The Alistair Cooke Lecture

Occurring in the USA (usually NYC or Washington DC), this series featured well known figures speaking about their personal experiences on topics such as Nature TV, politics as well as memoir lectures.  

Alistair Cooke (1908-2004) was a celebrated British journalist who spent the majority of his working life in America working as a foreign correspondent and television presenter. He has a Fulbright Commission scholarship for journalism named after him. The Alistair Cooke Lecture series ran from 1990-1998.

David Attenborough gave the final Alistair Cooke Lecture (Credit: BBC)

Sir David Attenborough. ‘Nature, Science and the Camera, 1998

Alistair Cooke. ‘60 Years.....Behind the Microphone. Before the Camera.....A Memoir’, 1997

Senator Alan Simpson and Congresswoman Pat Schroeder. ‘Television and Politics - After the Election’ (New York), 1996

Robert Hughes. ‘Who Wants to Watch it Anyway?’ (New York), 1994

John Chancellor. ‘Journey to the Interior: Taste and Politics in the Televisions Age’ (New York), 1993

Arthur C Clarke. ‘A Letter from Sri Lanka’ (Washington DC), 1992

Jack Valenti. President of the Motion Picture Association of America (Washington DC), 11 Apr 1991 

Robert MacNeil. ‘The Made for World TV’ (New York), 23 Apr 1990


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