How Twitter reacted to the new Humans ad

How Twitter reacted to the new Humans ad

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By Rebecca Stewart,
Friday, 24th July 2015

A mysterious advert purporting to offer the services of a human cyborg housekeeper with startlingly green eyes has been sending chills down viewers' spines this week.


The ad, which first aired on Channel 4 over the weekend, promoted the hire of a life-like robot to work as a servant around the house. Given the leaps and bounds technology has made in recent decades this wasn't beyond the unimaginable. But clearly most viewers weren't ready for the future and it wasn't long before they took to Twitter to express their jitters. 


With over 100,000 Google searches following its broadcast, the mysterious ad got viewers to actively search for the programme - a smart move and one that we will no doubt be seeing more of on our screens.


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