Thank you Mari

Thank you Mari

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Thursday, 28th April 2011
Tim Hartley with Mari Griffith
Tim Hartley with Mari Griffith

After more than eleven years’ service, Mari Griffith is standing down as Secretary of the RTS Wales Centre Committee.  Mari has been responsible for organising all our events and meetings, and it is worth noting that the Wales Centre organises more events each year than any other RTS regional centre - no mean feat.  Without Mari's organisational skills, infinite patience, and attention to detail, the discussion panels, visits, and lectures we have held all over Wales simply would not have happened.  I will miss Mari’s charm and charisma, her warm personality, and the sheer sense of fun she has brought to all our events.  Her long experience in broadcasting has given her a depth of knowledge of the industry, and, of course, Mari knows all the key players.  Mari has been a rock of support during my years as chairman of the Wales Centre, and I would like to thank her for her unstinting commitment to the Society.

Hywel Wiliam, who is leaving Ofcom this month, has kindly agreed to take over the responsibilities of Wales Centre Secretary and Treasurer, and I am glad to say that Mari remains a member of the Wales Centre Committee.

O waelod calon Mari - Diolch.

Tim Hartley
(Chair: Wales Centre)


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