RTS West of England Student Awards 2018

RTS West of England Student Awards 2018

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Friday, 9th February 2018

Congratulations to all the winners at the 2018 awards!

Just over 100 guests attended the Royal Television Society West of England Student Awards on Tuesday 6th February at The Everyman Cinema in Bristol to celebrate the best student talent in the region. The awards are for student television work that shows outstanding visual and aural creativity, a mastery of craft skills, innovation, initiative and story-telling. The University of the West of England triumphed on the evening, winning all the programme categories (Animation, Drama, Factual, Comedy and Entertainment and Short Feature). The winning films in each category are then put forward for RTS national judging in March of this year.


A packed and buzzing audience of students enjoyed an inspiring keynote speech from Gavin Strange, Senior Designer at Aardman  who talked about being a ‘realistic idealist’ and encouraged the students to create opportunities born from passions, detailing how a ‘creative career is a never ending story’.


Magda Osinska, a director from Aardman and one of the student award judges, kicked off the evening presenting the Animation award to Jocelyn Wat and Joshua Wat for 

The Station, a film which was “well conceived and simply done, with original, genuine tension.” Then Katy Fryer, an Executive Producer and another judge, handed out the Factual award to Pleasure Boys, citing it was “shot and edited well, was visually strong, with good access and had lots of energy”. The Short Feature award was presented by James Pollock from BDH to Piotr, a powerful short film, beautifully crafted about an unusual character-an athlete and an artist. Gavin Strange then presented the Comedy and Entertainment Award to The Girls, “a confident film- professional with good storytelling. It had good control of material with a clear vision”. And finally Fiona Francombe, Site Director of The Bottle Yard Studios, announced the winner of the Drama award as Chris Pugh for ‘String’, a film the judges felt would stay with the audience.








Broadcast, Molly Boughen, Beth Leaver, Naoki Onimaru, Callum Smith, Matthew Shaw, Max Ramsden,  Gloucestershire College

String, Chris Pugh, Bex Rose, Theo Watkins, Romaine Smith and Louie Blystad Collins, UWE - WINNER

Father of the Man, Tommy Creagh, Stuart Hole, Matthew Flanagan, Matt Pidala, Corinne Thomas, Mathew Lester, William Davies, Elliott Watson, Jordan Kelvin, UWE

Captive, Corinna Ryder, Hannah Worboys, Matt Ashwell, Billy Kendall, Jack Suttie and Matty McBride, University of Gloucestershire





Toil, Jessye Aggleton, University of Bristol

The Station, Jocelyn Wat and Joshua Wat, UWE - WINNER

Walk, David Rock, Benjamin Whitehouse, Filzah Fadzil UWE

The Durnhams Drizzle, Lois Bryant and Ella Trudgeon





Gay For Views: Is It For The Fame Or For The Fans? Richard Walker, Chloe Pope, Robert Whelan, Tom Coker-Jones and Jack Suttie, University of Gloucestershire 

Pleasure Boys, Elliott Watson, Isla Gaffney, Petra Lewis, James Royall, Asa Gartland, Alex Bricknell UWE - WINNER

From Bow to Toe, Ami Wyllie, UWE




Christmas at Mum’s, Ben Davies, Joe Trickey, Sonia Wargacka, Spencer Ellis

Me, Myself and Why, Owen Dando, Lucy Steel, Tommi Floor, Emily Doble, Bailey Mitchell, Bath Spa University

Preretro Ross Graham, Edith Rose, Petra Lewis, Peter Lomas, Alexander McGarry, UWE 

The Girls, Olivia Joyce, Abbey Kaye, Christy Tattershall, Edith Rose, Jerome Watson, Hattie Williams, UWE - WINNER





Back of Our Hands - Isla Gaffney, Petra Lewis, Bethany Fitter, Shadrack Wayi-Wayi, Charlie Rees, UWE

Piotr- Zuza Kopacka, Ross Longhurst, Tommy Reeday, Elliott Watson,  Mark Oshana, Alex Bricknell, UWE - WINNER



Craft Award Winners 



Edith Rose, Simona Cucinella

Production Design - The Girls, UWE 


Christy Tattershall

Camerawork - The Girls, UWE


Ross Graham

Editing - Preretro, UWE




Mark Oshana, Sound

Piotr, UWE


Ross Longhurst, Editing 

Piotr, UWE


Tommy Reeday, Camerawork

Piotr, UWE




Petra Lewis, Editing

Pleasure Boys, UWE




Max Ramsden, Production Design

Broadcast, Gloucestershire College


Bethany Fitter and Charlie Rees, Camerawork

Fin, UWE


Frank Lindsay, James Royall and Edd Roberts - Sound

Fin, UWE


Abbey Kaye, Editing

Fin, UWE




Benjamin Yapp, Composer

Puppet, UWE


Aiden Whittam, Camerawork

Puppet, UWE


Aiden Whittam, Production Design

Puppet UWE


Benjamin Whitehouse, Sound

Walk, UWE



Patrick Makin, Writer, Script Editor, Story Consultant

Katy Fryer, Series Producer

Hannah Griffiths, Series Producer

Bess Manley, Director, Icon Films

Magda Osinska, Director, Aardman

Jesse Cleverley, Creative Director, Wildseed Studios

James Pollock, BDH

Fraser Barber, Film and TV Sound Recordist


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Congratulations to all the winners at the 2018 awards!