RTS Craft and Design Winners 2008

RTS Craft and Design Awards 2007-08



Production Design 

Entertainment & Non Drama Productions 

Dominic Tolfts Britain's Got Talent: Live Final Show talkbackTHAMES/ Syco TV for ITV1 

"The ground-breaking use of LED technology and superb set design created a brilliantly versatile space to showcase a huge variety of performers." 


  • Markus Blee Dancing On Ice (Series 3) ITV Productions for ITV 
  • Markus Blee & Alison Howe Glastonbury 2008 BBC Productions for BBC Two, BBC Three and BBC Four 

Production Design - Drama 

Patrick Bill The Curse of Comedy (Frankie Howerd: Rather You Than Me, The Curse Of Steptoe, & Hughie Green: Most Sincerely) BBC Productions for BBC Four 

"Displaying an incredible eye for detail, using a fantastic colour palette, and showing great inventiveness in the face of a very tight budget, this production convincingly transported the audience back to the behind-the-scenes television world of 40 years ago." 


  • Maurice Cain House of Saddam BBC Productions & HBO Co-Production for BBC Two 
  • James Lewis City Of Vice Hardy & Sons/Touchpaper Television for Channel 4 

Tape & Film Editing - Drama 

Sarah Brewerton Criminal Justice BBC Productions for BBC One 

"Outstanding. A truly stunning piece of editing which helped create a brilliant multi-perspective drama." 


  • Una Ni Dhonghaile White Girl Tiger Aspect Productions for BBC Two 
  • Jamie Pearson Spooks (Series VI) Kudos Film and Television for BBC One 

Tape & Film Editing - Documentary/Factual 

Gary Thomas, Rupert Troskie, Marlon Wilson & Dan Schwalm Monkey Thieves Off The Fence Productions for National Geographical Wild 

"A thrilling and moving piece, due in large part to the superb editing which created the story from the perspective of its monkey stars." 


  • Folko Boermans Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives BBC Productions, Scotland for BBC Four 
  • Joby Gee Beautiful Young Minds Blast! Films for BBC Two 

Tape & Film Editing - Entertainment & Situation Comedy 

The Farm Editing Team Deal Or No Deal The Farm for Endemol for Channel 4 

"..a masterclass in pacing and tension, transforming a simple guessing game into one of the most nail-biting shows on television." 


  • Kayvan Novak & Ed Tracy Fonejacker: Christmas Special Hat Trick Productions for E4 
  • Nigel Williams Outnumbered Hat Trick Productions for BBC One 

Visual Effects - Digital Effects 

Tanvir Hanif The Street (Series 2) Granada for BBC One 

"..simply brilliant in its application, masterly in its execution and completely seamless to the viewer - a great example of how ˜understated digital effects can really enhance dramatic narrative." 


  • Gareth Edwards, Luke Wilmot & Tony Gilbert Attila The Hun BBC Productions for BBC One
  • Jellyfish Pictures Frankenstein Jellyfish Pictures for Impossible Pictures 

Visual Effects - Special Effects 

Millennium FX Being Human Touchpaper Television for BBC Three 

"The jurys view was that the drama was utterly dependent on the success of the special effects which were achieved on a small budget and short timeframe. They were particularly impressed by the standard of the prosthetic techniques." 


  • The Model Unit Human Body: Pushing The Limits Dangerous Films for Discovery Channel 

Visual Effects - Picture Enhancement 

Dan Coles Battle For Haditha Pepper Post Production for Lafayette Films/Channel Four Films & Film Four for Channel 4 

"The jury was impressed by the subtlety and sensitivity of the grade. The look was purposefully real in its approach which significantly enhanced the mood and emotion of the drama." 


  • Aidan Farrell Boy A The Farm for Cuba Pictures for Channel 4 
  • Kevin Horsewood He Kills Coppers Pepper Post Production for Ecosse Films for ITV1 

Music - Original Score 

John Lunn Criminal Justice BBC Productions for BBC One 

"A score which complemented the tone of the piece perfectly; potent and powerful, without ever being intrusive." 


