RTS Craft and Design Winners 2009

RTS Craft and Design Awards 2008-09

RTS Craft & Design Awards 2009 were presented on Monday 23 November 2009 at The Park Lane Hotel, Piccadilly, London, W1J 7BX. The evening was hosted by Justin Lee Collins.


Production Design - Entertainment & Non Drama

Peter Bingemann Take That Come to Town ITV Studios for ITV1

The winning production designer created a lavish, rich world full of imagination, beauty and theatricality that pushed the boundaries of what can be achieved for a studio-based music special.

Simon Rogers Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle BBC Productions for BBC Two

Trials Team Im A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! ITV Studios for ITV1

Production Design - Drama

David Roger Margaret Great Meadow Productions for BBC Cymru Wales for BBC Two

A truly accomplished piece of work with astonishing attention to period detail, which was handled with care and wit and avoided the temptation to overwhelm.

Ashleigh Jeffers Occupation Kudos Film and Television for BBC One

Phil Lewis, Jan Sanger & Matt Perry Wallace & Gromit: A Matter of Loaf and Death Aardman Animations for BBC One

Tape and Film Editing - Documentary/Factual

Joby Gee The Fallen Minnow Films for BBC Two

An editing tour de force; taking heart-breaking stories of heroism and loss and weaving them with skill and sensitivity into a stunning, unforgettable piece of work.

Justin Amsden Joanna Lumley In The Land of The Northern Lights Takeaway Media for BBC One

Paul Carlin The Hospital North One Television for Channel 4

Tape and Film Editing - Drama

Phil Hookway Being Human (Series One) Touchpaper/BBC Wales/BBC America for BBC Three

Bold, ambitious and a very fresh piece of television in which the editing treads the line brilliantly between drama, comedy and horror, allowing the show as a whole to be a terrific modern twist on genre television.

Victoria Boydell Occupation Kudos Film and Television for BBC One

David Charap Freefall Origin Pictures for BBC Two

Tape and Film Editing - Entertainment and Situation Comedy

The Farm Editing Team The X Factor (Series 6) talkbackTHAMES in association with SYCO TV for ITV1

The technically brilliant editing of the winning entry adds drama and dynamism and is an integral part of the show's stunning success.

Adam Bokey & Charlie Fawcett Walk On The Wild Side BBC Productions for BBC One

Kayvan Novak, Ed Tracy, Vicki Kitchingman & Warren Chapman Fonejacker Hat Trick Productions for E4

Effects - Digital Effects

VFX Team The Wrong Door BBC Productions for BBC Three

Ambitious, fresh and distinctive in its approach and unique and visual in its wit. The digital effects were actively driving the comedy material.

Bram Ttwheam Wallace & Gromit: A Matter of Loaf and Death Aardman Animations for BBC One

The Mill Doctor Who - The Next Doctor BBC Cymru Wales for BBC One

Effects - Special Effects

Millennium FX Being Human Touchpaper Television for BBC Three

Working with small budgets and tight deadlines with no post-production enhancement, this work illustrates a real commitment to the profession and the genre. The effective transformations into a werewolf were a tour de force.

Richard van den Bergh Skellig Feel Films/Taking A Line For A Walk for Sky 1

Davy Jones Apparitions Lime Pictures for BBC One

Effects - Picture Enhancement

Aidan Farrell The Farm Wallander (Series 1) Left Bank Pictures/Yellowbird/TKBC Production with ARD Degeto, WGBH Boston and Film I Skane for BBC One

Dramatic transformations were realised using techniques seldom seen on the small screen. The objective was to create a modern look that embraced the natural surroundings it did just that!

Trevor Brown Ascent 142 Moonshot: The Flight of Apollo 11 Dangerous Films

for ITV1

Mick Vincent The Mill Skellig Feel Films/Taking A Line For A Walk for Sky 1

Make Up Design - Entertainment & Non Drama

Rena Metcalfe & Paul Haskell Dancing On Ice ITV Studios for ITV

 [a] wide variety of exotic creation brought a sense of glamour to the production. The hair styles and make-up for the various artists were exceptional and each told their own story.

Daniel Parker Krod Mandoon And The Flaming Sword Of Fire Hat Trick & MRC in association with Watson Pond & Comedy Central for BBC Two

Make Up Design - Drama

Emma Scott Moses Jones BBC Productions for BBC Two

Portraying in grim detail the gruesome result of a vicious beating, the make-up was so convincing, so livid and so credible that it immediately pulled you as a viewer into the heart of the story and made you curious about the character in question.

