Innovation Awards 2007

Sponsored by the Independent Media Weekly.

The awards were presented on Tuesday 6 November 2007 at Bafta, 195 Piccadilly, London, W1. The evening was hosted by Peter Snow and Dan Snow. David Lowen, RTS Honorary Secretary presented the Awards.

For Further Information Contact: Lindsey Cran
Events Manager, Royal Television Society
Tel: 020 7822 2825


Raising The Bar Award
Sky HD BSkyB
“…‘without a doubt’ raised the bar in a dramatic style. If it hadn’t been for the ambition, momentum and exceptional execution skills of the company involved, it is unlikely that viewers, broadcasters and producers alike would now be rushing to become a part of High Definition Television.”

CDXBBC and Preloaded
The Piero 3D Sports Graphics System Red Bee Media
(incorporating technology licensed from the BBC)

On The Move Award>
Big Art Mob Moblog:tech and Edition for Channel 4
“…a creative project that encourages almost everyone to get involved… ‘a large-scale example of television production in your pocket’. Anyone can become a contributor or commentator, as long as they’ve got a mobile camera phone.”

Sky News Digital Outdoor System James Weeks for BSkyB

Gizmo Award
Pro-Bel VALID8 Test Signal Generator and Receiver Pro-Bel
“…the winning gizmo was something that now offers a unique method of dealing with a thorny issue in complex production and broadcast environments. That particular issue is lip-sync.”

Harris Corporation Videotek Quic Media Analysis Server Harris Corporation
Microflex - Changing The Way Engineers Work Hamlet

User-Generated Content Award
Sky News Green Week
Hugh Westbrook, Phil Thomas and Julian March for BSkyB
“…a website that had very successfully brought conversations about big issues down to the level of the community. The website integrated very well with other themed content across many platforms and the site itself made great use of the Google Maps service.”

4TIPS Maverick Television
Trouble MYTV Homegrown Virgin Media Television

Under The Bonnet Award
Sky News/Dayport Encoding Becky Hockmeyer for BSkyB
“…a classic piece of ‘under the bonnet’ technology. The winner is a software solution that provides an automated workflow. A simple way of managing the complex procedures required to supply news media to diverse outlets.”

iTX - Redefining Automation and Playout: Technological Innovation Sets a New Benchmark for Cost-Effective Channel Operation OmniBus Systems
Speech Follower SysMedia

Community Award
BBC Ouch Podcast BBC

“…hit the nail on the head in terms of meeting the brief…succeeded in innovatively targeting a specific community…a downloadable radio show that simply wouldn’t be found on any other radio station.”

Empire's Children Illumina Digital and Wall to Wall for Channel 4
The Emmerdale Online Channel ITV Productions in association with Hoodlum

Judges’ Award
Adobe Flash

“…there is one technology that has, by any measure, become THE power behind television’s invasion of the web. From its origins as the unrivalled method for bringing animation and motion to the first decade of websites, it has developed to become the way in which video for the web has become easy to create, easy to enjoy and, perhaps above all, easy to consume. From CNN to Desperate Housewives, from YouTube to Kate Modern – via Bebo, Brightcove and Blinx, it has put the new television in front of every one of us.”