RTS Journalism Awards 2009

TVJ 2009

The RTS Television Journalism Awards for 2008/2009 were presented at an Awards Dinner on Wednesday 24 February 2010 at 7.00pm for 7.30pm, at the London Hilton, Park Lane, London W1K 1BE. Presentation hosted by Sophie Raworth.


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Young Journalist of the Year

Tamanna Rahman - Panorama BBC Current Affairs for BBC One

“The winner helped produce some of the most gripping television of the year, bravely exposing a side of Britain we don’t often get to see. Her raw and simple style was both innovative and powerful.”


Rohit Kachroo - ITV News ITN for ITV News

Tom Rayner Sky News

Nations and Regions Current Affairs

Inside Out South West - Vanessa George BBC South West

“The Jury selected an outstanding winner from a very strong shortlist. The winning programme involved a major scoop, great access, and great story telling.”


BBC Scotland Investigates - Inside Scotland's Terror Cell - BBC Scotland

Spotlight - Stem Cell Tourists BBC Northern Ireland

Nations and Regions News Coverage

Meridian Tonight (South) - Justice for Hannah ITV Meridian

“… was extensive and riveting coverage of an horrendous crime with remarkable access to the family concerned.”


The West Country Tonight - Remembering Harry ITV West

UTV Live Tonight - The Ryan Report UTV

News Coverage - Home

G20 Policing ITN for Channel 4 News

“… an outstanding and very strong piece of journalism, a proper investigation, brilliantly done.”


Gurkha Rights BBC News for BBC

Threats and Murders BBC Newsline for BBC Northern Ireland

Current Affairs - Home

Panorama: What Happened to Baby P? BBC Current Affairs for BBC One

“… an agenda-setting programme which was the result of a pain-staking investigation. It was a story that in less restrained hands could have easily been sensational and over-emotive, but this measured account of the short life and death of Baby P was all the more convincing and shocking.”


StockwellITV Studios for ITV1

Dispatches: Rape and the City Wall to Wall for Channel 4

Current Affairs - International

This World: Gypsy Child Thieves BBC Current Affairs for BBC Two

“A fantastic achievement. A powerful eye-witness account and an outstanding example of story-telling.”


Dispatches: Pakistan's Taliban Generation October Films for Channel 4

Dispatches: Terror in Mumbai Quicksilver Media for Channel 4

News Coverage - International

Pakistan: Terror's Frontline Sky News

“The winning entry was described by the jury as `fantastic’, containing material that everyone wished they‘d had. The reporting was brave, exclusive and thoughtful. It showed great journalistic foresight to invest – ahead of other news organisations – so thoroughly in the story of the rise of the Taliban in Pakistan.”


Operation Panther's Claw ITN for ITV News

Iranian Election BBC News for BBC

Scoop of the Year

Release of the Lockerbie Bomber BBC Scotland

“The winning scoop caught everybody by surprise, including some colleagues within the BBC, and its impact spread far and wide beyond its home turf.”


Sir Fred Goodwin's Pension BBC News for BBC One

Vanessa George BBC South West & BBC News

Julie EtchinghamPresenter of the Year

Julie Etchingham - ITV News ITN for ITV News

“The winner was described by one judge as having grown, in an extremely short time, into a key part of the channel’s news team. Strong and professional with range and authority, an extraordinary journalist with real star quality.”


David Dimbleby BBC

Krishnan Guru-Murthy - Channel 4 News ITN for Channel 4 News

Innovative News

Sky News and Skynews.com for Fallen Heroes

“The jury felt that [this] entry … stood out as a model for the future. It involved viewers in providing a web-based "living tribute" to the British soldiers who have died in Afghanistan. Combining high production values with users’ own content, it provided a Remembrance Day tribute that was truly moving - and is still being updated as a constant memorial.”

The Independent Award

Mehran Bozorgnia - Afghan Life Crumbles Despite Foreign Aid Channel 4 News

“The winner produced an outstanding and riveting film which uncovered aspects of life in Afghanistan which we had not seen before. To have produced high quality video and sound in these circumstances, without resorting to undercover filming, is a real achievement which fully deserves this award and which sets a high standard for future entries in this category.”


Jamal Osman - Somalia: UN World Food Programme: Theft and Corruption

SMI Production for Channel 4 News

Stephen Grey – Dispatches: Afghanistan - Mission Impossible?

Blakeway Productions for Channel 4

News Programme of the Year

BBC News at Ten BBC News for BBC One

“The winner demonstrated reporting strength in great depth, both at home and abroad with several specialists clearly at the top of their game. There was outstanding coverage from Afghanistan and Iran, a string of high-powered exclusives and impressive presentation.”


Channel 4 News (19:00 Edition) ITN for Channel 4 News

ITV News at Ten ITN for ITV News

News Channel of the Year

Sky News

“The winning channel demonstrated that it can report foreign news as well as its traditional fare of UK breaking news. Coverage ranged from the Swat Valley in Pakistan to Afghanistan, Iran and Mumbai while at home Adam Bolton continued to harry the Prime Minister and hound MPs and the home news team continued to chase every ambulance with their usual chutzpah.”


Al Jazeera English

CNN International

Specialist Journalist

Paul Kenyon - Panorama BBC Current Affairs for BBC One

“Our winner has given a voice to people who don’t usually get heard, and created human, engaging, compelling television in the process. His dogged coverage of African migration has been ground-breaking.”


Jason Farrell - Five News with Natasha Kaplinsky Sky News Production for Five News

Joey Jones Sky News

Camera Operator of the Year

Dai Baker - Channel 4 News ITN for Channel 4 News

“The winner showed great imagination and technique and his use of light and reflections were well thought through and effective.”


Raul Gallego Abellan - Associated Press Television NewsAssociated Press

Fred Scott- BBC News BBC News for BBC

Alex CrawfordTelevision Journalist of the Year

Alex Crawford Sky News

“For the outstanding quality, depth and humanity of her reportage from Afghanistan and the Mumbai terror attacks…”


Ian Pannell - BBC News BBC News for BBC

Angus Walker - ITV News ITN for ITV News

Lifetime Achievement Award

Peter McHugh

“[This Award] goes to a man who has kept the flag of popular journalism flying high, first in print and for the last few decades in television, with remarkable success. He started on newspapers on his home turf of the North East, then moved on to The Sun and the Daily Mail before becoming by far the most influential figure in breakfast television over the past 20-something years. He's nurtured talented young people by the score, if not by the hundred, and has seen star presenters come and go over the years, but he has always retained his great gut instinct for a good newsy story or a great human interest tale.”

Gaza News TeamsJudges’ Award

Gaza News Teams

“The award this year goes to a group of people who risked their lives to ensure that the world could witness a war that would otherwise have unfolded largely in secret. When Israel launched its assault on Gaza just over a year ago it went to extraordinary lengths to keep the world's media out. The Israeli military sealed off Gaza from journalists and camera teams to prevent them seeing and reporting what was going on. Most of the media found itself stranded on a hill top several miles away and, effectively, shut out of the story entirely. Inside Gaza, however, individuals and small groups of local journalists and cameramen took extraordinary risks to send pictures and eye-witness reports to the outside world showing the daily toll of death and destruction. Some were freelancers, some locally hired producers or stringers working for Reuters and APTN or other broadcasters. Whatever their status they made an irreplaceable contribution to the work of the television agencies and the rest of the world's media.”