RTS Cambridge Convention 2017

Video: What Is The Future For Digital Advertising?

Advertising has a central role to play in funding the content our audiences love but this critical revenue stream is increasingly challenged by the rise of the tech giants. At a time when concern is growing about the veracity and quality of some online advertising, how can broadcasters fight back against the digital threat? Will clients and brands really pay for a quality and brand-safe environment or is this just a blip before online displaces broadcast as the winner in global video advertising? And what other innovation or changes could television deploy?   

Video: Show Me The Money! Andy Harries and Andy Wilman discuss working on the new frontier of broadcasting

It’s the dream scenario for a producer: to be handed a huge budget and the creative freedom to create compelling content for a new platform.  Producers Andy Harries and Andy Wilman, in conversation with Peter Fincham, discuss the origins and production of The Crown and The Grand Tour respectively. How did it work, how sustainable is it and where do they go from here?

Karen Bradley's speech to the RTS Cambridge Convention 2017

It really is an honour to address the RTS Conference. This is one of the top fixtures in a Culture Secretary’s diary - and I would have been very disappointed to miss out.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I have the best job in government.

How could it be otherwise, when I get to engage with such a rich variety of sectors?

They are a huge and growing part of our economy; they are energetic and exciting; they are educational and enjoyable; they are major sources of jobs; and they export on a massive scale and showcase the UK to the rest of the world.

Video: International Keynote – Nancy Dubuc, A+E Networks

Leading a global entertainment media company with six original brands and a reach of 330 million worldwide, Nancy Dubuc speaks to Channel 4's Chief Creative Officer Jay Hunt to offer an international perspective on how to thrive in a competitive landscape. She outlines opportunities for British producers, and discuss the challenges of changes in linear viewing, declines in ad revenue and the rise of the social media giants.