RTS Programme Awards 2009

Bruce Forsyth

The RTS Programme Awards Winners 2009 were presented on Tuesday 17 March 2009 at the Grosvenor House Hotel, Park Lane, London W1. The evening was hosted by Rory Bremner and Wayne Garvie, RTS Chair, presented the Awards.


Scripted Comedy

Outnumbered Hat Trick Productions for BBC One

“…a genuinely fresh and innovative comedy – achieving authentic and funny family dialogue and interaction, with note-perfect writing and performances.”


Lead Balloon Open Mike for BBC Two

Peep Show Objective Production for Channel 4


Harry Hill's TV Burp Avalon Television Ltd for ITV1

“…great comedy entertainment that began as ‘alternative’ and is now a winner slap bang in the middle of primetime.”


Strictly Come Dancing BBC Productions for BBC One

The X Factor talkbackTHAMES and Syco TV for ITV1

Writer - Comedy

Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong - Peep Show Objective Production for Channel 4

“The jury felt that the writers had remained true to their original, memorable concept, and ensured that this outstanding series was consistently funny.”


Sharon Horgan and Dennis Kelly - Pulling Silver River for BBC Three

Graham Linehan - The I.T. Crowd talkbackTHAMES Production for Channel 4


Arena: The Agony and The Ecstasy of Phil Spector

BBC Productions/Vixpix for BBC Two

“…a bold film which paints a fascinating and eye-opening portrait of a tortured genius. Deft and confident in its handling of its fragile subject, the film is haunting, revealing and captivating, adding new depth and insights into the music and life embodied by Phil Spector.”


The Mona Lisa Curse Oxford Film & Television Production for Channel 4

True Stories - Derek Normal Films for More4


The Fallen Minnow Films for BBC Two

“The jury commended the scale of the winner’s ambition. It was a monument to an important, controversial and ongoing event, and a quintessential example of public service television skillfully executed.”


Cutting Edge: A Boy Called Alex Walker George Film for Channel 4

True Stories - Chosen True Vision Production for More4


Victorian Sex Explorer Blast! Film for Channel 4

“A hugely fresh and invigorating film, in which the presenter’s effervescent passion brought fascinating insight to Victorian attitudes on sex and the world abroad.”


The American Future: A History, by Simon Schama Oxford Film and TV for BBC Two

Black Power Salute Tigerlily Films for BBC Four

Constructed Factual Series

The Choir - Boys Don't Sing Twenty Twenty Television for BBC Two

“This series had all the ingredients for the perfect constructed factual…It was a great roller coaster journey with a wonderful inspiring central character and a real sense of fantastic achievement.”


Banged Up Shine North for Five

Britain's Missing Top Model Love Productions for BBC Three

Science and Natural History

Lost Land of the Jaguar BBC Productions, Bristol for BBC One

“A fresh and innovative way of bringing a potentially niche subject to a broad, prime time audience…A creative combination of beautiful location with on screen camaraderie and exquisite natural history techniques.”


The Genius of Charles Darwin IWC Media Production for Channel 4

Life in Cold Blood BBC Productions, Bristol for BBC One

Features and Lifestyle Series

How To Look Good Naked Maverick Productions for Channel 4

“A pacy show that manages to address sensitive issues without being patronising, and a charismatic presenter who the jury said should be prescribed on the NHS.”


Kevin McCloud and The Big Town Plan talkbackTHAMES for Channel 4

Mary Queen of Shops Optomen TV for BBC Two

Daytime and Early-Peak Programme

The Estate We're In TwoFour Productions for BBC One

“Here was a programme with an original purpose and premise and a real “star”…It was well-made, intelligent and totally absorbing.”


Masterchef: The Professionals Shine TV for BBC One

Missing Live Leopard Films for BBC One

Children's Drama

MI High Kudos Film & TV for CBBC

“Funny, clever, surprising and challenging…”


Sarah Jane Adventures BBC Productions for BBC One

Summerhill Tiger Aspect for CBBC

Children's Programme

ABC 'H' Boomerang for S4C

“An incredibly classy example of programming, which stood out for being both brave and radical.”


Get Squiggling Dot to Dot Productions for BBC Two

Lifeproof Lambent Production for Channel 4

Nations and Regions Programme

A Poem for Harry BBC West

“A worthy elegy that worked beyond its intention of honouring the war dead, by reminding us that in humanity there is no such thing as ordinary.”


Carefree University of Salford for Channel M

High Times stv Productions


Bruce Parry - Amazon with Bruce Parry Indus Films/Endeavour Productions for BBC Two

“With jaw-dropping commitment and engagement, [he] approaches anthropology in a way that's completely riveting for the viewer.”


Mary Portas - Mary Queen of Shops Optomen TV for BBC Two

Phillip Schofield and Fern Britton - This Morning ITV Studios for ITV1

Digital Channel Programme Award

Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe Zeppotron Productions for BBC Four

“The winner spits bile and hits his TV targets smack in the eye. Savage and hilarious satire from everyone's favourite curmudgeon.”


Katy Brand's Big Ass Show World's End Television for ITV2

Stanley Kubrick's Boxes World of Wonder Production for More4

Soap and Continuing Drama

EastEnders BBC Productions for BBC One

“The episodes submitted…were the culmination of a particularly challenging and controversial storyline which the production team, writers and cast pulled off triumphantly. British soap at its best.”


