Meet the bursary scholars

Meet the bursary scholars

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Tuesday, 27th January 2015

In 2014 the RTS awarded its first ever bursary scheme to twenty undergraduate students. See how they're getting on and what the bursary has helped them do so far by watching video diaries of their first terms at uni. To find out more and apply for our 2015 bursary scheme click here


Emma Jane Wheeler, from Essex

Emma's first interest in a TV career began in college, where she studied Film for A-Level. Now studying TV production at university, she hopes one day to become a scriptwriter, "though at the moment, my course allows me to explore many different areas of the creative industries, so things could change!" 

Suzanne Pearson, from Rotherham

Suzanne first fell in love with television watching David Attenborough documentaries and became interested in creative storytelling when she watched Edward Scissorhands at the age of 8. "This was when I began to realize that the possibility of being in such a creative industry wasn't just for Hollywood but for normal people, so from here on out I told everyone I wanted to be a director." Now at university, Suzanne is keeping her options open but aspires ultimately to produce or direct a TV series.


Richard Walker, from Dorset

Richard has explored many avenues of the media, from journalism to film but found his passion and creativity lay in television production. "By watching behind the scenes television programmes, I was fascinated by all the roles needed to make a programme and what a creative job it could be." In the future he hopes to work as a producer or director in documentaries that change people's perspectives on the world.

Jonas Mondua, from London

From a young age Jonas was fascinated by TV and how it was created. "Fortunately this passion still remains and I plan to pursue a career in this industry in the future." For now Jonas is keeping his options open whilst studying at university.


Hannah Hook, from Waterlooville

Growing up Hannah loved Drama lessons at school and, through experimenting with her creativity, realised her passion lay with television production. She is now studying Television and Film Production at the University of York where she's still deciding what path to take in TV. "Each day I am learning and experiencing new things to push myself to success in whatever I wish to achieve."

Adam Mann, from Newcastle

Adam had been surrounded by the world of media from a young age and experimented with radio production before finding his passion in filmmaking. "Film making is something which for me allows me to infuse myself with the experiences of others and allows me to connect with the world in a way which many people don't get the opportunity to do." Adam hopes to develop more of his film ideas into productions with the aspiration to become a producer or director of TV shows or documentaries. 


Jennifer Gargett, from Glasgow

Since Jennifer was little she has found television to give her a better understanding of the world around her. "I think its important that as well as being entertaining television also shows a true representation of people." Now studying television at Edinburgh Napier University, she hopes one day to direct documentaries.  

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