RTS Announces Winners of Craft & Design Awards 2011

RTS Craft and Design Awards 2010-11


The Winners:


Effects – Digital

Erik Ellefsen, George Kyparissous, Sarah Norton & Jo AmeryMisfits Series 2, Clerkenwell Films for E4

“Inventive and edgy, these creative visual effects flowed seamlessly into the overall aesthetic of the programme”.



Phil Dobree, Dan Upton, Sophie Orde & Matt Chandler, Jellyfish PicturesInside The Human Body, BBC Productions/Jellyfish Pictures for BBC One

The MillDoctor Who – Series 6 'A Christmas Carol,' BBC Wales for BBC One


Effects – Special

Big Bang Stunts & EffectsStrike Back: Project Dawn, Left Bank Pictures for Sky1HD

“Precision effects and stunts achieved with perfect timing, combined with fast-paced choreography, delivered high-tension drama in a way that is rarely seen on television.” 



Danny HargreavesCoronation Street Tram Crash, Real SFX for ITV Studios for ITV1

Ed Smith, Colin Gorry EffectsThe Shadow Line, A Company Pictures/Eight Rooks/Baby Cow Production in association with CinemaNX and Isle Of Man Films for BBC Two


Costume Design – Drama

Annie SymonsThe Crimson Petal and The White, Origin Pictures/Cité Amérique for BBC Two

“Stunning, highly designed with beautiful detail.   The jury thought the heightened reality was like nothing they’ve ever seen before, showing the underbelly of a period with extraordinary use of colour.”



Joanna EatwellEric and Ernie, BBC Wales in association with Blue Door Adventures for BBC Two

Charlotte WalterThis Is England '86, Warp Films and Big Arty Production for Channel 4


Costume Design – Entertainment & Non Drama Productions

Lucia Santa MariaThe Impressions Show with Culshaw and Stephenson, BBC Productions for BBC One

“The costumes were hilarious, taking the jury by surprise, and the detail really added to the impressions.”



Stephen AdnittDancing On Ice - Series 6, ITV Studios for ITV1

Annie HardingeCome Fly With Me, Little Britain Productions/BBC Productions for BBC One


Picture Enhancement

Sonny SheridenEric and Ernie, BBC Wales in association with Blue Door Adventures for BBC Two

“A fresh take on nostalgia, this astounding piece of grading elevated the production to a whole new level.” 



Ross BakerArmstrong And Miller Series 3, Hat Trick Productions for BBC One

Gareth Spensley, MolinareThe Hour, Kudos Film and Television for BBC Two


Lighting For Multicamera

Chris Chisnall & The Lighting TeamCoronation Street – Live, ITV Studios for ITV1

“The jury was impressed with the degree of atmospheric and dramatic lighting that the team achieved in a very challenging and ambitious live drama.” 



Mark KenyonStrictly Come Dancing Series 8 ‘Halloween Special’, BBC Productions for BBC One

Roger WilliamsCopycats Series 2, BBC Children’s Scotland for CBBC


Multicamera Work

Camera Team24 Hours In A&E, The Garden Productions for Channel 4

“This winner was a perfect marriage of subject matter and technique. Its extremely complex use of 70 fixed camera rigs captured the drama with a commendable level of skill and respect.”



Paul Davies & The SIS Camera TeamWimbledon Nadal Vs Murray (Men's Semifinal), SIS Live for BBC Sport

The Team of Directors & CameramenThe Royal Wedding, BBC Productions (Entertainment and Events) for BBC One


Sound – Drama

Glen Marullo, Nigel Edwards, Linda Murdoch & Lee CrichlowThe Shadow Line, A Company Pictures/Eight Rooks/Baby Cow Production in association with CinemaNX and Isle Of Man Films for BBC Two

“This sound team demonstrated excellent location recording coupled with a highly detailed mix to create a subtle and yet tense atmosphere.  It was the intimacy of the quiet scenes that particularly impressed the judges.” 



Alan Monks & The Sound TeamCoronation Street – Live, ITV Studios for ITV1

Sound TeamBill Bailey's Little Cracker, Sprout Productions for Sky1HD


Sound – Entertainment & Non Drama

Matt Skilton, Paul Paragon & The Sound TeamWootton Bassett: The Town That Remembers, BBC Bristol for BBC One

“The judges were extremely impressed by the unique sound treatment of this show. It conveyed the mood of the day perfectly, whilst demonstrating superb technical ability in difficult circumstances. It gave an intimate insight into the story of repatriation in a moving way, achieved on the whole by the superb soundtrack.” 



Tony Revell, Andy Tapley & Howard HopkinsStrictly Come Dancing - Series 8 ‘Halloween Special’, BBC Productions for BBC One

The Farm Audio TeamThe X Factor Series 8, A Syco TV Production/ talkbackTHAMES for ITV1


Make Up Design – Drama

Jacqueline FowlerThe Crimson Petal and The White, Origin Pictures/Cité Amérique for BBC Two

“The detail of the winning entry was perfect, the hair and make up had a very strong sense of itself and the make up in particular gave the characters an unhealthy look. The whole piece was visually amazing and bold choices were taken for the cast to be unadorned.” 



