RTS Student Television Awards 2021

Awards Ceremony

Friday, 25 June, 2021

The winners of the RTS Student Television Awards 2021, sponsored by Kinetic Content, have been announced.

The winners were crowned during a virtual ceremony held this afternoon on the RTS website, which was hosted by broadcast presenter and award-winning radio host, Vick Hope.

For 2021, the National Film and Television School received the highest number of wins across the 17 UK institutions nominated, taking home seven awards, followed by the University of Salford with three. The inaugural Young Filmmaker Award was presented to Max Tobin, Ed Whyte, Joe Luk, Oli Thomas and Almir Datoo for their film I Will Despise You. The jury described the film as impressively made and ambitious, with the script being a triumph.  

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In August 2020, Chris Coelen, the Emmy nominated founder/CEO of Kinetic Content, and German/UK based Red Arrow Studios, announced a new joint venture in Los Angeles focusing on developing high-end scripted TV series with global appeal for the US marketplace.

Melissa Myers was recruited from WME to head the new company, tapping into her international scripted content knowledge, as well as Coelen’s and Red Arrow Studios’ existing relationships.

The creative aim of the company is working with gifted creators and discovering new voices/worlds to focus on premium high-end, English-language scripted TV series with both domestic and international appeal – as well as leaning into our parent companies strengths: Kinetics’ hit marriage, relationship and social experiment brand, serving the US scripted market while utilizing Red Arrow Studios’ tremendous international reach.


Undergraduate Animation: My Favourite Hill

Production Company: Chris Childs
Broadcaster: UWE Bristol
Husky -
Last Week

This film was a comedic hit with everyone on the jury. The dialogue was hilariously delivered and crafted by Chris, creating lots of laughs. Overall, an interesting and enjoyable commentary on working life, as well as a lovely tribute.

Undergraduate Non-Scripted: Man, Beast and the Heart to Win

Production Company: Hal Bartlett, Will Eastwick-Field, Dave Jones, Ross Charette, Jamie Doughty and Peter Dixon
Broadcaster: Falmouth University
Canada's Keeper
Staying Sane (During a Global Pandemic)

A beautifully shot documentary imbued with an authentic sense of personality and compelling storytelling that gives a great sense of the racing life.

Undergraduate Scripted: Paper Round Boy

Production Company: George Stickley, Anastasija Pcelinceva, Ted Box, Millie Bennett, George Stickley, Richard Skull and Brandon Thompson
Broadcaster: University Of Gloucestershire
Future For Our Children
Yard Kings

A sweet, big-hearted film, with a witty and original script. Beautifully shot and designed with a wonderfully nostalgic, almost retro tone. Fantastic characterisation and endearing performances from the central duo made this a real standout for the panel.

Postgraduate Animation: The Song of a Lost Boy

Production Company: Daniel Quirke, Jamie MacDonald, Brid Arnstein, Emma Langguth and Team
Broadcaster: National Film and Television School
Between Us - Niancao Yang, Lite Zhu, Tim Steemson and Yali Shen LCC
Something Borrowed
The Fire Next Time

The jury really enjoyed this film with its unique style and message of acceptance told in such an interesting and original way. It was evident that a lot of deep thought had gone into the design and materials chosen, with excellent choices made from start to finish.

Postgraduate Entertainment: Other Nature

Production Company: Alex Cartlidge, Olympia Christofinis and Team
Broadcaster: National Film and Television School
What's In A Name
Who Murdered The Maid?
Wild Cooks

The jury was unanimous in its choice of this entry as the winner. A rounded story - that had us hooked from the start. It was well cast, well-acted, very well done.

Postgraduate Natural History: Secrets of the Salamanders

Production Company: Madelaine Westwood, Nathan Small, Waltteri Vanhanen and Constance Brannick and Team
Broadcaster: National Film and Television School
Life on the Rocks
Red or Dead
Wild Therapy

The jury were impressed by the story, the strong visuals, a great use of archive footage with a great voice and tone. A strong opening captured your attention and the great photography throughout kept it.

Postgraduate News: The Reproduction Revolution

Production Company: Freya Chappell
Broadcaster: University of Salford
Rugby Union: The Invisible Injury
The Currency of Culture
When Sex Games Go Wrong

An excellent entry of reporter-led portfolio of films on the subject of reproduction. The films showed great technical flair and Freya chose to take a broad look at the subject without shying away from contentious areas of surrogacy, gender and technology. Excellent range of voices presented in balanced and informed way.

Postgraduate Non-Scripted: Zágon

Production Company: Mateo Villanueva Brandt, Luke Kulukundis, Vincent Zagon, Zack Bottoni, Amy Douglas-Morris, Gabriel Ware and Martyn Ware
Broadcaster: LCC (University of the Arts London)
Bringing Home the Blubber
Inside a Marriage
Short-Term Sister

Brilliant, beautiful, clever, incredibly positive. Very unusual yet very successful way of telling this story. The way the art forms intertwined was captivating.

