RTS announces winners of the Craft & Design Awards 2014

The winners of the RTS Craft & Design Awards 2014 have been announced.

The awards recognise the huge variety of skills and processes involved in programme production, from editing to lighting, and costume design to digital effects.
This year saw a host of television professionals competing in 25 categories for a coveted Royal Television Society Award. In addition there were two awards given at the discretion of the Jury Chairs: the Judges' and Lifetime Achievement Awards.

The RTS Craft & Design Awards 2013/2014 were chaired by Cheryl Taylor, Controller of CBBC. The awards ceremony, which was hosted by Jennifer Saunders, took place on Monday 1 December 2014 at the London Hilton Park Lane.



Costume Design – Drama: Stephanie Collie

Title: Peaky Blinders
Production Company: Caryn Mandabach/Tiger Aspect
Broadcaster: BBC Two
Marianne Agertoft - Utopia – Series 2
Edward K Gibbon - The Honourable Woman

"The panel were impressed by the incredibly powerful and distinctive look and characterisation created by the costume team. Modern and edgy, the look helped create the intense mood of this magnetic and enthralling drama."

Costume Design – Entertainment & Non Drama: Annie Hardinge

Title: Rev. – Series 3
Production Company: Big Talk Productions
Broadcaster: BBC Two
Claire Finlay-Thompson - Him & Her: The Wedding
Vicky Gill - Strictly Come Dancing – Series 11

"The winner was meticulously detailed, subtle and restrained. Wardrobe brought so much to the warm, human, endearing and intelligently funny characters in this outstanding comedy."

Effects – Digital: Tom Horton

Title: Da Vinci's Demons – Series 2
Production Company: Adjacent Productions/Phantom Four Films
Broadcaster: Fox UK
DNeg TV - Mr. Selfridge – Series 2
Vine FX - Atlantis – Series 1

"The jury were particularly impressed with the epic way in which the Digital Effects were treated. The attention to detail and the overall execution were well defined and very believable."

Effects – Picture Enhancement: Enge Gray

Title: Welcome To Rio
Production Company: Clear Cut Pictures & Keo Films
Broadcaster: BBC Two
Aidan Farrell - The Thirteenth Tale
Aidan Farrell - Utopia – Series 2

"The colour and contrast perfectly captured the tone and vibrancy of the subject. An almost party atmosphere which perfectly complemented the backdrop."

Effects – Special: Colin Gorry

Title: The Smoke
Production Company: Kudos
Broadcaster: Sky 1
Paul Kelly - Da Vinci's Demons – Series 2
The Model Unit, Real SFX - Doctor Who – The Day Of The Doctor

"The effects team worked with a difficult element in very difficult conditions to achieve the feeling of claustrophobia, greatly enhancing the drama."

Graphic Design – Programme Content Sequences: Sarah Cook, Julian Gibbs, Jason Devine & Chris White

Title: Sochi Winter Olympics – Curling Intro
Broadcaster: BBC Sport
Peter Anderson Studio - Sherlock – Series 3
Richard Gort, Julian Gibbs, Jason Devine & Chris White - Formula One – Monza Intro

"This bold and striking content sequence, really stood out in both concept and execution."

Graphic Design – Titles: Matt Cooper

Title: Luxury Comedy 2 – Tales from Painted Hawaii
Production Company: Secret Peter
Broadcaster: E4
Chris Billig, Scatterlight Studios - The Honourable Woman
Paul McDonnell, Hugo Moss, Tim Key & Tony Jordan - By Any Means

"A breath of fresh air, bold, simple, fun, a true example of titles being allowed to shine in their own right."

Graphic Design – Trails & Packaging: James Parry, John Sprott, Nick Farquhar & Olly Harnett

Title: Rugby League World Cup
Production Company: Red Bee Media
Broadcaster: BBC Sport
James Parry, Sarah Owen, John Sprott & Andy Booth - World Cup
James Parry, Mark Rolfe & Tomek Baginski - Winter Olympics – Opening Ceremony

"Great design and an imaginative use of CGI with live action background, this work felt fresh and engaging in both concept and style."

