Twitch announces Inspector Gadget marathon

Twitch announces Inspector Gadget marathon

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Thursday, 13th December 2018
Credit: Twitch

Twitch reveals week-long Inspector Gadget week-long marathon in the run up to Christmas.

The multiplayer entertainment platform will show 65 episodes of the 1983 animated series, which follows a cyborg police detective as he fights crime with the help of his bionic gadgets attached to his body.

Classic episodes will air in five-hour time blocks from 6pm GMT on 17 December up until 5pm GMT on Christmas Eve on Twitch Presents.

To coincide with the episodes, will livestream the creation of 3D props inspired by the character's Go Go Gadgets. Fans will also be challenged to make their own Go Go Gadget, with some selected by the team to provide live commentary on.

Co-creator Andy Heyward and his team at Kid Genius Channel will interact with viewers online and join in an hour long chat and viewing from December 17 – 21, where they will reveal facts about the show and select fan usernames into Go Go Gadget concept sketches which can be shared on social media.

“Since a key component of multiplayer entertainment is the live interaction happening between streamers and their viewers, the Inspector Gadget marathon adds something special to the mix,” said Jane Weedon, Director of Business Development at Twitch.

“In addition to show co-creator Andy Heyward conversing with fans in chat, he will be selecting some of their Twitch usernames to be transformed by his team into Go Go Gadgets concept art. This illustrates one of the many unique and fun ways creators on Twitch can bridge the gap with their fans in order to build stronger connections.”

Heyward added, “When Inspector Gadget was created 35 years ago, the props and gizmos that were used didn't exist in real life. Many years later, we found them to come to life and reality.

"What is so exciting for us today is that, with Twitch, we are now able to create the ​Inspector Gadget ​interactive experience with the legions of fans that we never would have imagined was possible back in the day.”

For the full schedule, visit Twitch Presents.


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Twitch reveals week-long Inspector Gadget week-long marathon in the run up to Christmas.