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Sunday, 27th December 2015
Timothy Spall stars as Fungus the Bogeyman
Fungus the Bogeyman

Timothy and Rafe Spall star in two of our must-watch shows, though their subjects couldn't be more different

Fungus the Bogeyman

Sky 1


The Hobbit star Andy Serkis narrates Raymond Briggs’ beloved tale of Fungus the Bogeyman and his life in Bogeydom. Timothy Spall plays Fungus, who’s been given the CGI treatment by Serkis’ Imaginariam Studios. Fun for all the family, the story follows Fungus, his wife Mildew ad son Mould, as they leave their safe but grimy world of Bogeydom for life Up Top, where the humans (or ‘Drycleaners’) dwell.

‘Drycurious’ Mould is desperate to fit in with those on the surface, and the family disguise themselves as humans. Little do they know, however, that Scarface the Bogeyhunter is on their slimy trail.


Walking the Himalayas

Channel 4


Explorer Levison Wood, who previously walked length of the river Nile, is back with a new challenge: to walk the length of the world’s highest mountain range. Over four months, Wood walks 1700 gruelling miles through some of the plnet’s most spectacular –and dangerous- places. He begins in Afghanistan’s remote and inhospitable Wakhan Corridor, where he must battle with altitude sickness to reach the Irshad Pass, a five kilometre wall of ice and now that stands between Afghanistan and Pakistan.


Harry Price: Ghost Hunter 



While Timothy Spall is busy playing a bogeyman over on Sky, son Rafe is on ITV as Harry Price, a con artist who has withdrawn from society following the suicide of a young soldier. In 1920s London, Price is called on to investigate apparent tales of the paranormal and supernatural after Grace Goodwin, the wife of an MP is found naked in the street. Goodwin claims she has heard strange noises and senses being watched around her home, which happens to be a former workhouse. In the Public Records Office, Price’s assistant Sarah Grey (Cara Theobold) discovers that the documents outlining the final twelve years of the workhouse’s history are missing, causing the pair to wonder if the two mysteries are linked.


Gypsy: Live from the Savoy Theatre 

BBC Four 


The Savoy Theatre’s production of Gypsy has garnered raving reviews during its run. Now it can be enjoyed from the comfort of the sofa as Imelda Staunton and Peter Davison star in the musical roughly based on the memoirs of Gypsy Rose Lee.

Set in Seattle in the 1920s, when vaudeville is at its height, Staunton plays Rose, a show business mother, determined to raise her daughters to be stage stars.

The musical, containing popular songs such as Everything’s Coming Up Roses, follows the family’s ups and downs in the theatre world, until the hard work pays off an Rose’s daughter Louise (Lara Pulver) becomes a huge star: Gypsy Rose Lee.

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Timothy and Rafe Spall star in two of our must-watch shows, though their subjects couldn't be more different