Category 10A — Professional Excellence – Photography

Category 10A — Professional Excellence – Photography

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Tuesday, 20th February 2018
NETB Awards 2018 Cat10A
Ed Moore receives the trophy from Leona Vaughan (CBBC’s Wolfblood)

This award celebrates the skill and professional excellence of an individual or a team who stand out from the crowd in the world of photography here in the North East and the Border.  They will have delivered exceptional standards of work which deserve to be recognised.  Put simply — this award recognises a stand out team or individual.

Ed Moore and Camera Team, Vera 7


Ulf Brantas and Camera Team
, Inspector George Gently
Steve Paton

The Judges praised Steve Paton for nice gimbal work — Apricot Alley stood out.  They admired the tracking shots, and good use of drone on beach shots in Inspector George Gently.  But the Vera 7 team's work stood out because it was visually exciting, and created real tension.  The use of negative space added to the story.  Great briefing notes.  The portfolio was immersive and masterful.

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