Vine launches new app for kids

Vine launches new app for kids

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Thursday, 5th February 2015

Vine has launched a new app targeted directly at children.

Vine Kids features content handpicked for being suitable for a young audience.

The app was devised after Vine's Head of Content Strategy, Andre Sala, expressed a wish that there was an app his two-year-old daughter could use.

Two of Sala's colleagues developed Vine Kids during Hack Week, a time where Vine employees can work on projects outside their day-to-day tasks. 


"We've seen for ourselves - and heard from parents, siblings and others - that kids love Vine. So, we built Vine Kids, a simple new app that gives young children a fun way to watch Vines," the company's Head of Communications and Marketing, Carolyn Penner, wrote in a blog post.

The app, which is currently only available on iOS, allows users to swipe between videos which have been specially selected to avoid inappropriate content reaching children.

The original Vine app, which allows users to create and share 6-second videos, has seen rapid growth since it launched two years ago.

In August 2014, Vine reported that 100 million people viewed Vine videos online each month.

By Pippa Shawley



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