The best and worst First Dates moments

The best and worst First Dates moments

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Friday, 12th February 2021
Credit: Channel 4
Credit: Channel 4

Dating is never easy. It is often a recipe for funny and awkward moments, and First Dates is the perfect show to watch all of that unfold. 

Here are some of the most memorable dates to set foot in the First Dates restaurant. 

The time they matched a former couple 

Imagine you send in your application for First Dates, get told you have a match, get ready and excited for your blind date...only to see the ex who broke your heart walk in. 

For Emma that was the reality when she saw former boyfriend Peter walk in, who had dumped her by text two years earlier. 

History was not about to repeat itself, as Emma branded herself as too mature for him and that due to a lack of trust, she wouldn’t date him again.

Peter, however, admitted he would have liked a “clean state” to start again, but it was too little too late. 

The time one person walked out on their date 

There have been plenty of dates that have not been a good match on the series, and when Greig and John met, it was the complete opposite of love at first sight. 

Not long into their date, John was brutally honest and admitted that he didn’t find Greig attractive and didn’t feel a connection with him, before questioning the point of carrying on with the date. 

Gobsmacked Greig decided to pay for his half and left before the main course, leaving John to eat his meal alone. 

However, it was for the best, as two weeks later Greig returned to the First Dates restaurant and met Shaun, with whom he found his happy ending. 

The time someone had a wardrobe malfunction 

Part-time nanny and weightlifter Lucy was pleased when she saw that hopeless romantic Caroline was her date.

In her excitement for the date ahead, the petite 4”11 Lucy showed off her strength by picking up bartender Merlin. 

Not to be outdone, in a bid to show her own strength, Caroline picked up Lucy but snapped the strap of her top in the process. 

Luckily, maître d’ Fred came to the rescue with some duct tape and fixed her top so the date could continue. 

The time Richard Blackwood appeared 

Most people can only dream about getting to date a celebrity, but the prospect doesn’t seem as exciting if you don’t know who the celebrity is. 

Richard Blackwood didn’t get off to a good start, getting his date’s name, Diana, wrong twice before making fun of her choice of cocktail. 

Oblivious to his celebrity status, when Blackwood explained he starred in EastEnders, Diana seemed unimpressed and underwhelmed by his star status. 

Used to women falling at his feet when he was a stand-up comedian, Blackwood admitted he usually never had trouble finding dates but struggled to settle down. 

The time a couple may have had a troubling connection 

Jordan and Will seemed like a great match, with plenty in common and flirty banter exchanged. Romance seemed to be on cards until they realised they had too much in common. 

Jordan admitted that her date Will actually reminded her of her own brother Elliot and, even worse, it soon transpired that they had the same last name. 

After that revelation, the chemistry soon evaporated, and the pair agreed that it would be best not to see each other again.

Considering their surprising similarities, who knows if they meet at a family gathering soon?

The time sex positivity was celebrated 

When Bella turned up to the First Dates restaurant in a skintight latex dress that she admitted had been lathered up in lube to keep looking shiny, it was clear she wasn’t going to be shy.

Bella soon confessed her love of attending kinky parties and dressing up, which sparked the interest of her date Bertie, who had his own wild side. 

The pair soon got close and personal when Bella asked Bertie to spank her because her dress sounded like a rubber band. 

The time the date led to a baby 

Ibiba and Aaron had a connection straight away when they met at the First Dates restaurant and found that their connection quickly went from strength to strength. 

Less than a year later, they announced they were expecting a baby girl, the first First Dates baby, who they called Aziza

It looks like the pair were always meant to be when they later discovered that Aaron’s father and Ibiba’s mother, both social workers, had actually been former colleagues for ten years.

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Dating is never easy. It is often a recipe for funny and awkward moments, and First Dates is the perfect show to watch all of that unfold.