RTS Southern 2019 Professional Television Awards Nominations

Awards Ceremony

Friday, 8 March, 2019
The Guildhall
SO23 9GH
United Kingdom
Mobile Number: 01962 840820

Regional News Magazine

ITV Channel Television

ITV Meridian East

ITV Meridian West

Single Factual Entertainment Programme

CSI Sports Awards – ITV Channel Television

The Isle of Wight Festival at 50 – BBC South

Kent Cooks - KMTV


Cut Your Strings – The VFX Hub

Joe Simpson – LoveLove Films

Robert Hull – Woodcut Media

Special Event Coverage by a Regional News Magazine Programme

Gosport War Memorial Hospital - ITV Meridian West

Russell Bishop Trial - ITV Meridian East

100th Anniversary World War 1 – BBC South Today

On Screen Newcomer

Andy Moon - BBC South

Ashna Hurynag - ITV Meridian

Fran Le Noury - ITV Channel


Joe Cooper – BBC South

Kieran Coyle – BBC South East

Paul Marshall – ITV Channel Television

Regional Special Feature Journalist

Ben Moore – BBC South

Christine Alsford – ITV Meridian

Jon Cuthill – BBC South

Post Production

Andrew Moodie – Woodcut Media

Liam Camps – Woodcut Media

Nick Elborough – Paddywack Productions

Single Documentary

Duran Duran – Back2Back

Imphal and Kohima: Britain’s Greatest Battle – Bright Button Productions

Murder in Soho: Who Killed Freddie Mills – Phoenix Television

On-Line Production

Chin Up – LoveLove Films

Digital Video Unit – BBC South

Liam McConkey – ITV Channel Television

Factual Series

Emmerdale 1918 – Lambent Productions

The £1 Houses – Britain’s Cheapest Streets – Topical Television

Saving Lives at Sea – Blast Films

VJ (Broadcast)

Christine Alsford – ITV Meridian

Emily Ford – BBC South

Matt Graveling – BBC South

Regional TV Journalist

Clare Burton - ITV Channel

Nikki Mitchell - BBC South

Peter Henley - BBC South

Strand within a News or Magazine Programme

2 Islands, 2 Decades – ITV Channel Television

Salisbury Choristers – BBC South

Where’s Home? – ITV Meridian