Educational Television Awards 2006

RTS Educational Television Awards 2006 were presented on Monday 11 June 2007 at the Savoy, Strand, London WC2 The evening was hosted by Peter Snow with Guest Speaker Kwame Kwei-Armah.

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0-5 Years

Numberjacks: Nine Lives Open Mind Productions for CBeebies

“This winning programme is an innovative combination of live action and animation of great appeal for its audience, made with a thorough understanding of how young children learn and rehearse basic mathematical concepts.”

Something Special: BirdsBBC

Bobinogs: Make A List BBC Wales

5-11 Years

KS2 Design and Technology: Brunel's Big Achievements Available Light Productions for Teachers TV

“The judges thought that the programme presented an engaging way of bringing this subject to life through the use of live action and particularly though the voice of a central animated character as he struggles to overcome the problems facing a pioneering Victorian engineer.”

Retro (1939-1945)Fflic Productions for S4C

Primary Interactive

Espresso Primary – Toy Design Module Espresso Education

“This winner supports an area of the curriculum which has often been neglected by software designers and developers. All the resources worked together to create a complete product that teachers would find both supportive and inspirational in teaching this subject.”

Espresso Primary – French Service Espresso Education

Brunel's Britain: Brunel's Big Achievements Available Light Productions for Teachers TV & Grid Learning

11-16 Years

Giving Up The Weed Maroon Productions for Channel 4

“The Judges were hugely impressed with the compelling story of Big Brovaz rapper J Rock's bid to give up the drug that he'd smoked for 14 years. The winner dealt with a controversial subject in an accessible and brutally frank way, speaking to its young audience with the intelligence that they deserve.”

Gay To Z Lambent Productions for Channel 4

Fame Asylum Twofour Broadcast for Channel 4

14-19 Years

Crip On A Trip Twofour Productions for Channel 4

“The refreshingly honest story of brittle-bone sufferer Dominic Hyams' trip across Europe with his able-bodied mates captivated the Judges. It was a film as much about friendship and rites of passage as disability. Dom's story dealt with a challenging subject in a sensitive yet triumphant way - every difficult but enjoyable step of the way.”

The KNTV Show: Say No To Potato! Tern Television Productions for Channel 4

Going Cold Turkey Firefly Film and Television Productions for Channel 4

Campaigns and Seasons - RTS/NIACE Award

Stephen Fry - The Secret Life Of The Manic Depressive IWC Media for BBC

“A bold step into a subject we normally shy away from, using someone charismatic and honest to open up this subject. This campaign was well executed and effected and delivered everything it promised.”

The Trouble With Old People Channel 4

BBC Breathing Places BBC for BBC Vision Learning

Adult Training

The Pupil Panel - The Physics Teacher Real Life Media for Teachers TV

“This winning entry is a strong simple format where teachers are reviewed by learners. The reflections of learners and teacher provide food for thought well beyond the school environment.”

New Heads - Primary: Head Start Part 3 Glasshead for Teachers TV

Saving Nellie Glasshead for The Institute of Physics

Educational Multimedia Award

CDX BBC with Preloaded

“This is a beautifully designed and delivered piece of educational material said the Jury, which effectively blurs the line between learning and entertainment making a truly compelling experience. The combination of video, gameplay and links to programme resources demonstrates an extremely high level of integration between content and format. Exciting and intriguing.”

Meltdown and The BBC Climate Change Experiment BBC/ & Picture Ltd for BBC

BBC Get Cooking Illumina Digital for BBC Food

Single Programme

Judah & Mohammad A Provid Production for Channel 4

“Amazing, unforgettable, phenomenal, said the Jury. Gripping from the outset this had massive impact.”

Secret Life Of The Classroom Flashback TV for Channel 4

ONE Life: My Life On A Post-it Note BBC for BBC One

Educational Impact in the Primetime Schedule

Evicted True Vision Productions for BBC One

“With intimate access and immense sensitivity this film truly enlightened the viewer’s understanding of a social problem largely ignored today. The sheer impact this film has had on everyone who has watched it will hopefully ensure that the issue of homelessness is once again on our agenda.”

Planet Earth: From Pole To Pole A BBC Natural History Production in co-production with BBC Worldwide, Discovery and NHK

Root Of All Evil? IWC Productions for Channel 4

Lifetime Achievement – George Auckland

“…this year’s recipient started working in television over thirty-five years ago.

His first job was as a Film Editor in the BBC Film Department where he worked on a range of programmes including Current Affairs, Children’s, Drama and Documentaries.

He then moved to the Childrens Department and production working on Blue Peter and Johnny Ball’s science – based programmes: - Think of a Number and Think Again.

It was after this that he made his defining move into the Adult Education Department of the BBC. There he made programmes in nearly every area of the department’s wide portfolio, including adult literacy, numeracy, science, cookery and computing as well as a range of science programmes for School Television.

As well as producing he also wrote hundreds of scripts, directed single camera location work and multiple camera studios, vision mixed, and directed outside broadcasts.

He came to specialise increasingly in science programmes, bringing the understanding of scientific concepts to millions of people who might otherwise have had no direct experience of science, through progammes like Take Nobody’s Word For It, Great Experiments, Big Top Science, Micromindstretchers, A Way with Numbers, The Survival Guide To Food and Blanc Mange to name but a few.

This Multimedia Business - the first television series in the UK to use the BBC’s new Virtual Studio was his production. It led the way, in featuring, for the first time, a set entirely generated by computer. Another first was the fully operational website that was a product of the series and which formed the cornerstone of the foundation of BBC Education’s Digital Media department.

In 1996 he started to produce the BBC Education Website, and from modest beginnings the Digital Media department developed rapidly, influencing the development of pilots for Interactive Television, Video-on-demand, and pan European digital initiatives.

It lead to the commissioning of BETSIE (BBC Education Speech to Text Internet Enhancer), which supported online accessibility for blind people. The release of the software for this service became one of the earliest examples of the BBC working with the Open Source community.

Currently Head of Innovation for BBC Learning, our recipient has initiated a range of groundbreaking Interactive TV and broadband pilots.

An educational broadcaster of international repute, a highly respected professional, one of the best loved individuals in the sphere of interactive learning. A man who finds time for everyone, whose energy and enthusiasm is the envy of twenty-somethings and whose decency and integrity make him the BBCs very own National Treasure.”

Judges’ Award – Howard Goodall

“…this year’s recipient is a man of many talents; a man of music who is well known for his compositions for stage, for cathedral choirs, for film and television and who remains hugely committed to musical education, both on screen and off screen.

On screen our winner has written and presented six highly acclaimed music documentary series, made with Tiger Aspect for Channel 4. This body of work has tackled a range of musical topics and has provided millions of interested viewers with an engaging and lasting education about subjects ranging from the origin of musical notation, to Hitchcock’s film scores, by way of how organs work, to the roots of opera, to the genius of Paul McCartney’s chord sequences in Penny Lane, to the lyricism of Cole Porter and culminating in the recent tour-de-force four part series HOW MUSIC WORKS. For the layman he is a revelation- his accessible presenting style combined with a passion and deep knowledge of his fascinating subject opens up new areas of understanding, appreciation and enlightenment for musical ingénues. Having devoured his programmes you know not only what music you like, but why you like it.

[He] has done more than any other individual over the last decade to educate people about the wonder and workings of music, significantly through the all powerful medium of television. With the support of Jan Younghusband at Channel 4 he has single-handedly kept this aspect of our cultural life on screen in primetime, making programmes which are so engaging and so informative that we wait in eager anticipation for his next series. This extraordinarily talented man, this natural teacher is a worthy winner of the Judges’ Award.”