Christina BakerEric and Ernie, BBC Wales in association with Blue Door Adventures for BBC Two

Penny SmithPsychoville Halloween Series 2, BBC Productions for BBC Two


Make Up Design – Entertainment & Non Drama Productions

Lisa Cavalli-Green & TeamCome Fly With Me, Little Britain Productions/BBC Productions for BBC One

“The make up totally delivers the comedy for this series. It’s hard to believe the characters are two men.”



Lisa ArmstrongStrictly Come Dancing – Series 8 'Halloween Special', BBC Productions for BBC One

Lucy Cain & TeamThe Impressions Show with Culshaw and Stephenson, BBC Productions for BBC One


Photography – Drama

David KatznelsonDownton Abbey, Carnival Film and Television for ITV1

“A visual delight conveying in beautifully observed detail the different worlds above and below stairs, from the rigidity of stiff upper-lipped life upstairs, to the frenzied hustle and bustle of work downstairs.” 



Kieran McGuiganChristopher and his Kind, Mammoth Screen for BBC Two

Owen McPolinMartina Cole's The Runaway, Company Pictures/Warner Sisters for Sky1HD


Photography – Documentary/Factual & Non Drama Productions

The Camera TeamHuman Planet – Jungles, BBC Productions for BBC One

“A work which triumphed over astonishing technical challenges and delivered an amazing sense of tribal and jungle life in one of the most remote and endangered corners of the world.” 



Camera TeamHuman PlanetOceans – Into The Blue, BBC Productions for BBC One

Matt Norman, Tony Miller, Vijay Bedi & Alphonse RoyStoryville - Marathon Boy, One Horse Town Productions/Renegade Pictures for BBC Four


Production Design – Drama

Grant MontgomeryThe Crimson Petal and The White, Origin Pictures/Cité Amérique for BBC Two

“The winning programme simply took you to another world with its stunning imagery of Victorian life. Nothing was sacrificed transferring this novel to the small screen.”



Brian SykesPsychoville Halloween Series 2, BBC Productions for BBC Two

Chris RoopeSouth Riding, BBC Productions/Masterpiece for BBC One


Production Design – Entertainment & Non Drama Productions

Harry BanksMiranda – Series 2, BBC Productions for BBC Two

“The sets in this winning show genuinely feel like characters that add hugely to the comedy, allowing the central protagonist to perform all manner of slapstick. The semi heightened reality of each location ties together beautifully across the series to give it a distinctive look and feel.” 



Peter Aston, BDA Set DesignMatch Of The Day/Football Focus, BBC Sport for BBC One

Iain McDonaldHow Not To Live Your Life – Series 3, Brown Eyed Boy Productions for BBC Three


Music – Original Score

Vince PopeMisfits Sereis 2, Clerkenwell Films for E4

“Powerful, emotive, weighty and contemporary. A truly engaging score that worked well with the pictures… always adding to the drama, never becoming melodrama.” 



Will GregoryPolar Bear: Spy On The Ice, John Downer Productions for BBC One

Rob LaneThe Suspicions Of Mr Whicher, Hat Trick Productions for ITV1


Music – Original Title

Adrian JohnstonZen, Left Bank Pictures for BBC One

“Sexy, sophisticated and very classy, with beautifully understated references to Bacharach and David. A real signature tune.” 



David ArnoldCome Fly With Me, Little Britain Productions/BBC Productions for BBC One

John LunnDownton Abbey, Carnival Film and Television for ITV1


Tape & Film Editing – Drama

Roy SharmanExile, AbbottVision/Red Production Company for BBC One

“Beautifully built with abstract detail and clever atmosphere. The complex time frame is handled with care and precision to balance the differing time periods and building tension within the plot.  A classic example of craft editing that shapes a stunning production graced by an excellent cast.” 



Victoria BoydellRandom, Hillbilly Films for Channel 4

John Smith A.C.EThorne, Stagereel/Cité-Amérique for Sky1HD


Tape & Film Editing – Documentary & Factual

Chris KingOur War – Ambushed, BBC Productions for BBC Three

“The fact that the programme was cut from material that was never intended for broadcast is testament to the skill and talent of the editor.  He had the immense challenge of trying to make sense out of hours of rough and incoherent footage that had been filmed on helmet cameras. What he achieved was an incredibly powerful and moving piece of television. The narrative that was constructed out of the chaos was absolutely compelling.” 



