Category 14 — Professional Excellence – Animation and Games

Category 14 — Professional Excellence – Animation and Games

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Tuesday, 20th February 2018
NETB Awards 2018 Cat14
Rachel Teate and the Arcus Animation Studios team

This award recognises an individual or team who have produced outstanding and innovative work in the field of Animation and Games.  This will include fully-animated productions, contributions to multi-format output, and games.  Entries are invited from animators and games producers who can show genuine originality in their work, with specific attention paid to innovative designs.

This category includes content across any platform, including regional, national, international and digital formats — in any genre.

Creative Team (Kevin McCay), Arcus Animation Studios


Darren Bykerk
, IG Media Group

The Judges said:
Darren's portfolio had good, competent effects, and was competent technically.  The submission from Arcus was well directed and animated; evocative, beautiful and technically diverse.

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