  • Jennie Muskett Miss Austen Regrets BBC Productions/WGBH Boston for BBC One 
  • Wayne Roberts First Cut: Watch Me Disappear A Blast! Film for Channel 4 

Music - Original Title 

Martin Phipps Sense and Sensibility BDi Music for BBC Productions for BBC One 

"A lush, stirring and unashamedly romantic score “ perfect for an Austen adaptation." 


  • Ben Bartlett Mutual Friends Hat Trick Productions for BBC One 

Make Up Design - Drama 

Marella Shearer House of Saddam BBC Productions & HBO Co-Production for BBC Two 

"The winner had created totally believable characters and the jury commended her attention to detail, especially in the hair styles." 


  • Anne Oldham Oliver Twist BBC Productions/WGBH Boston for BBC One 
  • Christine Walmesley-Cotham Miss Austen Regrets 
  • BBC Productions/WGBH Boston for BBC One 

Make Up Design “ Entertainment & Non Drama Productions 

Mike H G Bates, Mike Stringer & Kim Freeland Sex and the Neanderthals: Revealed Wall To Wall Media for Five 

"The jury said that the make-up was convincing to such an extent that you forgot you were watching actors in heavy prosthetics and genuinely got involved in the travails of the characters, as you would with any drama documentary." 

Costume Design - Drama 

Charlotte Holdich Margaret Thatcher - The Long Walk To Finchley Great Meadow Productions for BBC Four 

"The costumes were absolutely spot on for the period and really added to the overall look and believability of the story. Fresh, stylish and charming - particularly commendable considering it was achieved on a low budget." 


  • Alexandra Caulfield House of Saddam BBC Productions & HBO Co-Production for BBC Two 
  • Edward K Gibbon Skins (Series 2) Company Pictures/Storm Dog Films for E4 

Sound - Drama 

Julian Howarth, Tim Ricketts, Paul McFadden & Paul Jefferies Doctor Who Series 4 - Midnight BBC Productions, Wales for BBC One 

"The winning entry delivered its dramatic impact through an impressive and sophisticated soundbed of interwoven sounds. The jury felt this was both innovative and masterly in its execution." 


  • Sound Team Criminal Justice (Episode 2) BBC Productions for BBC One 
  • Sound Team The Street (Series 2) Granada for BBC One 

Sound - Entertainment & Non Drama Productions 

Will Anderson, Tom Beard, Chris King & Matt Skilton Meet The Natives A Keo Televison Production for Channel 4 

"A clever piece of sound work, handing the recording equipment to the indigenous protagonists and allowing them to record their own soundtrack. It also blended music with voice over and actuality in a particularly engaging way." 


  • Andrew Cooper, Paul Clark & Martyn Harries Natural World - Badgers: Secrets Of The Sett BBC Natural History Unit/Andrew Cooper Productions for BBC Two 
  • Sam Mathewson, David Harcombe & Daniel Jones The Choir: Boys Don't Sing Twenty Twenty Television for BBC Two 

Graphic Design - Programme Content Sequences 

Jon Doe “ Burrell Durrant Hifle Bizarre ER Maverick Television for BBC Three 

"The jury described the winning sequences as clever, simple and stylish. They were an essential part of the programme, tackling some unpleasant issues with a quirky humour and making it very watchable." 


  • Rogerio Alves, Dave Corfield & Martin Blunden Britain From Above 422 South for Lion Television for BBC 
  • Kiss My Pixel Comics Britannia Kiss My Pixel for BBC Productions, Bristol for BBC Four 

Graphic Design - Titles 

Sunil Patel, Phil Bigwood, Busty Kelp & Unkle UEFA Euro 2008  Match Of The Day BBC Sport with Aardman for BBC One 

"Unique and skilful. The animation was brilliantly done, with every frame beautifully composed and executed, all the while maintaining a sense of humour." 


  • Peter Anderson Criminal Justice BBC Productions for BBC One 
  • Jonathan Bramley, Rebekah Kipps, Damon Albarn & Jamie Hewlett Olympics 2008 Red Bee Media/RKCR/Zombie Flesh Eaters/CMO Management/Passion Pictures for BBC One 

Graphic Design - Trails & Packaging 

RKCR/Y&R and Red Bee Media The White Season 

RKCR/Y&R and Red Bee Media for BBC Two 

"A beautifully conceived and executed piece of work. The judges felt the overall design was clever, strong and eye catching." 


