RTS Television Journalism Awards 2024

Awards Ceremony

Wednesday, 28 February, 2024


The winners for the RTS Television Journalism Awards 2024, in partnership with Wolftech and Dataminr, have been announced.

The prestigious awards ceremony took place this evening at the London Hilton on Park Lane, hosted by Good Morning Britain’s Susanna Reid.

For 2024, the RTS Special Award was presented to Martin Lewis CBE for his pivotal role in changing an entire genre of journalism as he continues to provide the British public with clear, actionable financial advice, as well as influencing policy and holding banking and utility industries to account. The Outstanding Contribution Award was given to Kirsty Wark, in recognition of her tenure presenting BBC Newsnight and delivering landmark interviews, while providing a formidable breadth of knowledge, mentorship and guidance to others in the industry.

Across the 20 competitive categories, ITV led the evening with six awards, with coverage of the 2023 Nottingham attacks receiving the award for Nations and Regions News, Jonathan Brown for Nations and Regions Reporter of the Year and Daniel Hewitt taking home Specialist Journalist of the Year.

Channel 4 closely followed with four wins including Current Affairs – Home for its Dispatches programme Russell Brand: In Plain Sight. The coveted News Channel of the Year award was presented to Sky News, which was also recognised in two other categories, including the Innovation Award.

Adrian Wells, Chair of the RTS Television Journalism Awards, said: “This has been a year defined by conflict and many RTS award recipients have reported with great insight on the plight of those affected by extreme violence and loss, with a depth of quality from journalists working both on and away from front lines. Their talents have been prodigiously in evidence in the fields of home affairs, political, economic reporting and innovation.”

Please see below the full list of winners and nominees below.


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Streaks of light glide through a night sky, perhaps missiles or anti-missile defences

Breaking News: Opening shots: The Gaza War

Title: Reuters
Turkey-Syria Earthquake - Sky News
Hamas-Israel War - CNN International - CNN Worldwide
Fadi Shana gives a thumbs up to the camera, wearing a body armour vest labelled 'Press'

Camera Operator of the Year: Fadi Shana

Title: Reuters
Olivia Prutz - Sky News
Mstyslav Chernov - The Associated Press
An old photo of Russell Brand

Current Affairs - Home: Russell Brand: In Plain Sight - Dispatches

Title: Hardcash Productions
Production Company: Channel 4
Catching My Rapist - Exposure - Bite Films
A Time to Die - Exposure - True Vision
A man in a hi-vis jacket holds a small child while looking into the distance

Current Affairs - International: Rescue Mission Gaza - Witness

Title: Al Jazeera English
The Grave - Exposure - Studio 9 Films
Inside Russia: Traitors & Heroes - Storyville - BBC World Service with Ronachan Films
A man in a button-up shirt and jacket sits across from someone with long, black hair, whose back is to the camera

Emerging Young Talent of the Year: Joshua Stokes - Summerland The Forgotten Disaster - Granada Reports

Title: ITV News Granada
Production Company: ITV1
Yousef Hammash - Channel 4 News - ITN
Ruben Reuter - Channel 4 News - ITN
Graphic for the Westminster Accounts

Innovation Award: Westminster Accounts

Title: Sky News & Tortoise Media
5G Private Network at the Coronation - BBC News BBC News/BBC R and D/Neutral Wireless
BBC Verify - BBC News - BBC News
A woman walks down an otherwise empty rugby pitch

Nations and Regions Factual: Welsh Rugby Under the Spotlight - Wales Investigates

Title: BBC Wales
Production Company: BBC One Wales
The Dog Dealers - Disclosure - BBC Scotland
I Spy - Spotlight - BBC Northern Ireland
A graphic for ITV News Central's coverage of the 2023 Nottingham attacks

Nations and Regions News: The Nottingham Attacks - ITV News Central (East)

Title: ITV News Central
Production Company: ITV1
STV News at Six (North) - STV News
Who Cares For The Carers? - ITV News Meridian - ITV News Meridian
A man is stood outside in low light, looking just to the side of the camera

Nations and Regions Reporter of the Year: Jonathan Brown - Knife Crime Investigation - ITV News Calendar

Title: ITV Yorkshire
Production Company: ITV1
Gareth Wilkinson - UTV Live - UTV
Antoine Allen - ITV News London - ITN/ITV News

Network Daily News Programme of the Year: Channel 4 News

Title: ITN
Production Company: Channel 4
News at Ten - ITN/ITV News
BBC News at Ten - BBC News
A woman sits in a TV news studio

Network Interview of the Year: Christiane Amanpour interviews Siamak Namazi

Title: CNN Worldwide
Harry: The Interview - Stand alone - ITN Productions
BBC's Lucy Williamson interviews Andrew Tate - BBC News - BBC News
Susanna Reid wears a red suit with a pink bow tied around her neck. She has brown bobbed hair with blonde highlights. She holds an award in front of a blue curtain.

