This week's top TV: 30 November - 6 December

This week's top TV: 30 November - 6 December

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Monday, 30th November 2015
Alex Polizzi in San Vito on her trip around Italy's islands
Alex Polizzi in San Vito

December arrives with polar bears and Christmas crafts


Live at the Apollo



Romesh Ranganathan presents Live at the Apollo
(Credit: BBC / Open Mike / Ellis O'Brien)

Romesh Ranganathan hosts the latest episode of BBC Two’s flagship stand up show.

This week he’s joined by Canada’s Stewart Francis, known for his masterful one liners, and Perrier Award nominee Jason Byrne.



Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas

Channel 4


Kirstie Allsopp kicks off the Christmas season with festive crafting
(Credit: Channel 4 / Keith Davis)

As December comes around, Kirstie Allsopp is on hand to get the festivities started.
This week she makes a Swiss-inspired garland, boozy fondue and paper-cut pictures.

Meanwhile, home upcycling expert Jay Blades will show how you can transform a bookcase into a stunning doll’s house or castle for next to nothing.



Racing Extinction





With scientists predicting that human behaviour could cause the loss of half of all species by the end of the century, Oscar-winning director Louie Psihoyos (The Cove) and his team explore the two leading factors that are leading towards Earth’s sixth major extinction (the last one wiped out the dinosaurs).

Psihoyos and his colleagues look at how the international wildlife trade, driven by a taste for exotic foods and alternative medicine, is contributing to a major loss in our wildlife.

The film also explores the hidden threat of carbon emissions and acidified oceans, and implores viewers to rethink the way we live to minimise the harm we cause the planet.



Alex Polizzi’s Italian Islands 

Channel 5 


Alex Polizzi enjoys the sunshine in San Vito
(Credit: Channel 5)

Taking a break from inspecting some of the UK’s grottiest hotels, Alex Polizzi shares her love of Italy, revealing the culture and beauty of the country’s islands.

This week she explores some of the smaller islands, starting in glamourous Capri, before moving over to Ischia where she tries the regional speciality of rabbit and Salina where she samples the local sweet wine made from the Malvasia grape.



Have I Got News for You 

BBC One 


HIGNFY team captains Ian Hislop and Paul Merton
(Credit: BBC / Hat Trick / Steve Brown)

Pointless host, comedian and occasional crooner Alexander Armstrong umpires this week’s episode of the topical news show.

Armstrong and team captains Ian Hislop and Paul Merton are joined by comedian Sara Pascoe and former leader of the Scottish National Party Alex Salmond to poke fun at the week’s events.



The Great Polar Bear Feast 

Channel 4 


Polar bears on the shores of Barter Island, near the village of Kaktovik, Alaska
(Credit: Channel 4 / Sarah Ramsden)

Every year up to 80 polar bears gather on the frozen shores of Barter Island in north Alaska to feast on the remains hunter-harvested whales.

The spectacle is particularly unusual as polar bears are solitary predators, rarely, if ever, moving in a group.

The film shows the impact of climate change and retreating sea ice on two polar bear mothers, Anyu and Nanook, who are struggling to provide food for their cubs.

Todd Atwood, lead polar bear scientist for the US Geological Survey, offers a look into his job tracking the creatures throughout the year.



Fern Britton Meets… Linford Christie 

BBC One 


Fern Britton 
(Credit: BBC)

Linford Christie won 23 major championship medals during his 17 year career as a sprinter, including a gold at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona.

After Christie had all but retired from running, he tested positive to the banned steroid Nandrolone,  although he has always denied any wrong doing, resulting in the International Association of Athletics Federation enforcing a two year suspension from the sport and an Olympic lifetime ban.

The athlete-turned-coach talks to Fern Britton about his life in British athletics, as he trains some of Britain’s rising stars, and explains the role of faith in his career.

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December arrives with polar bears and Christmas crafts