappearing way of life captured through old style unobtrusive observation, in an accomplished classic documentary, which immersed the viewer in the day to day lives of three remarkable elderly people running a farm in rural Wales.

Short Feature: Yat Fung Leung

Title: Spheres
Production Company: USW
Kieran Jordan, Ben Brown, Pawel Roth - Beast of Brecon
Aaron Stelfox - Change

Impressive motion graphics and accomplished editing were the key features of the information rich Change, which documented the impact of pollution and climate change.  The amusing Beast of Brecon used computer generated animation, skilfully mixed with live action, to tell a humorous tale of dinosaurs in the Brecon Beacons.  The highly engaging and convincing Spheres was strong on concept and execution, in its depiction of mysterious objects in the atmosphere and its enigmatic, metaphysical conclusion.

(Sponsored by Loosemores Solicitors) 

The first prize winner in each main category (except the Craft Skills Awards) will also be submitted for judging at the UK final of the RTS Student Television Awards, to be held in London on 22 June 2018.

Craft Skills Awards

At their discretion, the Jury this year decided that awards could be made in the craft categories as follows:

Gone Fishing - James Clarke (USW)
Indra’s Net - Federico Brown Manzone (UWTSD)
(Contribution to the Awards by Welsh Government) 

Original Score (Music):
Queen of Toads - Guillaume Basselin (USW)
(Sponsored by Loosemores Solicitors) 

Change - Simon Orman, Lina Alnadi, Lorenzo Mellano (USW)
(Sponsored by Gorilla)

Production Design:
Spheres - Yat Fung Leung (USW)
(Sponsored by Made in Cardiff)

Cari - Alexander Williams (UWTSD)
(Sponsored by Hoot Studios)