RTS Craft and Design Winners 2007

RTS Craft and Design Awards 2006-07

RTS Craft and Design Awards 2007 were presented on Thursday 29 November 2007 at the Savoy Hotel, Strand, London WC2. The evening was hosted by Fearne Cotton and Holly Willoughby.


Lighting for Multicamera

Dave Davey Dancing on Ice (Series 2) ITV Productions-Factual London for ITV

“…the winner’s subtle use of warm, rich colours and enhanced use of patterns on the ice perfectly complemented the performances, costumes and music. A lighting team at the very top of their game who have maintained consistently high standards across two series.”


  • Bernie Davis Songs Of Praise - The Big Sing Party BBC Religion & Ethics for BBC One
  • Mark Kenyon Any Dream Will Do - BBC Entertainment for BBC One

Multicamera Work

Paul Kirrage Dancing on Ice (Series 2)

ITV Productions-Factual London for ITV

“The Jury were particularly impressed by coverage of the unexpected and unpredictable alongside the rehearsed and choreographed routines. Dynamic framing mixed with beautiful graceful sequences often at high speed was brilliantly executed – a tremendous demonstration of team work.”


  • Vince Spooner Swan Lake - BBC Outside Broadcasts/BBC Classical Music Television for BBC One
  • Simon Staffurth & Camera Team - An Audience With Take That Live ITV Productions for ITV1

Photography - Documentary/Factual & Non-Drama

Charlie Hamilton James & Jamie McPherson Wye - Voices From The Valley - Natural World Series Halcyon Media for BBC

“The Jury were unanimous in their enjoyment of the winning programme which took familiar places and people and turned them into something special by capturing images of the highest technical standards.”


  • Paul Stewart, Barrie Britton and Richard Wollocombe Galapagos: Born Of Fire - BBC Natural History Unit for BBC Two
  • The Planet Earth Camera Team Planet Earth: Ice Worlds - BBC Natural History Unit for BBC One

Photography - Drama

Mike Eley Jane Eyre BBC Drama Production/WGBH Boston for BBC One

“Technically skilled, stunning to look at, the winner’s talent was to find the tiny details of character, emotion and story set against a huge landscape of large vistas, castles and buildings. But most importantly his work was always in close sympathy with character.”


  • Damian Bromley, Spooks - Kudos Film and Television for BBC One
  • Nick Dance, Skins - Company Pictures/Storm Dog Films for Channel 4

Tape and Film Editing - Drama

Luke Dunkley Forgiven Betty for Channel 4

“A difficult watch, yet one which through the cutting drew the viewer into even the most trying scenes. A truly magnificent example of brave and courageous editing.”


  • Philip Kloss - The Mark Of Cain Red Production Company for Channel 4
  • Billy Sneddon and Ant Boys, The Thick Of It - BBC Comedy for BBC Four

Tape and Film Editing - Documentary/Factual

Ben Brown The Tower BBC Factual for BBC One

“It’s a real art to take a huge amount of footage and ensure that individual stories are told clearly and with integrity. Through subtle changes in editing style, this film achieves that beautifully and the end result is a fascinating and moving piece of work.”


  • Nigel Buck Wye- Voices From The Valley - Natural World Series Halcyon Media for BBC
  • Darren Jonusas Horizon: The Six Billion Dollar Experiment BBC Science for BBC Two

Tape and Film Editing - Entertainment & Situation Comedy

Ed Tracy, Kayvan Novak, Vicki Kitchingman, Warren Chapman & Joe Haughey (Pogo Films), Fonejacker - Hat Trick Productions for E4

“A feast of images and ideas that takes something as prosaic as a prank call show and turns it into one of the most exciting programmes on television.”


  • Mark Everson Peep Show Objective Productions for Channel 4
  • Chris Stott, Phil Box, Nik O'Dell & Jamie Bull The X Factor talkbackTHAMES in association with SYCo TV for ITV1

Costume Design - Entertainment & Non - Drama Productions

Stephen Adnitt Dancing On Ice (Series 2) ITV Productions - Factual London for ITV

“Spectacular costume design with real showbiz pizzazz!! Amazing talent and brilliant designs that are an integral part of the viewer’s experience and the production success.”


  • June Nevin Roman's Empire Tiger Aspect Productions for BBC Two
  • Steven Noble Benidorm Tiger Aspect Productions for ITV1

Costume Design - Drama

Ros Little Ancient Rome: The Rise And Fall Of An Empire BBC Specialist Factual History Department for BBC One

“…the winning costume designer rose to the challenge, drawing on ingenuity, inventiveness and creative flair to realize such a breadth of period detail within very restrictive circumstances. The result was visually stunning and beautifully crafted.”


