Educational Television Awards 2005

The Educational Television Awards 2005 were presented by Lord McIntosh of Haringey, RTS Vice President on Monday 12 June 2006 at the Savoy, Strand, London WC2

The evening was hosted by Hardeep Singh Kohli

The Guest Speaker was Professor Lord Winston

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For immediate release: 13 June 2006

0-5 Years
Razzledazzle - Drip Drop and Kitty CBeebies for BBC
“A 'join in' interactive show - well structured, no frills and focused - which puts children at its heart.”

The Roly Mo Show - Imagine Novel Entertainment for CBeebies & BBC Two

5-11 Years
Mumbai - Urban India CBBC Education for BBC Learning
“What shows for children should be… fresh, engaging, inspiring, innovative and educational. Learning points are beautifully integrated into the heart of the show.”

Making Sense of Health - Amazing Micro-organisms SPE (MSH) for BBC Two

11-16 Years
99 Ways to Lose Your Virginity ZKK for Channel 4
“The Jury felt that insights emerged very naturally in this winning programme which offered varied, rich and well structured material for teachers. The programme made a valuable contribution to anyone wishing to explore teenage sexuality.”

KS3/4 Maths for Pupils - Scrapyard Starters Glasshead for Teachers' TV
Timelines - 1066-1660 Lodestar Productions for BBC Learning

14-19 Years
Guns are Cool Raw TV for Channel 4
“The Jury said that through intelligent and clear debate articulated by a cool presenter, you were not only given insight into a topical issue but felt challenged to think it through for yourself.”

Last Rights Touchpaper Television for Channel 4
Young Black Farmers Diverse World for Channel 4

Secondary Interactive
Breaking the News/Channel 4 News/More4 News Illumina Digital and ITN for Channel 4
“This resource does far more than it says on the tin. Its use extends way beyond media studies, for which it is primarily intended. It's an online resource which stimulates, informs and challenges viewers’ engagement with television as a whole. The Jury said, ‘It's Channel 4 at its best.'”

L8R - Episode 6: Why R U Here? Hi8us South/APT Films for BBC Learning


Campaigns and Seasons - RTS/NIACE Award
Springwatch with Bill Oddie BBC Learning and BBC Science & Nature Online working with the Natural History Unit supported by The Woodland Trust and Internova for BBC
“The sheer passion of presenters eager to share their knowledge made this season of programmes an engaging and engrossing appointment to view for the whole family.”

Torture Season 20/20/Mentorn Oxford/ORTV/Wildfire Pictures for Channel 4
Jamie's School Dinners Fresh One Productions for Channel 4

Adult Training
School Matters - "Being Different may be Cool" - On the Autistic Spectrum Arcadian Productions for Teachers' TV
“‘Outstanding’, was the Jury’s comment on this winning programme. Extremely well researched and made with obvious care, this programme imaginatively portrayed a difficult subject yet was structured so that the viewers’ journey was an illuminating and enjoyable experience.”

Key Stage 2 Numeracy - Just a Fraction Television Junction for Teachers' TV
School Matters - Coping With Bereavement Lambent Productions for Teachers' TV

Educational Multimedia Award
Springwatch with Bill Oddie BBC Science & Nature Online supported by The Woodland Trust and Internova for BBC
“By encouraging thousands of users to contribute their own observations through a simple and innovative interface, Springwatch used popular television to create mass participation in an important and evolving national experiment.”

The Teachers' TV Website - Teachers' TV with Victoria Real and Illumina
Coast Mobile BBC Learning & Interactive

Single Programme
ONE Life - To Courtney, With Love Mosaic North for BBC One
“Exceptional access and respect for the subjects of this video diary made for an emotionally riveting and poignant film. It will certainly be of great help to anyone going through the grieving process.”

My Life as a Child - Distant Dads BBC Two
Make Me Normal Century Films for Channel 4

Educational Impact in the Primetime Schedule
The Real Sex Traffic Associated Producers/True Vision/Channel 4
“Moving, shocking, and resonant - the result of painstaking research, this programme had tremendous narrative, and deployed strong journalistic values to alert it's audience to what is happening not only in our own backyard, but right across Europe, right now.”

Jamie's School Dinners Fresh One Productions for Channel 4
Brainiac 3 - Episode 4 Granada for Sky One

Judges’ Award

Professor Stephen Heppell
“The recipient of this year’s RTS Judges’ Award is a lifelong champion of young learners. He has done more to cultivate a hands-on approach to media literacy than almost any individual in the UK. He is a passionate advocate of the entitlement of the young to use interactive media to learn.

In a career that spans academic research, teaching, policy development, public and private sector collaboration, development of educational applications, politics, radical thinking and leftfield innovation, it is hardly surprising that the recipient of this evening’s award is often referred to as the “funkiest on-line guru on the scene”. His guru status is not restricted to the UK – he also has an international profile.

Formerly Director of Ultralab across a twenty-two year period, our winner and his team built the lab into one of the most respected research centres in e-learning in the world. Initiatives such as and the Learnometer project were accompanied by the wonderful which offers one of the most innovative approaches to learning inclusion currently available in the world. In the sphere of Higher Education, Stephen and the team developed the extraordinary “Ultraversity” project, a radical statement about real entitlement if ever there was one.

When he isn’t travelling to points east, west, north and south, he somehow finds the time to serve on a variety of committees including a governorship of Teachers’ TV, The QCA Advisory Group for creativity, as Chair of the RTS Multimedia jury and on BAFTA’s Film Committee. Our winner also advises both Channel 4 and the BBC on issues such as user generated content and IT policy and continues to advise the government on a range of ICT issues.

His deep commitment to shaping the liberating potential inherent in e-learning has motivated our winner to make a seminal contribution to UK education.

Not only is our winner widely respected across the entire spectrum of the education community, he is also hugely well liked and loved.”