This week's top TV: 1 - 7 June

This week's top TV: 1 - 7 June

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By Pippa Shawley,
Friday, 24th July 2015

Man Down
Channel 4, 10pm

(Credit: Shamil Tanna/C4)

Greg Davies returns as Dan, a man who struggles with adult life. Still stuck in a teaching job he hates, and spurned by his girlfriend, he focuses on self-improvement.

While his prankster father (Rik Mayall) may have passed away, Dan must now contend with his pragmatic Aunt Nesta (Stephanie Cole), who pours scorn on his dithering and childish ways.

While Dan attempts to man up, it will be an uphill struggle.

"I think the day that things really go well for him is the day that the show will come to a conclusion," says Davies.


The Syndicate

BBC One, 9pm

Lenny Henry plays gardener Godfrey (Credit: BBC/Rollem Productions)

New money trounces old money as the staff of money-draining Hazelwood Manor win the lottery, thanks to gardener Godfrey's (Lenny Henry) clever calculations.

The £14 million prize money looks like it could solve the dwindling staff's money troubles, until cleaner Dawn's daughter goes missing.

Series three is a brand new story from writer Kay Mellor –perfect if you missed the show's first two outings.



Doll & Em

Sky Atlantic, 10pm


Real life best friends Dolly Wells and Emily Mortimer return as lifelong pals, actresses and playwrights Doll & Em.

After a disastrous period where Doll worked as Em's personal assistant, the pair has made up and moved from LA to New York to work on a play they have co-written, based on themselves.

Featuring guest appearances from Ewan McGregor, Evan Rachel Wood and Olivia Wilde, the subtle sitcom will explore how the duo works together on a more level playing field.



Big Box, Little Box

ITV, 8.30pm

(Credit: ITV/Endemol)

Billed as the new Gogglebox, Big Box, Little Box sees normal households try out the latest products on the market.

From spray tans to protein shakes, each group has three days to test the products and give their honest verdicts.



Kate Humble: Living with Nomads

BBC Two, 9pm

(Credit: BBC/Indus Films/Kate Owen)

In this three-part series, Kate Humble visits nomadic people in Nepal, Mongolia and Siberia to examine what life on the move is like in the 21st century as the climate changes and society becomes more sedentary.

In this first episode, Humble heads to south-west Nepal to visit the Raute people. She experiences at first hand the hostility the Raute feel from those in mainstream Nepalese society.


Pinewood: 80 Years of Movie Magic

BBC Two, 9pm

(Credit: BBC/Ray Morris)

Jonathan Ross returns to the BBC to celebrate the history of one of Britain's most iconic film studios.

Ross is joined by a host of stars who share their experiences of working Pinewood, from Carry On's Barbara Windsor to current Miss Moneypenny Naomie Harris.




BBC One, 5pm

(Credit: BBC/Oliver Edwards)

This week the Countryfile team celebrates the bucolic brilliance of Somerset.

Matt Baker explores the caves that run beneath the Mendips, while Ellie Harrison stays above ground, meeting a furniture maker who crafts his products from antlers.

Meanwhile, no trip to Somerset would be complete without a sip of scrumpy, and it falls to Countryfile stalwart John Craven to take one for the team, as he explores how the county's orchards are vital to the survival of rare bees.

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