  • Vin Burnham The Wind In The Willows A Box TV/Muse Entertainment/Media Pro co-production for BBC
  • Charlotte Holdich Housewife 49 ITV Productions for ITV1

Sound - Drama

Peter Baldock, Tim White & Cliff Jones 9/11 The Twin Towers Dangerous Films for BBC One

“A rich and detailed soundtrack for an important film of epic quality, the attention to every aspect of the sound made this a standout piece of work.”


  • Rudi Buckle, James Feltham & Darren Banks, Hackenbacker Spooks Kudos Film and Television for BBC One
  • Richard Manton, Stuart Hilliker, Ian Wilkinson & Stephen Griffiths Jane Eyre BBC Drama Production/WGBH Boston for BBC One

Sound - Entertainment & Non-Drama Productions

Paul Paragon, Dominic Muldowney, Mike Hatch & Ben Baird War Oratorio Oxford Film and Television for More4/Channel 4

“An extremely sophisticated and complex piece of sound work combining a full studio orchestra with the real sounds of the modern battlefield, this was a truly original and stunning example of sound craft of the very highest technical and creative standard.”


  • Toby Alington An Audience With Take That Live ITV Productions for ITV1
  • BBC Studios Sound Team Strictly Come Dancing Series 4 BBC Entertainment for BBC One

Production Design - Entertainment & Non-Drama Productions

Clare Patey & Cathy Wren Human Footprint Touch Productions for Channel 4

“A unique idea, made even more potent by making the overall design the star of the show. The impact of the subject matter was brought to life in dramatic form by creating real life scenarios which bordered on the fantastic.”


  • Mark Fisher, Stufish The Brit Awards 2007 BRITs TV for ITV
  • Florian Wieder The X Factor talkbackTHAMES in assocation with SYCo TV for ITV1

Production Design - Drama

Amelia Shankland Skins Company Pictures/Storm Dog Films for Channel 4

“The jury commented on the powerful mix of stark reality and inventiveness which pervades every scene. The attention to detail was exceptional: managing to reflect the chaos of adolescence to such an extent that you could almost smell certain scenes!”


  • Stevie Herbert Maxwell BBC Specialist Factual for BBC Two
  • Matt Gant & Brian Sykes Life On Mars 2 Kudos Film and Television for BBC One

Music - Original Score

John Greswell & David Schweitzer Charlie And Lola 2 Tiger Aspect Productions for CBeebies

“Totally new, inspired, varied, incredible and a minor miracle!”


  • Ben Bartlett The Mark Of Cain Red Production Company for Channel 4
  • Rob Lane Jane Eyre BBC Drama Production/WGBH Boston for BBC One

Music - Original Title Music

John Lunn The Amazing Mrs Pritchard Kudos Film and Television for BBC One

“Amazing. The title music was pacey and perfectly complemented the long opening scene.”


  • Alan Parker Coast Series 2and Series 3 BBC Documentaries and Features for BBC Two
  • David Poore Springwatch BBC Bristol/BDi for BBC Two

Make Up Design - Entertainment & Non-Drama Productions

Diane Chenery-Wickens Benidorm Tiger Aspect Productions for ITV1

“Under difficult film conditions the make up maintained perfect continuity to give a true sense of reality. An exceptional achievement to create perfectly observed but subtle portrayals of character without imposing on the performance.”


  • Davy Jones & Hybrid Enterprises/Mike Bates & Mike Stringer Hyperdrive BBC Comedy for BBC Two
  • Sandy Staples Wedding Belles Junction Films for Channel 4

Make Up Design - Drama

Marella Shearer The Mark Of Cain Red Production Company for Channel 4

“The jury was impressed by the consistently high standard achieved, considering the difficult film locations and the circumstances of the production. The make up looked totally convincing.”


  • Sharon Martin Mysterious Creatures Leopardrama for ITV1
  • Marcus Whitney Casualty BBC Drama Production for BBC One

Graphic Design - Titles

Hywel Williams & Adrian Harrison Gilbert & George Night Sky Creative for BSkyB/Artsworld

“The animation was brilliantly done, superbly composited and executed, all the while maintaining a sense of fun and in keeping with the spirit of the show.”


  • Hugo Moss & Tamsin McGee at Huge Designs The Secret Life of Mrs Beeton BBC Drama Production for BBC
  • Tal Rosner Skins Company Pictures/Storm Dog Films for Channel 4

Graphic Design - Programme Content Sequences

Ed Tracy, Kayvan Novak, Vicki Kitchingman & Warren Chapman FonejackerHat Trick Productions for E4

“The graphics were astonishing. They were an essential part of the programme, and an important factor in the programme’s success and humorous effect. Unique and contemporary, they were a perfectly measured piece of art.”


