RTS Craft and Design Winners 2010

RTS Craft and Design Awards 2009-10

RTS Craft & Design Awards 2010 were presented on Wednesday 24 November 2010 at The Savoy, Strand, London, WC2R 0EU. Hosted by Richard McCourt and Dominic Wood. 



Photography - Drama

Gavin Finney  Going Postal  The Mob Film Company for Sky 1

“A perfect example of director and DOP in perfect harmony… with magical sequences that were technically extraordinary, as well as visually stunning.” 


Steve Lawes  Sherlock 

Hartswood Films in co-production with Masterpiece for BBC One

Christopher Ross  Misfits  Clerkenwell Films for E4

Photography - Documentary/Factual & Non-Drama Productions

Charlie Hamilton James, Jamie McPherson & Simon Werry 

Natural World - Victoria Falls  Halcyon Media for BBC Two

“Visually stunning with extraordinary shots from the most unbelievable angles.  A familiar wonder of the world re- shown with colour, scope and daring, one of nature’s most magnificent scenes, magnificently shot.”


Rod Clarke & Kevin Flay  Life: Insects  BBC Natural History Unit for BBC One

Jonathan Young  Tropic of Cancer  BBC Current Affairs for BBC


Sound - Drama

Billy Mahoney, Roger Dobson, Tony Gibson (Molinare) & Russell Jeffrey  Misfits  Clerkenwell Films for E4

“…the sound was innovative, pushing the boundaries in a highly creative way.  The freshness and boldness of the soundtrack really made it stand out among high class competitors.  In a word – brilliant.”


Paul Hamblin, Peter Brill, Iain Eyre & Lee Walpole  Cranford II 

BBC Productions/WGBH Boston in association with Chestermead for BBC One

Stuart Hilliker, Lee Walpole, Iain Eyre & J J Le Roux  Strike Back 

Boom/Left Bank Pictures for Sky 1

Sound - Entertainment and Non Drama

John Rogerson & The Halo Sound Team  Richard Hammond's Invisible Worlds 

Halo Post Production/BBC Productions for BBC One

“The Jury hailed the winning entry as an example of the very best in creative sound design.  The winning team decided that no sound element should be used more than once, and although some might call this ‘utter madness’, it resulted in a glorious triumph.” 


Tim Owens & Graham Wild  Life: Mammals  BBC Natural History Unit for BBC One

Matt Skilton & Paul Paragon  Murder on the Lake 

Dragonfly Film and Television Productions for BBC Four


Effects - Digital

Mill TV Team  Doctor Who 'The Pandorica Opens' EP12 Series 5 

BBC Wales for BBC One

“The judges were impressed by some beautifully integrated effects and by green screen.  ‘This is about as good as it gets on TV’ they said.”


Paul Tuersley & The Visual Effects Team  Big Babies  BBC Productions for CBBC

Simon Thomas, Reuben Barkataki, Zoltan Benyo & Zoltan Szarvasi  Going Postal  The Mob Film Company for Sky 1


Effects - Special

Mark Holt  Misfits  Clerkenwell Films for E4

“The jury were impressed by great facial make-up, impressive car collapses, and lightning and meteor strikes which were well executed and choreographed.” 


The Mill, Merlin VFX Team  The Last Dragon Lord, Ep13, Merlin Series 2 

Shine Productions/BBC Wales for BBC

James Morgan, Chris Reynolds, Millennium FX & Nick Hopkin  Mission 2110 

BBC Scotland for CBBC, BBC One and BBC HD


Effects - Picture Enhancement

Kevin Horsewood Sherlock 

Pepper/Hartswood Films in co-production with Masterpiece for BBC One

“A very well shot piece with a grade that really helped it on its way…”


Ross Baker  Outnumbered Series 3 

Halo Post Productions/Hat Trick Productions for BBC One

Perry Gibbs  Misfits: Series 1  Clerkenwell Films for E4

Make Up Design - Drama

Chrissie Baker  Mo  ITV Studios for Channel 4

“The Jury was deeply impressed with the care and subtlety the winner took to re-create the various stages of Mo Mowlem’s illness.” 


Neill Gorton & Janet Horsfield  The Fattest Man in Britain  ITV Studios for ITV1

Donald McInnes  Worried About the Boy  Red Production Company for BBC Two

Make Up Design - Entertainment and Non-Drama

Kristyan Mallett  Facejacker (Series One)  Hat Trick Productions for Channel 4

“The winner was a tour de force of make-up design which didn’t just assist the comedy but was essential to it.”


Mike Stringer, Suzanne Bates & Mike H G Bates  Stoneage Atlantis 

Hybrid Enterprises/Wall to Wall and National Geographic for

National Geographic Channel

Jane Walker  Bellamy's People of the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland  BBC Productions & Down The Line for BBC Two


Tape and Film Editing - Drama

Charlie Phillips  Sherlock 

Hartswood Films in co-production with Masterpiece for BBC One

“Innovative, constantly surprising and joyfully playful, the editing complemented the narrative, and offered fresh perspective and insight into the stories.”   