Lighting for Multicamera: Chris Rigby

Title: Alan Carr: Chatty Man – Series 11/12
Production Company: Open Mike Productions
Broadcaster: Channel 4
Dave Davey - Dancing On Ice – Series 9
Dave Davey - The X Factor

"The jury were impressed by the quality of the music numbers in the winning show. The lighting gave the numbers an edgy quality which made the winner stand out from the rest."

Multicamera Work: Chris Power

Title: Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway
Production Company: ITV Studios and Mitre Television co-production
Broadcaster: ITV
Tom Parr and Camera Team - Educating Yorkshire
Nikki Parsons and Camera Team - Strictly Come Dancing – Series 11

"An extraordinary use of multi camera, said the Jury - absolutely nothing was missed. The viewpoints gave the scale and danger of the challenges as well as the intimacy of the presenters' emotions."

Multicamera Work – Sport: Denise Large

Title: Grand National 2014
Production Company: IMG Productions
Broadcaster: Channel 4
Paul Davies - Six Nations – England vs Wales
Paul McNamara - FA Cup Final 2014

"The jury had all watched the race before, but once asked to concentrate on the camera work were blown away! The viewpoints, the use of technology and the timing of the cuts between shots were extraordinary. An amazing feat."

Make Up Design – Drama

Title: Davy Jones, In The Flesh – Series 2
Production Company: BBC Drama Production Salford co-produced with BBC America
Broadcaster: BBC Three
Lisa Cavalli-Green - Inside No. 9 – Series 1
Loz Schiavo - Peaky Blinders

"The judges were impressed by the sheer breadth and quality of work on this brilliant drama. A remarkable feat of make up and visual style, the team delivered a blockbuster supernatural movie in terms of impact, but without blockbuster movie budgets."

Make Up Design – Entertainment & Non Drama: Lisa Armstrong

Title: Strictly Come Dancing – Series 11
Production Company: BBC Entertainment
Broadcaster: BBC One
Christine Cant - Luxury Comedy 2 – Tales from Painted Hawaii
Christine Cant, Leslie Smith, Nina Pratley & Lisa Halstead - Harry and Paul's Story of the Twos

"The winning make up is at the very centre of an iconic live entertainment show and really put through its paces. Flawless, said the Jury."

Music – Original Score: Adrian Johnston

Title: The Tunnel
Production Company: Kudos
Broadcaster: Sky Atlantic & Canal+
Oliver Julian - Cardinal Burns – Series 2
Cristobal Tapia de Veer - Utopia – Series 2

Adrian Johnston, The Tunnel, Kudos for Sky Atlantic & Canal+
"The winner is an astonishingly accomplished work that fitted perfectly around dialogue and sound. The composer intelligently solved the challenge of working with multiple directors with a clever, original and breath-taking score."

Music – Original Title: Adrian Johnston & Dominik Moll

Title: The Tunnel
Production Company: Kudos
Broadcaster: Sky Atlantic & Canal+
Andrew Simon McAllister - 37 Days
Samuel Sim - By Any Means

"Brilliant, gripping and totally memorable in a simple and effective way. Just amazing said the Jury."

Production Design – Drama: Jennifer Kernke

Title: Utopia – Series 2
Production Company: Kudos
Broadcaster: Channel 4
Matthew Button - Our World War
Grant Montgomery - Peaky Blinders

"This series has successfully translated the world of the graphic novel to television. The suspenseful storylines are supported relentlessly by the design which has successfully managed to create a fully realised world in which the characters can breathe. This is what has made it different from anything else on television this year."

Production Design – Entertainment & Non Drama: Miranda Jones, Joanna Marshall & Gina Fields

Title: Cardinal Burns – Series 2,
Production Company: Left Bank Pictures
Broadcaster: Channel 4
Nigel Coan, Ivana Zorn & James Dillon - Luxury Comedy 2 - Tales from Painted Hawaii
Patrick Doherty - Strictly Come Dancing – Series 11

"A really great sketch show relies on the viewer having an immediate understanding of a new scenario. On television this is primarily achieved with design. The winner is brave and quirky, presenting each new world with great detail and wit, which gives each sketch a base line of believability and allows the humour to fly."

Photography – Drama: Lol Crawley BSC

Title: Utopia – Series 2
Production Company: Kudos
Broadcaster: Channel 4
Neville Kidd - Sherlock – His Last Vow
Zac Nicholson & George Steel - The Honourable Woman

"Flawless - every frame feels cohesive, which makes this series instantly recognisable and immersive."

