TV Picks: 6th – 12th September

TV Picks: 6th – 12th September

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Monday, 6th September 2021
Credit: BBC and ITV
Credit: BBC and ITV

This week, take an adventure in the Arctic Circle and go behind the scenes of Grenfell Tower with artist in residence Constantine Gras.

Silent Witness 


BBC One, 9pm

The long-running crime drama is back again after the previous series ended on a dramatic note with the death of a major character. 

Emilia Fox returns as Dr Nikki Alexander and David Caves is back as Jack Hodgson, with Jason Wong joining the cast as a new member of the team, pathologist Adam Yuen. 

Trying to look towards the future and move on, the team find themselves facing old ghosts and buried secrets, which pushes them closer together. 

The arrival of Yuen, who is bright, confident and very keen, rubs Alexander and Hodgson up the wrong way and threatens to disrupt their established dynamic. 

9/11: Life Under Attack 


ITV, 9pm 

Credit: ITV
Credit: ITV

The one-off documentary tells the story of the day that changed history and was one of the worst terrorist attacks in living memory. 

On September 11 2001, Islamic extremists from the group al-Quaeda hijacked four airplanes.

Two flew into the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City, a third hit the Pentagon just outside Washington DC and a fourth crashed into a field in Shanksville Pennsylvania. 

The documentary will feature unseen footage and audio from the day from those who were on the ground, painting a vivid portrait of the devastating attack. 

Grenfell: The Untold Story 


Channel 4, 10pm 

Credit: BBC Studios
Credit: BBC Studios 

The documentary tells the story of the UK’s worst residential fire since World War II, and includes never before seen footage, captured by the Grenfell artist in residence Constantine Gras. 

The fire that engulfed the 24-storey tower in West London in June 2017, killed 72 people and injured more than 70 others, taking over 60 hours to be extinguished.

Viewers will see footage from inside Grenfell Tower during the £10 million refurbishment process in the years leading up to the fire when highly combustible cladding was used. 

Interviews with Gras and members of the Grenfell Residents Group will show how residents had expressed concerns about the work being done before the fire. 

The North Water 


BBC Two, 9:30pm 

Adapted from the novel by Ian McGuire, the series tells the story of murder, mystery and survival set against the harsh backdrop of the Arctic Circle. 

Patrick Summer (Jack O’Connell), a disgraced ex-army surgeon, signs up as the ship’s doctor on an ill-fated whaling expedition to the Arctic.

On board he meets harpooner and brutish killer Henry Drax (Colin Farrell), who is as amoral as he is psychotic. 

When a cabin boy is found brutally killed, Summer finds himself forced to act. 

Trying to escape the horrors of his past, Summer searches for redemption, but it becomes clear that he will have to struggle for survival among the bitter wasteland.

Ready To Mingle 


ITV2, 9pm 

Hosted by Katherine Ryan, the dating show follows a single woman as she searches for her perfect partner. 

Twelve men attempt to win her affections, however, not all of them are single. Some of the 'single' men are in relationships and are lying in order to win a cash prize. 

Staying in a luxury apartment, they will all be put through a series of tests and games, which will see each man eliminated one-by-one. 

To add to the tension, the men in relationships will be helped out by their real-life partners, but how far will they go in order to not blow their cover?

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This week, take an adventure in the Arctic Circle and go behind the scenes of Grenfell Tower with artist in residence Constantine Gras.