Postgraduate Scripted: Who Goes There?

Production Company: Astrid Thorvaldsen, Leah Bethany Jones, William Gillies, Graham Boonzaaier, Armiliah Aripin and Team
Broadcaster: National Film and Television School
City of Lost Children
One For The Road
Stratum Deep

“Who Goes There?” felt big and cinematic, and was unanimously praised by the jury for being genuinely scary! We loved the inventiveness of combining a domestic horror story with a staple of American cinema to create a Western Horror hybrid, and subvert the American Dream. Everything from costume to production design was impressive, and it felt like an extract of a bigger film that we would love to see.

Young Filmmaker: I Will Despise You

Production Company: Max Tobin, Ed Whyte, Joe Luk, Oli Thomas and Almir Datoo
Badgirl$ - "Next Up 2"
Three Hikers

The jury felt this was an impressively made and ambitious short drama. The script was a triumph and the comedic elements worked well. They really believed the chemistry between the actors which was down to skilful casting and confident directing. The film showed great planning and vision in terms of creating the look and feel, using multiple locations and filming under extremely challenging conditions.

Undergraduate Camerawork: Paper Round Boy

Title: Ted Box
Production Company: University Of Gloucestershire
Man, Beast and the Heart to Win - Will Eastwick-Field and Dave Jones
Yard Kings - Jakub Rogala

Nice lighting and framing really helped to bring this story to life. Very well shot. The jury were very impressed by the talent of the cinematographer.

Undergraduate Editing: Staying Sane (During a Global Pandemic)

Title: Dorothea Scarleta Sterian
Production Company: University of Salford
Spellbound - Olesia Sizikova
Yard Kings - Aiden Tobin

It felt that there wasn’t a wasted shot. The editing within this film was incredibly tight and very accomplished.

Undergraduate Production Design: Paper Round Boy

Title: George Stickley and Richard Skull
Production Company: University Of Gloucestershire
Spellbound - Amelia Parker and Beth Ryan
Yard Kings - Miriam Abdulameer

The jury loved the design and look of this short film, great costumes helped to combine with the art department on a very impressive looking film.

Undergraduate Sound: Yard Kings

Title: Zazanna Pencak
Production Company: Middlesex University
Husky - Darragh Scott, Geoffrey Perrin and Rhyss Davies
Staying Sane (During a Global Pandemic) - Dorothea Scarleta Sterian

This on location sound recording was very impressive. A compliment to the skill of the designer.

Undergraduate Writing: Staying Sane (During a Global Pandemic)

Title: Dorothea Scarleta Sterian
Production Company: University of Salford
Canada's Keepers - Mia Frank
Paper Round Boy - George Stickley

A very impressive bit of screenwriting behind a very challenging and intriguing film.

Postgraduate Camerawork: Life on the Rocks

Title: George Pretty
Production Company: National Film and Television School
City of Lost Children - Pep Bosch i Calvo
Who Goes There? - Graham Boonzaaier

The jury loved the style of camerawork which significantly contributed to the success of the film. The filming on the boats, the sense of loneliness (which the operator also felt themselves in the situation) and the bleak environment were captured wonderfully and contrasted superbly with the interviews. A triumph.

Postgraduate Editing: Short-Term Sister

Title: Philipp Lippert
Production Company: Goldsmiths, University of London
City of Lost Children - Edward Coltman
Who Goes There? - Armiliah Aripin

The excellent standard of the editing massively contributed, and indeed embellished, the production of a very sensitive subject. The lingering shots, allowing for moments of silence which spoke volumes, and the overall contribution to the final production was highly commended.

Postgraduate Production Design: The Song of a Lost Boy

Title: Steven X Haber
Production Company: National Film and Television School
City of Lost Children - Anna Woloszczuk
Who Goes There? - Peter Coulthard

The jury loved the design, the juxtaposition of the troll-like characters in a choirboy setting at the beginning, the sense of fun really came through the production design and provided a visceral visual experience.

Postgraduate Sound: Life on the Rocks

Title: Breen Turner
Production Company: National Film and Television School
The Fire Next Time - Jose Pablo Ramirez Leiva
Who Murdered The Maid? - Guy Dowsett

The jury felt that the sounds of the environment were captured brilliantly, the birds, the boats, and the clever use of natural sound in general. The film used the sound design to breathe which really contributed to the success of the piece.

Postgraduate Writing: Short-Term Sister

Title: Philipp Lippert
Production Company: Goldsmiths, University of London
One For The Road - Liam Lemkin Anderson, Imogen Radwan and Eileen Tracey
Something Borrowed - Nathan Hardisty

The jury commended the skillful use of language to move between the interviewees, the judicious use of words to narrate the story and the delivery in English, not the narrator’s mother tongue. Guiding the viewer through a story so close to the narrator’s heart cannot have been easy yet the execution of the writing allowed the viewer to be taken on a real journey from start to finish. Brilliant.