Nadine Prigge The Devil's Whore Company Pictures/Power for Channel 4

Conor O' Sullivan & Rob Trenton Skellig Feel Films/Taking A Line For A Walk for Sky 1

Music - Original Score

Edmund Butt Bucks Music Group Yellowstone BBC Productions for BBC Two this powerful score matched the visuals effortlessly while not being over played. The end result was both bold and epic.

Daniel Pemberton Occupation Kudos Film and Television for BBC One

Craig Pruess Moses Jones BBC Productions for BBC Two

Music - Original Title

Emily Barker & Martin Phipps Wallander Left Bank Pictures/Yellowbird/TKBC Production with ARD Degeto, WGBH Boston and Film I Skane for BBC One

The jury felt that the distinctive and stylish use of vocals coupled with a boldness in style would make you want to sit up and watch the show.

Will Gregory, Stuart Gordon SWARM “ Natures Incredible Invasions John Downer Productions for BBC One

Daniel Pemberton Desperate Romantics BBC Productions for BBC Two

Lighting, Photography & Camera - Photography - Drama

Julian Court The Devil's Whore Company Pictures/Power for Channel 4

Amazing work... The winner created beautiful, rich interiors with stunning colour and for exterior shots used the landscape of Africa to create a vision of Oxfordshire in the 1640.

Anthony Dod Mantle Wallander Left Bank Pictures/Yellowbird/TKBC Production with ARD Degeto, WGBH Boston and Film I Skane for BBC One

Wojciech Szepel Tess Of The Durbervilles BBC Productions/WGBH Boston for BBC One

Lighting, Photography & Camera - Photography - Documentary/Factual & Non-Drama

Neill Rettig, Mark Payne Gill, Michael Richards and Jonathan Jones SWARM - Natures Incredible Invasions John Downer Productions for BBC One a visual feast showing enormous creativity and great originality.

Lighting, Photography & Camera - Multicamera Work

The Camera Team The Family Dragonfly Film and Television Productions for Channel 4

The jury recognised the considerable skill and teamwork that went into planning complex coverage in an everyday environment. The warmth and intimacy created by the camera positioning and framing during both intimate and combative moments truly brought out the complex characters and compelling storylines whilst offering a unique insight into the family's lives.

Paul Kirrage Dancing on Ice ITV Studios for ITV

Rob Kitzmann Fire and Election: We Are Klang BBC Productions, Manchester for BBC Three

Costume Design - Drama

Yves Barre Psychoville BBC Productions for BBC Two brought the grotesque, gothic and sometimes downright unpleasant to such vivid life, creating a world that burst with vibrancy, colour and dark, deliciously daring.

Barbara Kidd Little Dorrit Co-production with WGBH Boston for BBC One

Natalie Ward Red Riding 1974 Revolution Films for Channel 4


Costume Design - Entertainment & Non Drama

Jane Stuart Brown The Legend of Dick and Dom A CBBC Production

for BBC One

A huge array of costumes created on a tight budget which depicts the essence of the fun and joy of comedy entertainment, taking the viewer into a world of silliness and allowing them to be captivated.

Sound - Entertainment and Non Drama

Andy Payne & SIS Lives Sound Team Proms 2009 BBC Classical Music Television for BBC

Year on year, the sound of this spectacle delights audiences around the world. This is a truly monumental achievement.

The Sound Team The Family Dragonfly Film and Television Productions for Channel 4

Kate Hopkins, Tim Owens & Andrew Wilson South Pacific - Ocean of Islands BBC Productions for BBC Two

Sound - Drama

Mervyn Moore, Danny Finn, Pietro Dalmasso & Ian Wilkinson Occupation Clear Cut Pictures/Kudos Film and Television for BBC One

The jury felt transported to the world of this series - shocking, visceral, life-threatening.

Bosse Persson, Lee Crichlow, Iain Eyre & Paul Hamblin Wallander Left Bank Pictures/Yellowbird/TKBC Production with ARD Degeto, WGBH Boston and Film I Skane for BBC One

Adrian Rhodes Wallace & Gromit: A Matter of Loaf and Death Aardman Animations for BBC One

Graphic Design - Programme Content Sequences

Mark Wilkin, Richard Gort & Intro Design Formula 1: Australian Grand Prix BBC Sport for BBC One

The judges felt the sequence was a slick, beautifully conceived and executed piece of work, with skilful design following throughout.