  • John Durrant, Orla Handley, Jon Doe & Steve Bell Seven Ages Of Rock
  • Burrell Durrant Hifle for BBC Carlo Massarella, Windfall Films & Dave Throssell, Fluid Pictures Monster Moves - Colossal Churches Windfall Films for Five

Graphic Design - Trails & Packaging

Hywel Williams, John Sunter, Paul Buckmaster & Adrian Harrison Philip Glass Night Sky Creative for BSkyB/Sky Arts

“Beautiful graphics, evoking the mood of the composer in an effective and gentle manner.”


  • Dylan Griffith, Dan Witchell, Roger Whittlesea & Simon Ratigan S4C Idents Proud Creative for S4C
  • Dylan Griffith, Dan Witchell, Roger Whittlesea & Richard Acton Icons Promo - Broadband and Subtitles Proud Creative for S4C

Visual Effects - Special Effects

Millennium FX/Neill Gorton & Rob Mayor Bodies - Finale Hat Trick Productions for BBC Three

“The drama was utterly dependent upon achieving a look of complete authenticity and so the prosthetics had to be seamless in their anatomical accuracy whilst serving the artistic demands of the story.”


  • Neal Champion, GB Limited The Mark Of Cain Red Production Company for Channel 4

Visual Effects - Picture Enhancement

Kevin Horsewood Pepper Post Production Persuasion Clerkenwell Films in association with WGBH Boston for ITV

“Stark atmospheric exteriors contrasted beautifully with crafted warm interiors. This impressive piece of work significantly enhanced the mood and emotion of the drama and the jury was impressed by the subtlety and sensitivity of the approach.”


  • Chris Beeton, Pepper Post Production The Wind In The WillowsA Box TV/Muse Entertainment/Media Pro co-production for BBC
  • Aidan Farrell, The Farm JekyII Hartswood Films for BBC One

Visual Effects - Digital Effects

Philip Dobree & The Digital Effects Team, Jellyfish Pictures Fight For Life BBC/DCTP (Germany)/Discovery for BBC One

“With impressive execution and seamless integration, the success of the programme relied on the believability of the digital effects. A truly intense visual experience.”


  • Red Vision 20th Century Battles BBC Two
  • Digital Effects Team Primeval Impossible Pictures/Framestore CFC for ITV1

Judges’ Award

Doctors Production Team

“This year, the judges considered that the key challenge facing broadcasters is how to sustain quality programming when under intense pressure of cost reduction. How can they sustain all the craft and design skills against the commercial pressures to cut staff, pay less, work faster, deliver more. Indeed, how can they foster and develop craft skills against a background where any risk may not always reap a short-term reward. The judges, therefore, were delighted to find a drama series which displays clear evidence of excellent organisation, planning and inventiveness across a whole range of craft skills, from writing to editing, while coping with a very tight cash and performance budget. This drama series delivers more than 200 episodes in a year on a prime channel. The episodes are shot inside seven days, using two cameras on long lenses which help create a stylish filmic look. In the past year, there have been stunts, explosions, multiple car crashes and fights – none of which would look out of place in higher budget shows. This drama series has also been keen to give new craft talent a chance. There’s even an academy for new writers and a bursary for directors new to television. The judges were surprised that so many of them had watched the series regularly. They were even more surprised by how much they could each remember and praise of sets, shots and editing from editions during the year. It was clear that this was a highly professional effort, setting a standard in daytime hours for others to emulate in peak. All this against a budget of less than £50,000 a half hour. The Judges commended the winning programme for sustained ingenuity and team effort across a broad range of craft and design skills and for proving that tight budgets need not mean lower standards.”

Lifetime Achievement

Nick Park, Aardman Animation

“This year’s award goes to a man who, by the standards of this award, is a youngster. Yet that fact emphasises quite how brilliant his career has been. He’s the man who makes plasticine come to life. Thanks to his skill and now his leadership of his wider production team, he’s turned his student sketches of Wallace and Grommit into an animation company which turns over about £50 million a year. He talks of “the beauty” of plasticine animation, the thrill it gives him, and he’s only recently given up his “hands on” control of his first two characters. He made his first animation as a 13-year-old: it involved a character called Walter the Rat who got drunk on cider. It was made on 8mm film. This epic was followed by The Rat and The Beanstalk. Aged 15, he entered the BBC’s Young Animator’s Film competition. He didn’t win but his first animated short was transmitted on the BBC in 1975 when he was 17: Archie’s Concrete Nightmare. It was while studying animation at the National Film and Television School that he made the first version of A Grand Day Out and then joined Aardman in 1985. A series of short films for Channel 4 followed. In 1990, he won his first Oscar for the animated short Creature Comforts. Two years later, Wallace and Grommit first hit the screen in the final version of A Grand Day Out. This was followed by The Wrong Trousers shown on BBC Two over Christmas in 1993. Another Oscar followed. The third Oscar came with A Close Shave in 1995. A fourth Oscar came with The Curse of the Wererabbit last year. His has been a career which has enriched the world cinema and British television. It is a career which still has the promise of more fun and awards to come.”