David Charap  Dive  ITV Studios for BBC Two

Phillip Kloss  Five Days II  BBC Productions for BBC One

Tape and Film Editing - Documentary/Factual

Caroline Richards & Julien Temple  Requiem for Detroit 

Films of Record for BBC Two

“Adventurous, fresh and innovative, the editing cut together the archive and contemporary footage to evoke the way in which the past and present collide.” 


Editing Team  One Born Every Minute Episode 2 

Dragonfly Film and Television for Channel 4

Brian Woods  Jobless  True Vision for BBC One

Tape and Film Editing - Entertainment and Situation Comedy

Mark Davies & Mark Everson  Pete Versus Life  Objective Productions for Channel 4

“The editing enabled this unique show to present itself as a sports programme.  Sports style graphics and commentators were also edited together to gel into a new format.” 


Mark Davies & Mark Everson  Peep Show (Series 6) 

Objective Productions for Channel 4

Nigel Williams & Team  Mongrels  BBC Productions for BBC Three

Costume Design - Drama

Annie Symons  Worried About The BoyRed Production Company for BBC Two

“The wit and intelligence with which our winner recreated the era gave the film a real period joy said the jury.” 


Lucinda Wright  Enid  Carnival Films for BBC Four

Joey Attawia  An Englishman in New York  Leopardrama for ITV1

Costume Design - Entertainment & Non Drama

Kayvan Novak  Facejacker (Series One)  Hat Trick Productions for Channel 4

“The costume design of this series had to pull off two tricky things at once. It had to signal to the audience the humour of the exaggerated characters while at the same time disguising the identity and intent of the hoaxer. An inch either way and the series would have failed.”


Stephen Adnitt  Dancing on Ice  ITV Studios for ITV1

June Nevin  Bellamy's People of the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland  BBC Productions & Down The Line for BBC Two


Lighting and Multi Camera - Lighting for Multi Camera

Dave Davey  Dancing on Ice  ITV Studios for ITV1

“The winner and his team paint stunning pictures with light on the canvas that is the Dancing on Ice rink, and the style continues to evolve and develop with each new series. This year’s work showed a lighting director and team delivering at the very top of their game.” 


John Carberry  EastEnders Live  BBC Productions for BBC One

Martin Kempton  Playhouse: Live -The Typist  A Sky Arts Production for Sky Arts

Lighting and Multi Camera - Multi Camera Work

Clive Arnold & Duncan Unsworth  EastEnders Live  BBC Productions for BBC One

“A huge technical undertaking, realized and delivered brilliantly.  54 scenes – both interior and exterior - using 43 actors in a variety of dramatic situations including stunts, this live 25th anniversary episode was fine vintage EastEnders.” 


Camera Team  One Born Every Minute Episode 4 

Dragonfly Film and Television for Channel 4

Paul Kirrage  Dancing on Ice  ITV Studios for ITV1

Production Design - Drama

Jacqueline Abrahams  Wallander II: The Fifth Woman 

A Left Bank Pictures/Yellowbird/TKBC Production for the BBC co-produced with Degeto, WGBH Boston and Film I Skane for BBC One

“The design in the winning entry was wholly realistic down to the smallest of details, without distracting from the narrative of the piece.  A richly satisfying piece of work...”


Ricky Eyres, Lee Gordon, Ray McNeill & Monica Esztan  Going Postal 

The Mob Film Co for Sky 1

Edward Thomas  Doctor Who ‘The Pandorica Opens’  BBC Wales for BBC One


Production Design - Entertainment and Non-Drama

Simon Rogers & Team  Mongrels  BBC Productions for BBC Three

“The winning team expertly accommodated the needs of its puppeteers whilst creating a clearly adult comic precinct for the show’s script.” 


Jo Sutherland  IT Crowd  talkbackTHAMES for Channel 4

James S Thompson,  Lucy Fewell & Team  Hounded  BBC Productions for CBBC


Graphic Design - Titles

John McKenna, Richard Norley, Russell Mann & Paul McNamara  World Cup 2010  Jump for ITV Sport for ITV

“The jury felt this sequence combined beautifully choreographed imagery with an evocative choice of music - dramatic storytelling with a real ‘tingle factor’.” 


Momoco  Luther  BBC Productions for BBC One

John Durrant, Jon Doe & Duncan Dix History of Now  Burrell Durrant Hifle/BBC Bristol for BBC Two


Graphic Design - Programme Content Sequence

Jellyfish Pictures & Burrell Durrant Hifle  Inside the Perfect Predator 

BBC Natural History Unit for BBC One

“Seamlessly part of the narrative, this wonderful sequence took the programme to another level.” 