Network Presenter of the Year: Susanna Reid - Good Morning Britain

Title: ITV Studios
Production Company: ITV1
Laura Kuenssberg - Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg - Laura Kuenssberg: State of Chaos
Matt Frei - Channel 4 News - ITN
Secunder Kermani walks through rubble in a body armour vest and helmet, both of which have 'TV' written on them in tape

Network Television Journalist of the Year: Secunder Kermani - Channel 4 News

Title: ITN
Production Company: Channel 4
Paul Brand - ITV News - ITN/ITV News
Orla Guerin - BBC News - BBC News
A news presenter is giving a piece to camera. Part of the chyron reads 'Libyan Red Crescent: 10,100 people missing in Derna'

News Channel of the Year: Sky News

Al Jazeera English
BBC News Channel
Three people are in a medium-sized tent

News Coverage - Home: Nowhere to Go: Britain's Homeless Emergency - ITV News

Title: ITN/ITV News
Production Company: ITV1
Lucy Letby: Catching a Child Killer - ITV News - ITN/ITV News
Challenging Police Culture - Channel 4 News - ITN

News Coverage - International: War in Ukraine: Hope, Death and Defiance - BBC News

Title: BBC News
Production Company: BBC One
Myanmar: Hidden War - Sky News
Israel-Gaza War - BBC News - BBC News
Two people sit across from each other in a white room, sat around the same white table

On-Demand Journalism: Stealing Ukraine's Children: Inside Russia's Camps - VICE News

Title: VICE UK - YouTube/VICE News
Endometriosis: My Search For A Cure - Off Limits - Sky News
Adrift - APNews.com - The Associated Press
Beth Rigby stands in front of a white backdrop, smiling into the camera

Political Journalist of the Year: Beth Rigby, Political Editor

Title: Sky News
Colin Mackay - STV News
Sam Coates, Deputy Political Editor - Sky News

Scoop of the Year: Russell Brand: In Plain Sight - Dispatches

Title: Hardcash Productions
Production Company: Channel 4
Dr Ravi Jayaram - The Doctor Who Caught a Killer - ITV News - ITN/ITV News
Baby Formula: A Hidden Crisis - Sky News
Daniel Hewitt looks at someone opposite him, staring intently

Specialist Journalist of the Year: Daniel Hewitt - ITV News

Title: ITN/ITV News
Production Company: ITV1
Jason Farrell, Home Editor - Sky News
Nick Martin, People & Politics Correspondent - Sky News

RTS Special Award: Martin Lewis CBE


“This year’s winner is credited with changing the face of this entire genre of journalism on British television. Through multiple appearances on many different programmes on many different channels and also on his own ground-breaking prime time show, he has provided unique insights and assistance to millions.

The winner has championed the cause of those suffering from the effects of the cost-of-living crisis and saved thousands of consumers something that matters a lot: hard earned cash.

The winner’s journalism is always meticulous, insightful and gives his audience clear and actionable advice. He has also managed to influence government policy and hold the banking and utility industries to account. The winner of this year’s RTS Special Award is Martin Lewis.”

Kirsty Wark, a woman in her late 60s, has brown bobbed hair and is  wearing a velvet off the shoulder gown. She holds her award in front of a blue curtain.

Outstanding Contribution: Kirsty Wark


“This final award is for Outstanding Contribution, to recognize work, not just in the last year, but over a sustained period. The criteria says it should value a person who has had several significant achievements during their career. Well, tonight’s winner more than qualifies for that. And, let’s be clear, this is not a retirement award but nevertheless it does mark an end, later in the year, to 30 years presenting one of our crown jewels of British Broadcasting – Newsnight.

One of her early landmark interviews put Mrs Thatcher on the spot over the poll tax, and her popularity - or lack of it - in Scotland, (Mrs Thatcher’s I’m talking about, not hers). Talking of Scotland, she’s always managed to champion reporting in her own country, and be equally at home in Westminster, Cardiff or abroad.

In the Newsnight chair she has seen off 8 Prime Ministers and 10 different Programme Editors. Her colleagues tell us of her boundless enthusiasm and formidable breadth of knowledge, while at the same time being collaborative and nurturing to her younger colleagues, many of whom have benefited from her mentorship and guidance. We know on screen she is unflappable, asks penetrating and tough questions when necessary and acts with empathy and compassion when needed. Overall I’d say this a pretty good CV.

The RTS is delighted to present its outstanding contribution award to Kirsty Wark.”