Mick Connaire, Luke Wilmot, Tony Gilbert, & Jeremy Horton Charles Darwin and The Tree of Life BBC Natural History Unit/The Wellcome Trust for BBC One

Graphic Design - Trails and Packaging

Rob Heath & Selena Cunningham Great Adaptations 4Creative/Film4

A cracking idea The design was simple, well executed, and suited the character of the show.

Oliver Harnett & Matt McDermott Hidden Japan Red Bee Media for BBC Four

Brian Harrington, Shizuka Hata & Why Not Associates Chosen 4Creative/More4 for Channel 4

Graphic Design - Titles

Orla Handley, Paul Greer & John Durrant British Style Genius Burrell Durrant Hifle for BBC Two

The judges felt this sequence was unique, bold, edgy and very striking. The animation was cleverly done, maintaining a real strength truly befitting the feel of the programme.

Melanie Woelzemueller, Patrick Bedeau & Al Jazeera English Creative Division America and AlQaeda Al Jazeera English

Liquid TV Formula One Liquid TV for BBC One

Design & Craft Innovation

CBeebies a cross-platform, multi-genre childrens brand which reaches on average half of its target audience (the under 6s) each week. It is brimming with originality, creativity and talent  always with a relentless focus on delighting its young audiences. Its website is an integral part of the brand, with its TV production and online teams working together to create innovative game play and immersive web experiences.

Judges Award

Florian Wieder and Dave Davey The X-Factor talkbackTHAMES in association with SYCO TV for ITV1

In recent years we have seen a perhaps unexpected return to the big, often live, studio entertainment shows and they now dominate our weekend viewing. This has given an opportunity for many craft and design professionals to demonstrate their considerable skills, not least the set design and lighting experts. These two teams working ever more closely together have created the magical arenas in which shows like Strictly Come Dancing, Dancing on Ice, Britain's Got Talent and I'm a Celebrity have been played out. Standing out in the field has been a combination of set design and lighting that has used creative flair and every technical innovation available to create a stage of endless flexibility and of extraordinary power and excitement. Using every inch of the double studio space at Fountain in Wembley, tonight's honourees have constructed a performance area which comfortably hosts more than a dozen separate performances in a single show, which allows for solo artists, huge dance numbers, and an on stage orchestra, ariel fly-ins and rising rostra, pyrotechnics and spectacular falls of both fire and water, whilst always keeping a judges' area and a very large studio audience at the centre of the action. This award is given for outstanding work on the 2008 programmes, but no-one can have failed to notice the continuing innovation these two teams have brought to the current series.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Bobby Warans

a short list of credits: The National Lottery Show, The Armstrong and Miller Show, Room 101, Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway, The Two Ronnies, Top of the Pops, Queen Mania, The Eurovision Song Contest, Absolutely Fabulous, The Paul O'Grady Show, Strictly Come Dancing, ,French and Saunders, Christmas Night with the Stars, The British Comedy Awards, This Is Dom Joly, Harry Hills TV Burp, An Audience with...., Richard and Judy, Pop Idol, Victoria Wood's Sketch Show, The Richard Blackwood Show, Parkinson, Goodness Gracious Me, The Full Wax, Noel's House Party, Bottom, The Young Ones, A Bit of Fry and Laurie, The Best of Rory Bremner, The Generation Game, Big Break, Ben Elton: The Man from Auntie, Roland Rat: The Series, Open all Hours, The Royal Variety Show.a short list, heavily edited from [the recipients] listing on IMDB. He has been supplying props for entertainment, variety and comedy productions for both the BBC and latterly in the independent sector, since the 1960s. A testimony to his far reaching experience and legacy in the industry is the fact that he is known universally by just his first name. The man who can get anything, for any show, at any time. He is, quite simply, the best known properties buyer working in British television, ever. That doesn't just happen: it evolves over years of dedication, professionalism and unstinting loyalty to producers, broadcasters, and the craft. He has worked with every major British star on entertainment television of the last five decades; from Val Doonican to Ant and Dec, from Dusty Springfield to Cilla Black and Rolf Harris to Shirley Bassey and Barry Humphries; from David Frost and Terry Wogan to Esther Rantzen, Noel Edmonds, Cliff Richard and Lulu, Morecambe and Wise to Jeremy Clarkson, Clive James and Bruce Forsyth. He understands glamour, loves the sparkle of television entertainment, displays a buoyant sense of humour throughout everything, maintains discretion at all times - and yet, despite the central role his work has played in supplying props to the most popular shows on television, his craft is rarely formally recognised. That is why it is time to acknowledge a lifetime of dedication to pursuing excellence, in the work of the 'King of the Props'.