Audio Network

Audio Network

Audio Network is an independent music company, breaking down boundaries to deliver authentic and creative music solutions to content creators in every industry, all around the world. 

The company collaborates with over 750 talented composers and artists, and has over 100,000 tracks in its catalogue, carefully curated into albums and playlists in every imaginable genre, all easily discoverable via its website

Audio Network’s commitment to producing world-class music takes it to some of the best recording facilities in the world. The company works with globally renowned orchestras and composers so that it can always honor their promise to put quality at the forefront of their business.

Audio Network first disrupted the market landscape in 2001, by offering a unique proposition to the media industry - a simple and transparent model that allowed its music to be used on any platform, anywhere in the world, forever. Since its inception 15 years ago, the business has grown exponentially. In fact, The Sunday Times lists Audio Network as a one of the UK’s fastest growing companies (Tech Track 2011, 2012, 2013; Profit Track 100 2013, 2014 and 2015; SME Export track 2015). The company continuously invests in its people, its music and its clients with offices in London, LA, New York, Toronto, Amsterdam, Sydney, Munich and Manchester, and over 130 dedicated music advisers and aficionados working with the team.

Now under the leadership of new CEO Chris Blakeston and with the guidance of its original founders Robert Hurst and Andrew Sunnucks, that model remains at the heart of the business as the company enters a new phase of expansion. 

Audio Network is ready to liberate its music to the rest of the world with the same simple promise - incredible music for use on any platform, anywhere in the world, forever.

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