RTS NW present the spookiest filming spots in Liverpool

RTS NW present the spookiest filming spots in Liverpool

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Monday, 30th June 2014

A frighteningly good tour of filming spots in Liverpool

June 30th Guests on the tour found the undead-guides exceedingly knowledgeable (Credit: Alex Connock)

To see more pictures from the event, click here. 

Last year’s RTS NW tour of Liverpool’s filming locations was highly commended by those who had gone along, but sadly I had been unable to join in on that occasion.  So I looked forward to this second instalment with great anticipation, especially as the theme was to explore some of the spookiest spots around the city centre.

On arrival in the city centre we were invited for refreshments in a fashionable cafe, and then we embarked on a 2-hour walking tour. 

Our guides were not what we had been expecting at all - for they were the undead; several (knowledgeable) gothic horror characters, replete with bleeding faces and rotting flesh courtesy of Shiverpool.  They proceeded to guide us on foot around some of the most sinister locations in the city centre, including sites of past massacres, grisly murders and haunted spots, playfully taunting and jibing us along the way. 

The ghostly trail finally led to a tour of Liverpool’s magnificent Town Hall, where we explored its beautiful ballroom and even learned that the building’s grand, sweeping staircase was the inspiration for the SS Titantic’s own version of the same.  In the majestic Council Chambers, Kevin Bell (anything but one of the Undead) of the Liverpool Film Office told the assembled gathering of the one-stop services that his organisation willingly provides, and his sentiments were seconded by those present who had experience of filming in the city. 

The evening culminated in a visit to a nearby venue for drinks, mingling and networking with a wide selection of guests from Liverpool’s  production and digital media community, where many interesting conversations were had and enabling us all to further forge good relations amongst the guests and strengthening the bonds between the north-west media community.  

A memorable, exciting and valuable excursion.  I eagerly look forward to the next …

To see more pictures from the event, click here. 

By Anthony Utley

The tour included some of the most iconic sites in Liverpool (Credit: Alex Connock)

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