RTS Southern Awards 2024

Awards Ceremony

Friday, 17 May, 2024
The Hilton - Utility Bowl
Botley Road, Hilton
West End, Southampton
SO30 3XH
United Kingdom

The RTS Southern Centre Awards are now open for entries.

The Southern Awards celebrate the very best of the talent we have in the Southern Region.

Entry Requirements: 

  • Entrants (companies or individuals) must be based in the Southern Region. However, the filming or production of the entries can happen outside the Southern Region. 
  • All entries must have been produced between January and December 2023
  • The Southern Region is defined as Dorset, Hampshire including The Isle of Wight, West Sussex, Surrey, East Sussex, Kent, and the Channel Islands
  • Unless otherwise stated all awards refer to professional work in all visual media including Regional TV, Network TV, Local TV and Short Form Content for Web, Education, Exhibition, Training or Corporate delivery. 
  • Please contact rtssouthern@rts.org.uk for guidance if you are unsure about which category to enter. 

How to Enter:

  • Productions and paperwork for all Categories should be submitted online here: https://awardsentry.rts.org.uk/entrant/
  • All entries to be submitted by Friday 1st March
  • Fee of £55.00 per entry – plus VAT. All payments will be managed online.
  • Refunds will not be offered once payments have been processed. 



1) Camerawork                                                                      

Portfolio Entry – Open for all camera operators based in the region who are asked to submit three examples of their work. Maximum length for all three examples 15 minutes (please upload all three clips into one entry video).

2) Graphics/Animation                                                

Portfolio Entry – Open to all graphic designers/animators based in the region. Entrants should submit a portfolio of three items – demonstrating their breadth of work. The maximum length for each item is 5 minutes (please upload all three clips into one entry video).

3) Post-Production

Portfolio Entry – Open to all professional editors based in the region who are asked to submit a portfolio of three examples of their work - the maximum length for all three examples is 15 minutes (please upload all three clips into one entry video).


4) Short Form Content 

This category is intended to promote the growing excellence in producing professional content for a more specialised audience, in a wide range of media environments. This includes media made for exhibition, training, charity, or educational use, and could be video, interactive content, or short online films or webisodes. Entrants should submit a single item or series of episodes/webisodes as they see fit - with a brief explanation of the use and purpose of the content. 15 - 20 mins total duration. 

5) Single Documentary or Factual Programme

The focus here will be on serious, thought-provoking documentary programmes that can be regional or network. The programme should be submitted with a production brief setting out the aims and production challenges. Usually 30 - 60 mins duration, but longer form can be submitted.   

6) Factual Series

This category is open to series covering any factual topic such as crime, health, consumer, environment, history, arts and science etc.  Please submit a typical programme from the series. Submit your entry with the programme brief and an indication of budget. The programme can be regional or network. It can be filmed outside the Southern Region, but must be produced by a Southern-based company or individual. 60 mins max duration.

7) Entertainment or Factual Entertainment Programme / Series (Change from ‘Factual Entertainment Programme)

This category is intended to reward excellence in popular programming, with a focus on entertainment and high production values. You can enter a single one-off programme OR a typical programme from a series. Submit your programme with the production brief and an indication of budget. Maximum duration 60 mins.  


8) Regional TV Journalist 

A Portfolio Entry – Open to all professional broadcast journalists in the region who are asked to submit three complete broadcast items. The maximum combined length of all three items – 15 minutes. We are looking for stand out TV journalists who consistently find and produce content on a regular basis which explores, exposes and holds a mirror up to the region. Displays consistently high quality across a variety of different stories, creating a range of work which demonstrates excellence and versatility while working with production colleagues. (Please upload all three clips into one entry video)

9) Self Shooting Journalist (NEW AWARD TITLE)

A portfolio entry open to all professional broadcast journalists in the region who are asked to submit three complete, self shot and edited broadcast items. The maximum duration for this portfolio is 15 minutes. We are looking for journalists who find and research newsworthy and relevant content, and produce it with flair, creativity and excellence in a self shooting environment. (Please upload all three clips into one entry video).

10) Strand within a News or Magazine Programme 

A Portfolio Entry, this category is for short films made for regional or network News or Magazine programmes. Submissions should include up to 3 individual pieces which could be linked in some way, or were each made as part of a regular magazine show. For example, three different stories all created for one programme or series - could all be submitted in this category. Quality is the benchmark – the material produced should be a cut above the standard regional news output. The total duration should not exceed 15 minutes. (Please upload all three clips into one entry video).

11) Regional Special Feature Journalist

This award recognises and rewards the work of those regional journalists who have a particular portfolio and deliver consistently high quality and insightful stories in a specialised subject area eg business, sport, health, education, transport etc. The judges are looking for journalists who are across their brief and are able to deliver a range of styles. Total duration 15 mins. (Please upload all three clips into one entry video).

12) Industry Newcomer  

Open to newcomers to the industry, in our region, for any production role. Submission in the form of a portfolio and supporting statement from a line manager or supervisor. This award celebrates an individual who has made a significant and demonstrable impact within their work environment. This could be for any production role such as a production manager, camera operator, PA etc or an on-screen role. 

A Portfolio Entry of up to three examples of work. All entrants must have been working for no more than 2 years as of January 2024 - maximum length 10 minutes for up to three examples. (Please upload all three clips into one entry video). 

13) Regional News Magazine Programme                                                                            

A single entry for the best edition of a regionally broadcast television or online news magazine programme. We are looking for the Editor’s choice of a single “on the day” edition of the programme broadcast during 2023.  

We have also DROPPED the category ‘ROYAL FAMILY PROGRAMMES AND FEATURES which was always considered a one-off award for last year.

The RTS Southern Centre Awards are now open for entries.