The Bill talkbackTHAMES for ITV1

Coronation Street ITV Studios for ITV1

Drama Series

The Fixer Kudos Film and TV for ITV1

“This stylish drama felt exciting and honestly gripping…With great dialogue and brilliant characterization.”


City of Vice Hardy and Sons/Touchpaper TV Production for Channel 4

Con Passionate Teledu Apollo for S4C

Drama Serial

The Devil's Whore Company Pictures/Power for Channel 4

“Bloody and brutal but equally inspiring and atmospheric…This was an exciting, muscular drama on an impressive scale. A joy to watch.”


Criminal Justice BBC Productions for BBC One

Place of Execution Coastal Productions for ITV1

Single Drama

The Curse of Steptoe BBC Productions for BBC Four

“…a disturbing study of self-hatred and self-delusion. [It] had total confidence in its tone, great production values and a good sense of time and place, all achieved on a limited budget. With a great script and two fantastic central performances.”

Since the award presentation to The Curse of Steptoe, complaints about the programme were made to the BBC Trust which found it to be 'unfair and inaccurate'.
Please see the November 2010 ruling of the BBC Trust Editorial Standards Committee, pg 29-35


Margaret Thatcher - The Long Walk To Finchley Great Meadow Productions for BBC Four

The Shooting of Thomas Hurndall talkbackTHAMES Production for Channel 4

Actor (Male)

Ben Whishaw - Criminal Justice BBC Productions for BBC One

“…mesmeric, utterly compelling, and with a haunting fragility to his performance.”


Matthew Macfadyen - Little Dorrit BBC Productions/WGBH Boston for BBC One

Rafe Spall - He Kills Coppers Ecosse Films for ITV1

Actor (Female)

Andrea Riseborough - The Devil's Whore Company Pictures/Power
for Channel 4

“…an absolutely riveting performance, maintaining centre stage even amongst huge battle scenes.”


Claire Foy - Little Dorrit BBC Productions / WGBH Boston for BBC One

Anna Maxwell-Martin - Poppy Shakespeare Cowboy Films for Channel 4

Writer - Drama

Peter Flannery - The Devil's Whore Company Pictures/Power for Channel 4

“An ambitious and passionate narrative of a vital and under-represented period of history, which thrillingly meshed imagination with painstaking research.”


Simon Block - The Shooting of Thomas Hurndall talkbackTHAMES Production for Channel 4

Peter Moffat - Criminal Justice BBC Productions for BBC One

International Award

Mad Men AMC for BBC Four

“This ambitious and delightful period drama found its voice and style right from the very first episode. With a delightfully slow pace and superb

performances, the jury was impressed with its profound attention to detail.”


The Daily Show with Jon Stewart MTV Networks USA for More4

Summer Heights High Princess Productions for BBC Three

Comedy Performance

Peter Kay - Britain's Got The Pop Factor (And Possibly The Next Jesus Christ Soapstar Strictly On Ice) Phil McIntyre/Goodnight Vienna Production for Channel 4

“…brilliantly visually realised, and a perfect parody of the genre.”


Simon Bird - The Inbetweeners Bwark Production for E4

James Corden - Gavin and Stacey Baby Cow for BBC Three and BBC One

Entertainment Performance

Alan Carr and Justin Lee Collins - Sunday Night Project Princess Production for Channel 4

“Great… no matter who the guests are. Still a breath of fresh air, the winning performers have gone from strength to strength.”


Harry Hill - Harry Hill's TV Burp Avalon Television Ltd for ITV1

Paul O'Grady - The Paul O'Grady Show Olga TV for Channel 4

Judges' Award

Richard Holloway

“As usual there were several really strong contenders for the RTS Judges’ Award this year, each of whom had made their mark on the industry in a remarkable way. But there was one person whose achievements over decades were unsurpassed. This person doesn’t just have an amazing track record, he is still at the top of his game and has been responsible for two of ITV’s most successful entertainment television events of the past year – X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent - as well as a new Saturday tea time hit on BBC One, Hole in the Wall. He has, during the course of his career, been associated with almost every great entertainment programme you can name – from Spitting Image and The Muppets through Play Your Cards Right, Family Fortunes and Pop Idol to today’s blockbuster hits X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent. Yet despite the high profile nature of his programmes and the many top artists he has worked with, this man never seeks the limelight for himself. Well tonight, we are going to celebrate him and shine a very big spotlight on the best Entertainment Producer in the business – Richard Holloway. Richard is currently Head of Entertainment at talkbackTHAMES where he [delivers] complex entertainment programmes in a way which engages and delights the audience. Several things put him in a class of his own: his meticulous attention to detail, his constant striving for improvement, his creative approach to story telling and his ability to get the best out of on screen artists. The best television is always the result of great team work and he puts huge effort into nurturing and developing young production talent, growing their skills and giving them the opportunity to progress and flourish. Now before he comes up to collect his award, let’s take a look at some of hiswork.”

Lifetime Achievement Award

Bruce Forsyth

“Entertainment - as we all know – is a volatile and, at times, cruel beast. Careers come and go, stars shine then fade and only a tiny few manage to ride the tides of fashion and favour unblemished. The recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award is such a star and has straddled the world of entertainment with an undiminished twinkle in his eye for an extraordinary six decades. Thanks to legendary catchphrases, one or two glamorous assistants and an irrepressible energy to delight whatever audience he’s put in front of he is one of the few stars EVERY generation of a British family will know and love. From the Mighty Atom, via Hollywood, the London Palladium, Strictly Come Dancing and everything in between he IS British television.”