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Wednesday, 16th March 2022

16th March 2022

The winners of the RTS West of England Student Awards were announced last night at an awards ceremony at The Everyman Cinema in Bristol. The region had received strong entries across a range of categories including drama, animation, comedy and entertainment and factual. The keynote speaker was Levi Jouavel from BBC Three’s The Catch Up, who shared her insights on working in TV, as well as top tips on how to make it, including the need to come up with ideas, opening up yourself to as many opportunities as you can and to always be yourself.

In Animation, Alison Loke from the University of the West of England won for her personal and touching film ‘Kopi Girl’ and in Factual it was “Eden” from the University of the West of England that the judges voted for, as “an unique piece of filmmaking, engaging and visually beautiful with an amazing story at its core”. The documentary follows Eden Elgeti’s story as a transgender woman who would like biological children in the future and takes up extreme cold water swimming in a bid to produce fertile sperm after the hormone treatments.

The Drama award went to the University of Gloucestershire for ‘Signed, Marlo’, which the judges described as “a genuinely moving film with excellent writing and a strong narrative, clearly defined characters and well considered direction”. The University of Gloucestershire also triumphed in Comedy and Entertainment for Afterlove, which was “creative, clever and different, with an original plot line and an imaginative script.” It features ‘Angel of death’ Nyx who spends her days crossing into the living world and helping people pass into the afterlife, until she meets Katy and an unlikely romance begins.

The judges were Ian Osprey, Series Producer, Twenty Twenty Television, Carolyn Magson, Talent Executive, Gritty Talent. Stacey Olika, Creative Diversity Co-ordinator, Nations and Regions, Channel 4, Wes HIbberd, Editor and Colourist, Films at 59, Bruce Goodison, Founder, Indefinite Films, Izzi Tippetts, Production Co-ordinator, BBC Natural History Unit, Elena Wurlitzer, Senior Development Executive, Wildseed Studios Lucy Izzard, Animation Director, Aardman Animations, Jenny Van de Lande, Creative Director, Snowed In Productions and Nathan Harrison, P/D, Cameraman. Judges were looking for freshness, originality and audience appeal.

The winning films from the West of England Centre will now be judged at the UK national level in April 2022.

There were also a host of craft awards handed out to reward exceptional promise in a number of craft areas- full list below




An Exquisite Dinner, Olly Blower, Amber Fitzwilliam, Solly Bowyer, Cal Ola-Hagen, University of the West of England

WINNER: Signed Marlo, Izzy Macmillan & Liz Cartwright, Tom Glover, Tom Allen , Jacob Seymour-Self, Nick Martin, A.W. Garner, University of Gloucestershire

Tomorrow’s Dawn, Auke De Vries, Cameron Stolber, Josh Stone, Katie Woods, Elliott Cox,
Morgan Hood, Eleri Povall-Jones, University of Gloucestershire

Stage Fright, Josiah Bello, Kate Jackson, Chris Alvey, Felix Dennis, Nadin Moussa, University of Gloucestershire

Darling Sons, Laura Jefferies, Lewis Mitchell, Will Harrison, Bleu Irvin, Meg McGregor, James Horsley, Macie Dell, University of Gloucestershire


Prince Edward, Ho Ching Kwok, University of the West of England

WINNER: Kopi Girl, Alison Loke, University of the West of England

The Alan Ankles Experience, Tom Cushing, Tish Marsh, University of the West of England

Flotsam and Jetsam, Felix Surplus, University of the West of England


Brown Wolfe, Megan Wolfe, Rose Lee Stanton, James Grahame, Jenna Wallace, University of the West of England

WINNER: Eden, Charlie Bush, Patrick Whinder-Montague, Barney Janes, Sam Schoettner, Maryam Bahaari, University of the West of England

The Changes That We Can Make, Levi James, Oliver Davies, Harry Cawthorne, Katie Smith,
Curtis Pyke, University of the West of England

Fighting Chance, Bethany Andrews, Haydn Feltham, Oli Batten, Bath Spa University


WINNER: Afterlove, Liz Cartwright, Izzy Macmillan, Auke De Vries, Charlotte Curtis, Jacob Seymour-Self, Eleri Povall-Jones, Elliott Cox, University of Gloucestershire

Clamped, Amy Barnes, Sam Fabian Miller, Liam Pym, Lottie Brocklesby, Macie Dell, James
Horsley, Hannah Huggins, University of Gloucestershire

The Street Walker, Izzy Hart, Sam Allgood, Elliott Mann, Hannah Smith, Jack Edwards, University of Gloucestershire

Lower the Tone, Daniel Stearn, Imogen Maguire, Samantha Duffus, Josh Jenkins, Max Gummer, Matt Luxton, University of Gloucestershire

Mystery Match Charlie Woolf, Sophie Ratcliffe, Gus Hamilton, Rob Taylor, Tom Hitchings, University of Gloucestershire


Kitty Jay, Cinematography, Sam Fabian Miller, Costume Design/Make Up, Macie Dell, Producing, Liam Pym, University of Gloucestershire
Angels of Somme, Harry Murphy, Louis Walker, Sound, UWE
Darling Sons, Costume and Make Up, Macie Dell, University of Gloucestershire
Tomorrow’s Dawn, Camerawork, Josh Stone, University of Gloucestershire
Codename: Obsidian, Visual Effects, Hayden Weaver, Screenology
Blip, Production Design, Britta Merirand, University of Gloucestershire
Signed, Marlo, Writing, Izzy Macmillan and Liz Cartwright, University of Gloucestershire

Flotsam and Jetsam, Production Design, Felix Surplus, UWE
The Alan Ankles Experience, Sound, Tom Jacobs, UWE
The Big Top, Model Making, Ruby Black, Lilly Goodwin, Cleo Parker and Julia Henauer, UWE
Lonely Dandelion, Writing, Julia Vaccina, UWE
A Miraculous Midnight , Visual Design, Hazel Boxall, UWE

Comedy and Entertainment
Clamped, Directing, Amy Barnes, Camerawork, Sam Fabian Miller, Performance, Rosa Samuels, University of Gloucestershire
Mystery Match, Production Design, Editing, Sophie Ratcliffe, University of Gloucestershire
Afterlove, Production Design, Charlotte Curtis, Writing, Liz Cartwright, Performance for Kelsey Cooke, University of Gloucestershire
The Street Walker, Producing, Izzy Hart, University of Gloucestershire

Eden, Camerawork, Barney Janes, Ethan Harper, Composing, UWE
Brown Wolfe, Camerawork, Rose Lee Stanton, Directing and Writing, Megan Wolfe, UWE
The Changes That We Can Make, Oliver Davies, Producing, UWE
Fighting Chance, Directing, Bethany Andrews, Sound, Bath Spa University

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