BBC News Graphics (Design) & Brainstorm/Idonix (Technology) 

BBC Election Night BBC News for BBC One

John Durrant, Duncan Dix, Jon Doe & Mick Connaire History of Now Episode One  Burrell Durrant Hifle/BBC Bristol for BBC Two


Graphic Design - Trails and Packaging

Louisa Fyans, Karen Potterton, Damon Collins & Marc Craste  Winter Olympics  Studio AKA/Red Bee Media/RCKR/Y&R for BBC Sport

“An outstanding winner, with a distinctive graphic style, which conjured up richness with a limited palette, and set the dramatic scene for the programme perfectly.” 


James Berridge, John Cryer & Simon Glover  Heston's Feasts 

4Creative for Channel 4


Music - Original Score

John Lunn (SATV Publishing) Going Postal  The Mob Film Company for Sky 1

“Exceptional...  The composer demonstrated a cleverness and guile working to an unbelievably tight budget to create this classy score that was packed with ideas and sounded fully high end.  Brilliant!” 


David Arnold & Michael Price  Sherlock 

Hartswood Films in co-production with Masterpiece for BBC One

Samuel Sim  Emma  BBC Productions/WGBH Boston for BBC One


Music - Original Title

David Arnold & Michael Price  Sherlock 

Hartswood Films in co-production with Masterpiece for BBC One

“The Jury felt that the distinctive and stylish use of vocals coupled with a boldness in style would make you want to sit up and watch the show.” 


Edmund Butt  (Bucks Music Group) Garrow’s Law 

Twenty Twenty Television for BBC One

Samuel Sim  The Deep  Tiger Aspect Scotland Productions for BBC One


Design & Craft Innovation

Maverick New Media Team


“The winning team's work is an outstanding example of how TV and Online can successfully converge and produce innovative web content. The new media team’s work supports a range of shows including Embarrassing Bodies, How to Look Good Naked, The Real Hustle and Kirstie's Homemade Home. Embarrassing Bodies Online has been a real success with the website generating 7.5m visits since its launch and 75 million page views and one million people took online checks for STIs via the website. The department also handles online programme support for more than twenty prime time Channel 4 shows including Grand Designs and Location, Location, Location and manage major Channel 4 sites including 4Homes and Film4.” 


Lifetime Achievement Award

Eddie Mansell

On Monday night there was another TV awards ceremony, maybe not quite as glitzy as this one, and certainly not with as elegantly attired attendees! It was the International Emmys in New York.  British drama had a good night and the show that did best with two awards was the work of the recipient of our next award. That show was The Street, made, in one of those anomalies we can never get our head around, by ITV Studios for the BBC. The person who edited the key episodes of this Emmy winning series just happens to be the same person who edited The Jewel In The Crown, Maigret, Cracker, Band of Gold, Reckless, Hot Money, The Jury, Clocking Off, The Innocent, Cold Feet, Blue Murder, Henry VIII, Eleventh Hour, Vincent, Island at War and Mobile.  Two things occur to you - how can one man have worked so consistently over so many years on so much remarkable drama?  And secondly, how annoying if you happened to have trained to be a drama editor in Manchester and you found yourself working in a world with our winner in it.  Except that, by repute, he  is one of the nicest, unassuming men you could hope to meet. Even so, you’d think he’d have left something for someone else to do!  We asked Sita Williams, Executive Producer of The Street and a good many of the other celebrated dramas he has cut and asked her why she was so fond of working with him. She said this in New York, the morning after the night before: ‘To have the winner as your editor is to know that your film will be even better than you hoped. The film will show actors giving outstanding performances – even when sometimes they have not!  He will find the best takes and help craft the performance. The judgements and decisions he makes in the cutting room make him the editor everyone wants for their film. I have worked with him for over 30 years and he is simply the best, and its right that this Award goes to such a supreme craftsman and artist.’”


Judges’ Award

Coronation Street Production Team

“Like old soldiers at the Cenotaph, the number of people who were actually there and actually saw the very first episode of Coronation Street burst onto our screens on the 10th of December 1960 dwindles every year.   But somehow everyone feels we were there at that momentous event in UK TV history. That’s not just because there have been so many archive programmes about the early days of Coronation Street. It’s also because the show is essentially the same as it was then with warmth and humour, character before story, controlling women and feckless men. In Coronation Street Tony Warren uncovered the DNA of the long running soap opera, a pattern everyone has followed ever since.  200 people regularly work behind the scenes on Corrie delivering the show to air five times a week.  A small army – but rather than being just guardians of some holy flame everyone who works on the show helps fuel the fire, from the first AD to the editors, from the electricians to the make up artists, from the wardrobe department to the props buyers.   Each person in the Corrie production team puts a bit of themselves into the show.. 200 people pore over it and make sure it’s true to its original blue print. And they’ve done that for 50 years. Through fire and wind, explosions and car crashes, trams coming off their tracks and actors off their lines, and through the sternest test of all – that omnipresent Manchester rain that drizzles down the bit between your anorak hood and your scarf. 7500 episodes later and Coronation Street is still in rude health. That’s not the work of one man, great though Tony Warren’s creation was. It’s the work of a genuine TV family, a family who have consistently put all their heart and all their energy into the longest running drama in the world.”