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Wednesday, 26th January 2011


Can you remember why a small number of pubs took part in a TV first on January 31st 2010?

And why was Graeme Thompson, the local Chairman of the RTS, allegedly implicated in the demolition of the former ITV Tyne Tees City Road headquarters in 2010?

These were just some of the questions which flummoxed and informed the teams taking part in the Annual Review for the RTS in the North East and the Border Centre.

You can be too clever by half W if you thought the age of the latest Dr Who was 960 you would unfortunately have failed to score. The correct answer is that Matt Smith was 26 when he took on the role.

The questions about theme tunes tested the teams by requiring viewing habits ranging from classical series to obscure sporting programmes. There was the haunting unforgettable theme to World at War; the hit tune that was linked up with an award-winning Cadbury's ad; and the fondly-remembered Robin of Sherwood W do you have the attention to detail to remember the difference between that and Robin Hood?

The competition at Newcastle's Live Theatre was especially fierce because this was billed as 'the last time to carry off the coveted ALTO Trophy' W the remarkable Review production team of RTS Hon Sec Tony Edwards and his partner-in-crime Carole were threatening to step down after 9 years. The audience thanked them and also Graeme Aldous who as usual produced the audio-visual round. [Editor's note: These thanks so boosted Tony & Carole that they subsequently agreed to round their participation up to a full decade in 2011]

This trio tantalised the teams with questions covering The Year 2010; Audio; Mindbender Questions; and Name that Face. The winners emerged only in the final furlong when 'The Upstarts' team overtook 'Stumped' to triumph.


(left to right)Jules Williamson, Mark Murray, Tony Edwards, Judith Holder, Fahima Chowdhury

And the answers to the posers?

1. This was the world's first 3D live broadcast, featuring the match between Arsenal and Manchester United W special glasses were provided to the lucky audience.
2. As the famous studios (and entrance that inspired The Tube) were reduced to rubble, a huge banner revealed the name of the demolition company to be…Thompsons of Prudhoe.

By Olwyn Hocking 

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