Stuart Napier & Imogen PollardPolar Bear: Spy On The Ice, John Downer Productions for BBC One

Edit Team24 Hours In A&E, The Garden Productions for Channel 4


Tape & Film Editing – Entertainment & Situation Comedy

Lucien ClaytonFriday Night Dinner, A Popper Pictures/Big Talk Production for Channel 4

“This programme breathes new life into the traditional family-based sitcom and the way it has been edited is instrumental to its success. The editor displays great comic timing and pacing and captures quick fire banter and subtle nuance.”



Post Production TeamI'm A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! Series 10, ITV Studios for ITV1

The Farm Editing TeamThe X Factor Series 8, A Syco TV Production/ talkbackTHAMES for ITV1


Graphic Design – Programme Content Sequences

Richard Gort, Mark Wilkin, Eddie Butler & Turquoise BrandingF1 Monaco Grand Prix, BBC Sport/Turquoise Branding for BBC One

“This was a stylish and very well conceived package with all of the elements dovetailing perfectly.  The script, colouring and typography echoed a James Bond theme but still managed to make a distinctive creative design statement. Slick, classy and appropriate to its audience, it was beautifully executed.”



Julian Gibbs, Ron Chakraborty & Richard GortSuperbowl XLV, Intro for BBC One

Stuart Pitcher, Simon Dowling, Jason Griffin & Tim Baxter, Fugitive Studios – Random, Hillbilly Films for Channel 4


Graphic Design – Titles

Hugo Moss, Justin Lowings & Paul McDonnellAny Human Heart, Carnival Film And Television for Channel 4

“A wonderful colour palette, great design and a stylish, elegant realisation made these titles a perfect introduction to the series.  Flickers of light and lengthening shadows, clean lines and beautifully choreographed animation lifted the visuals into a class of their own.”  



Amy Merry & Yianni PapanicolaouThe Hour, Kudos Film And Television for BBC Two

Production TeamCome Fly With Me, Little Britain Productions/BBC Productions for BBC One


Design & Craft Innovation

Polar Bear: Spy on the Ice Production Team

“This delightful and amazing film was principally shot by unmanned cameras over a period of six months in the very extreme and demanding conditions of the Arctic.  Using spy cameras, this film gets the viewer closer than ever before to the world’s greatest land predator, the polar bear.

The cameras, using complex central rigs, not only achieved remarkable close-up footage of the bears but  also star in the film as distinct characters in their own right, with names like Iceberg Cam, Blizzard Cam and Drift Cam.  These state-of-the-art cameras enabled the production team to uniquely capture an intimate portrait of polar bears’ lives, creating a classic natural history programme while at the same time making a film that was innovative and contemporary in the way it was shot and the technology that was used.”


Judges’ Award

Spooks Production Team

“This year, the Judges’ Award goes to the production team behind one of the most important original British drama series of the last decade – a series which has re-invigorated the genre.  First airing in May 2002, the series ushered in a new wave of smart, sophisticated, thought-provoking and above all entertaining drama on British television and beyond. It has firmly established its producer, Kudos, as one of the leading drama producers in the UK. Intelligent and complex narratives, often scarily precognitive, combined with craft and design innovation has made it a massive success.

Its wonderfully inventive visual style is created by a perfect combination of photography, powerful direction and stylish design. The late Colin Green pioneered the incredible editing style which included innovative transitions and multi screen scenes that helped interweave the complex plots and build the tension.

Graded like a commercial, sounding like a feature film and layered with special and digital effects that defied its budget, the series became the launch pad for many outstanding and award-winning craftspeople in our industry. However, their names were never revealed on air – it was the first and only BBC drama to have no end credits on screen.

The success and sustainability of the show, which has just completed its tenth and final series, is down to its outstanding production team.”


Lifetime Achievement Award

Martin Hawkins

“The recipient of this special award made his mark in the late 80s, running across fields chasing a young woman in Challenge Anneka. This is where he perfected his hand held camera technique as well as getting extremely fit.  

Very soon he would make an even bigger impression as Director of Photography on many of the top comedy series of the last 20 years. Shows such as Drop the Dead Donkey, Birds of a Feather, Vicar of Dibley, Outnumbered, Armstrong and Miller,  The IT Crowd, The One Ronnie and Phone Shop to name a few. 

His sense of humour, infectious laughter combined with his skill at lighting and capturing the story made him the first choice for many producers and directors. He is also a joy to work with.     

He has gone on to work especially well with writer/performer/directors such as Richard Ayoade on Garth Marenghi's Darkplace, and more recently with Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant on Extras and Life's Too Short

Here is what Ricky and Stephen have to say about our recipient who they have dubbed The Hawk:

"The Hawk is one the finest DOPs we've worked with and he has a great pair of knees, which he shows off by wearing shorts whatever the weather. 

On set he's always calm and full of good-humour – and always does a terrific job whatever shooting style we throw at him – which could be hand-held documentary one minute, phony Hollywood blockbuster the next. 

Congratulations on your lifetime achievement award, Hawk, much deserved. Although it better not push your price up."



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