Channel 4 announces a host of new factual content

Channel 4 announces a host of new factual content

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Thursday, 2nd May 2019
Credit: Channel 4

Channel 4 has commissioned a range of new factual content for 2019, as well as the return of RTS award-winning series The £1 Houses: Britain’s Cheapest Street.

The new commissions include a travelling dance series, a new dating show and a documentary about a family-run sex shop.

Channel 4 has also announced the return of the hit factual series The £1 Houses: Britain’s Cheapest Street, which gave people the opportunity to buy a house for just £1 and turn it into their dream home. 

Charlotte Church: My Family & Me (w/t)

Singer Charlotte Church gives a glimpse into her home life in this one-off documentary.

The documentary will look at the unique journey her family went on when she found fame at 11 years old as a classical singer.

Charlotte Church: My Family & Me (w/t) will also give an honest look at Charlotte’s relationship with her parents Maria and James, as they all spend five days in a remote setting, with only each other for company.

The revealing documentary will allow the family members to discuss the pressures of fame and wealth and the tensions they created within the family. With archive footage and frank interviews with the family, the film will give a rare insight into the singer’s rise to fame.

“My relationship with my parents is by turns hilarious, emotional and somewhat unusual – we’ve had a fascinating life together, but it’s not been without its challenges,” Charlotte Church commented. “There’s a lot of stuff we’ve never talked about – and the prospect of doing that is both terrifying and enthralling.”

Dance Around the World (w/t)

Channel 4’s latest dance show Dance Around the World (w/t) will see three of Europe’s most talented dancers travel across the globe to explore the cultural roots of street dance.

The dancers include London-based dancer and choreographer Suzette Brissett, who has previously worked with megastars Rihanna, Usher, Jennifer Hudson and Dua Lipa; Nike’s global dance ambassador Kym Jay, who has previously danced for Madonna; and Dutch street dancer Maren.

The three-part series will take them to all corners of the world where small dance communities have influenced the art form and culture, from New York’s Bronx to the favelas of Brazil.

“This is a vibrant celebration of street dance and explores its roots, how it has evolved and why it is still relevant today,” said Emily Jones, Channel 4 commissioning editor. “It’s also a privilege to shine a light on such fresh female talent and hear voices of people across the world who share their passion.”

Dance Around the World (w/t) will air later this year.

The Sex Shop Family (w/t)

This one-off documentary will follow the Richardsons’ unconventional family business as sex shop owners.

The Brighton-based family run sex shops Taboo and Lust, selling everything from sex toys to life-size sex dolls.

As well as their atypical work life, the documentary explores the eccentric family life of self-made businessman and father Tim, who works alongside his wife Calandra, his ex-wife Nancy and two children Kizzy and Taz.

The Sex Shop Family (w/t) will give a candid look at the world of the sex toy trade and the nation’s kinks and fetishes.  

Lee McMurray, Commissioning Editor for Factual Entertainment at Channel 4, said: “The beating heart of this entertaining comedy-doc will be the larger-than-life Richardsons, but their unique family business will also afford Channel 4 viewers a fascinating insight into the bedroom habits of modern Britain.”

Five Guys a Week

This new dating show is unlike any other, as the series sees one singleton take their pick from five trial live-in boyfriends. Five Guys a Week will see the five suitors move in all together with the singleton to fight it out for the picker’s affections in a test of romance, compatibility and stamina until there is one man standing at the end of the week.

The fixed rig ten-part series will see the group go out together to the singleton’s work, nights out with friends, as well as the crucial meeting with the parents.

Label1’s Head of Factual Entertainment Barnaby Coughlin, who executive produced First Dates and First Dates Hotel, said: “We’re delighted to be going to series with Five Guys. It’s a format that speaks to a universal concern – being loved -  that will work in any language, in any country in the world where people long to find their soul mate”.

The £1 Houses: Britain’s Cheapest Street

The RTS award-winning series returns, this time following families, couples and singletons from Liverpool who are given the chance to buy a house for £1. The groups will work with the local council to renovate the run-down houses in a neglected part of the city and transform them into their dream homes.

The £1 Houses: Britain’s Cheapest Street will explore the trials and tribulations of everyday life and the impact the renovations have on the existing community.

As well as introducing new homeowners, the second series will reveal how the homeowners from the first series are getting on, including young graduate Victoria, young mother Ibby and childhood sweethearts Mel and Rob.

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Channel 4 has commissioned a range of new factual content for 2019, as well as the return of RTS award-winning series The £1 Houses: Britain’s Cheapest Street.