Photography – Documentary/Factual & Non Drama Productions: Marcus Robinson

Title: Rebuilding the World Trade Center
Production Company: Lion Television in association with Marcus Robinson
Broadcaster: Channel 4
Jamie Cairney - Cardinal Burns – Series 2
Seamas McCracken - The Disappeared

"The vision involved in bringing a project of this scale to screen is extraordinary. The visuals breathed life into the process of the buildings construction and the same care and attention is apparent in the beautifully lit and composed interviews with the construction workers. Captivating said the Jury.

Sound – Drama: Stuart Hilliker, Jim Goddard, Jeff Richardson & Billy Quinn

Title: The Smoke
Production Company: Kudos
Broadcaster: Sky1
Nigel Edwards, Linda Murdoch, Lee Crichlow & Glen Marullo - The Honourable Woman
Sound Team - Our World War

"'Backdraft' on a TV budget, commented the jury who were impressed with the great skill with which the team worked in an obviously challenging environment. They managed to deliver sound which felt hyper-real whilst still retaining an absolute clarity in the dialogue."

Sound – Entertainment & Non Drama: Andy Payne

Title: D-Day 70: The Heroes Return – Bayeux Cemetery
Production Company: BBC Entertainment & Events
Broadcaster: BBC One
Nick Fry, Ben Anthony, Rupert Houseman & Scott Szabo - Life And Death Row
Sam Staples & Mike Williams - Operation Grand Canyon

"A live OB on a major scale, with speech and music both essential ingredients, and yet with minimal rehearsal, clearly offers the sound team a colossal challenge. The jury were all astounded by the quality of the transmission which was clearly the result of great team work and professionalism."

Editing – Drama: Andrew McClelland

Title: Line Of Duty – Series 2
Production Company: World Productions
Broadcaster: BBC Two
Iain Erskine - Tommy Cooper: Not Like That
Jamie Pearson - Happy Valley

"The extraordinary length of this single sequence is all about the editing. It is beautifully controlled as the power shifts between the characters. The sequence is simple but the tension and jeopardy is maintained throughout."

Editing – Documentary & Factual: Philip Kloss

Title: Stop At Nothing: The Lance Armstrong Story
Production Company: An ABC Production in association with Passion Pictures
Broadcaster: BBC Four
Joanna Crickmay - Arena: The National Theatre – Part 2: War and Peace
Gwyn Jones - 15,000 Kids and Counting – Episode 1: The Decision

"Compelling story-telling which masterfully communicated the nuances of doping whilst being rooted in the race footage."

Editing – Entertainment & Situation Comedy: Mark Davies & Mark Henson

Title: Rev. – Series 3
Production Company: Big Talk Productions
Broadcaster: BBC Two
BBC Three - Hat Trick Productions
Michael Wolf & Mob Dar - Off Their Rockers

"Beautifully judged editing which takes the viewer from very funny to very poignant stories in a totally engaging way."

Editing – Sport: Tom Gent & Steve Williams

Title: BBC Match of the Day – World Cup 2014 Closing Montage
Production Company: BBC Sport
Broadcaster: BBC One
Adam Maynard, Alex Dinnin & Trevor Aylward - England vs Montenegro World Cup Qualifier
Tom Gent & Steve Williams - AP McCoy Sequence for Sports Personality of the Year

"Colour, energy and a great story which created a hypnotic masterpiece. An outstanding piece of television said the Jury."

Lifetime Achievement Award: Clive Curtis


Craft & Design chair Cheryl Taylor said: "Clive has dedicated himself to opening the way for other black stunt performers to enter the profession and move up through the ranks. He has carved out a reputation as being the consummate professional, a true gentleman and an ambassador not only to the stunt profession, but television and film production as a whole."

Judges' Award: Peaky Blinders Production Team


Cheryl Taylor said: "Peaky Blinders is celebrated for its inspired performances, fearless direction, fine and cinematic composition and forensic eye for production design. Indeed the sumptuous visual flair and highest possible production values including Sound, Editing and Music have created one of the most visually stunning and emotionally compelling dramas in British television and one that effortlessly holds its own on the global stage."