  • Joan Hillery Wonderland BBC Productions for BBC Two 

Lighting, Photography & Camera - Photography - Documentary/Factual & Non Drama Productions 

Dave Bennett, Alex Chapman and Stephen Walker A Boy Called Alex Walker George Films for Channel 4 

"In the winning entry, a unique relationship had formed between the camera and subject matter which produced work of extraordinary quality particularly given the budgetary constraints." 


  • Mike Lemmon & Justin Maguire Wild China: Heart Of The Dragon BBC Productions for BBC Two 
  • Peter Thompson & Lee Pulbrook Britain From Above Lion Television for BBC 

Lighting, Photography & Camera - Photography - Drama 

Damian Bromley Spooks (Series VI) Kudos Film and Television for BBC One 

"Filmic values on a television budget, the winner brilliantly realised the scale and impact of terrorist attack and mid-air drama." 


  • Ben Smithard Cranford BBC Productions/WGBH Boston in association with Chestermead for BBC One 
  • Wojciech Szepel White Girl Tiger Aspect Productions for BBC Two 

Lighting, Photography & Camera - Lighting for Multicamera 

Martin Kempton Not Going Out Avalon for BBC One 

"A beautifully executed piece of lighting which raised a genuine question about whether the show was shot in a studio or a real location. The fact that it was a studio was testimony to the realism achieved to the highest standard on a minimal budget." 


  • Dave Davey Dancing On Ice (Series 3) ITV Productions for ITV 
  • Al Gurdon The Kylie Show ITV Productions for ITV1 

Lighting, Photography & Camera - Multicamera Work 

Simon Staffurth & Phil Piotrowsky The Kylie Show ITV Productions for ITV1 

"A stunning collection of musical set pieces which demonstrated the versatility and range of the director and the camera teams skills in a multi-camera studio, showing the artist to be every inch a superstar." 


  • David Bowden Two Pints of Lager  Live! BBC Productions for BBC Three 
  • Paul Kirrage Dancing On Ice (Series 3) ITV Productions for ITV 

Design & Craft Innovation 

Headcases ITV Productions/Red Vision fro ITV 

"The jury chairs were impressed by the innovation, humour, combination of contemporary story telling and mischievous animation, all achieved on a low budget in fast turnaround. The winning programme set a new standard for originality and risk-taking - the very backbone of why we work in TV! In addition to the overall quality of the technical and design teams there was a high degree of innovation involved in the speed of the process which meant the items could be written and recorded just 36 hours before transmission."

Judges Award 

City of Vice Production Team Hardy & Sons/Touchpaper Television for Channel 4 

"This year's Award goes to a drama created and executed in a very unusual way. The whole team on this project showed amazing ingenuity in creating a stunning vision of a crime-ridden and squalid Georgian London. Demonstrating brilliant creative versatility, the entire production was shot in one location on a very tight budget. The use of digital matte paintings to extend the set and link sequences was genuinely ground-breaking and created a truly astonishing sense of scale. This was a case where a significant budgetary challenge resulted in an innovative, eye catching and totally successful response."

Lifetime Achievement Award 

Mike Milne 

“[The Award] went to a man who began his career in the mid-60s as an artist and beachcomber, developing a passionate interest in wildlife and all aspects of natural history and evolutionary theory, an interest which was to influence his entire professional career. In 1980 he decided that the future of graphics lay in computers, so he took a night-school course in programming at Middlesex Poly, subsequently becoming one of the first users of a commercially available computer animation system. He was an early pioneer of combining CGI with live action and won a D&AD Silver Award for his work on Spitting Image. Then, in 1992, he formed Framestore’s first computer animation team. The next few years saw the team grow and develop, bringing their expertise to bear on cutting-edge commercials, television and film work. The application of computers brought new possibilities to life – creature animation, morphing, liquid simulation. 1999 saw the appearance of the first series of Walking With Dinosaurs, a programme which revolutionised television creature work, bringing big screen quality VFX to the small screen for the first time. The unprecedented success of Walking With Dinosaurs created a host of sequels and spin-offs, which tonight’s recipient has continued to supervise, taking viewers to the earth’s most remote past, beneath its oceans and even into space. Before we announce the winner of this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award let’s take a look at some of his work.”