Category 15 — The Centre Award

Category 15 — The Centre Award

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Tuesday, 20th February 2018
NETB Awards 2018 Cat15
The team from Tyneside Cinema

This award will go to the person, team or organisation whose work has made an outstanding contribution over the last 12 months to any aspect of the industry. 


The Judges said:

The Centre Award this year is awarded to a team.  A team that has — over the past twelve months — proved itself as not just as a production powerhouse, but also a talent development hub for aspiring film and TV creatives.

Oh yes, and it’s also a Cinema!

The Tyneside has been the lead organisation in the North of England delivering Channel 4 and Arts Council-funded Random Acts — an innovative education, training and production programme.  Random Acts builds on the Tyneside’s experience as a development and training centre for young programme-makers, through projects including Northern Stars and The Factory.  Last year they recruited, developed and produced 24 new pieces of work from a diverse range of young artists and filmmakers for the Channel 4 strand — enabling 16 to 24 year olds to make original work supported by professionals for a national broadcaster.  This programme is led out of Tyneside Cinema by Ian Fenton, with support from executive producer Patrick Collerton, and delivered by a small but highly-skilled and dedicated team working with production company True North. 

Outreach and recruitment workshops for Random Acts in the past twelve months have engaged more than 500 young people from a range of backgrounds, encouraging many of them to think for the first time about television as something with which they could get involved — regardless of their personal, social or economic circumstances.  In addition to developing and producing work as part of the national Random Acts production initiative, Tyneside Cinema has also established a Documentary Academy, introducing young film-makers to factual production.  The programme is supported by a range of established industry professionals — including directors of photography Kyle Heslop and James McAleer, and sound recordist Andy Ludbrook.

Tyneside Cinema has made a significant and lasting impact on the television, film and creative industries in the North East and Borders over the last twelve months — creating unique opportunities for young people of all backgrounds and establishing a new generation of talent.

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