IBM believes that media and entertainment companies must use smarter, standards-based technologies, not only to reduce costs and optimise efficiency, but also to increase agility and responsiveness to market drivers.

Customer Experience: the mantra for media 

New consumer behaviours and technologies are rewriting the media and entertainment industry script for customer engagement, content creation and distribution. Consumers use multiple devices to stay connected at home, at work and on the go, and expect providers to offer digital experiences and content that reflect their individual interests. To capture attention in this dynamic marketplace, it is up to media organisations to create and deliver unique and meaningful experiences while differentiating themselves from the competition. 

These dynamics present a set of challenges unparalleled in media and entertainment history. Connected customers generate huge amounts of content every second—content that now can be captured, analysed and used to assess and predict consumer usage and preferences. Conversely, media companies need to be able to quickly develop and deliver the right content to the right customer across the right channels and do it all before the competition. 

To take advantage of these new opportunities, and attract and retain connected customers, IBM believes that media and entertainment companies must use smarter, standards-based technologies, not only to reduce costs and optimise efficiency, but also to increase agility and responsiveness to market drivers. This model requires a data-driven, agile approach to operations. It is one that incorporates the preferences and requirements of the connected customer into every activity in the digital supply chain and, in the process, provides solutions and strategies to generate sustainable transformation across the five media industry business domains: content production, content distribution, sales and services, marketing, and business systems. 

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Media industry insights from IBM 

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By Steven L. Canepa, General Manager, and Richard Maraschi, Solutions Leader, Big Data & Advanced Analytics, IBM Global Media & Entertainment Industry 

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