London Centre Student Awards 2016

RTS London Student Awards at ITV Studios 2015

Awards Ceremony

Tuesday, 9 February, 2016

The RTS is pleased to announce the London nominees of the 2016 Student Television Awards.


All winners will be announced at a ceremony at ITV Studios on Tuesday 9 February. For more information and to book your free ticket click here





Tommy Vad Flaaten and Markus Vad Flaaten, Kingston University


Fur Away

Beatriz Dominguez Vinuesa, University of Westminster



Emma Ehrling

Kingston University



Boom Bang A Bang

Jelena Krivosic, Ashwin Arvind, Isobel McConnell, Alice Trott and Hana Ishikawa, University of Westminster



James Walshe, Nathan Visick, Benjamin Norton and Catherine Hughes, University of Westminster


That's Not Me

Liyana van der Sijp, Sarah Drage, Ulrik Lyng and Morgan Cooke, University of Hertfordshire



Casa Din Copac

Florin Brinza, University of Bedfordshire


Grandma's Big Schlep

Rhianna Rizvi, Sophie Clarke, Zoe Kenndal Shafir, Christopher Starkey and Lewis Cyrus-Thompson, University of Westminster



Ellie Gocher, Jimmy Dean, Martin Jensen and Sophie Thompson, University of Westminster


Special Mention

Mr Duncan

Laura Weissmair, Faye Landborn, Dominic Bergmaier and Aaron Guthrie, University of Westminster




Christine Tynkevych, Kamile Dementaviciute, Vania Flacommio and Andrei Oprescu, University of Westminster


My Heart Is In The East

Liron Zisser, Dominique Brundler Vazquez, Ana Beatriz Oliva and Giacomo Tirelli, Goldsmiths College


Oh Syria, My Syria

Ismael Ahmed and Fawaz Fadhel, University of Bedfordshire


Craft Awards:

Winner of the Camera, Editing and Sound categories will be announced at the awards ceremony. 

The RTS is pleased to announce the London nominees of the 2016 Student Television Awards.